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I ran into a fun website today – and wanted to share. Although this posting might not prove to useful for a bride or groom, this is without a doubt of huge interest to my fellow photographers!

I always try and keep an eye out for the new gadgets coming out to help with photography related work-flow issues.

I also try and keep an eye out for all around sweet technology stuff.

So what happens when you find a way to combine my Canon 5D Mark ii with my iPhone? You have what can only be described as a match made in heaven.

Soon to be released any day now (hopefully – c’mon Apple!!) is a new app for us photogs who own an iPhone. onOne software has introduced (in my opinion) a revolutionary little application that gives shooters the ability to wirelessly (albeit with a laptop attached) fire our Canon DSLR’s.

“c’mon Brett – I can do that with my good ol’ pocketwizards – and without the laptop!”. You can – but wireless triggers don’t give you wireless manual control, and the ability to view the images on the fly.

That’s right – with this nifty little app I can fire my camera from my iPhone. What’s more? If the camera has “live-view” mode – we’ll be able to see the image before we snap!

How cool is that?

I can’t say I’ve used the app – I can’t wait to though! As I said, the app is still pending review and approval from Apple. It’s one app I’m sure to download though – what a treat this will be!

Want more information? Head on over to onOne softwares’s blog page, and check out their fun little video on how it works.


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  • Brett says:

    Amen to that. The flow and advent of creative technology is really amazing. I’ve learned that being a creative professional means constantly investing time keeping up to date with trends and tech. I’m sure you know this as well, owning a design studio and all, but it really is a strange (and great) time to be a creative.

  • Adam says:

    I’m pretty sure that an app to tackle anything creative or necessary that I’ve even casually pondered is being released any day now.

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