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  • Benjamin says:

    great logos friend! i think it is really neat that you worked with Mad House on this one, they are a fantastic firm and do some spectacular work.

    while i think that they both work, i favor “A” because it gives the viewer a little more room to look and think. it is abstract enough to be its own mark, and i think that with the popularity and awesomeness that MTM is gaining, that individuality is very important.

    i also think that “B” falls into the same pit that the current logo is in, it delivers too much to the viewer. it is served up on a platter and leaves very little interaction to be had. and that art/viewer interaction is what art lives for.

  • Kathryn says:

    I agree, I like #1 best. Both are cool but #1 really jump out at me. Good luck, I know it’s a hard decision!

  • Brett says:

    This is awesome feedback guys… (and gals of course!) I love it – keep it coming. I’m not going to throw my opinion in ’til the end – but you are all totally giving me some great thoughts. Please keep it coming!

    Thank you!

  • Matt says:

    I like ‘A’ the best. But if I could offer some critique: I love the ‘m’ but it seems almost distracting. Wonder how it would look if you desaturated it a bit…faded it back and maybe even set it behind ‘making the moment’. It may incorporate more into the overall mark. Then ‘m’ would still be present but not overbearing and could even be used apart from the rest of the script as a sort of short-hand logo/mark around your site and on other MTM materials. Similar to how Madhouse uses the block ‘M’ on some of their things.

  • Nick says:

    Think about your core business and where each of the logos fit in. If you add other services, then the ring is inappropriate. I lean toward No. 1. sanserif font makes it softer, and as you noted before, probably would be favored by the wedding decision makers (females)

  • Brett says:

    Great feedback – loving this.

    Benjamin – Love the artistic bend of your thinking – Art is the core of MTM, good thinking.

    Kathryn – Love the thoughts and encouragement

    Amy – Thank you SO much! How fun is that I get my customers giving me feedback on this? That’s invaluable feedback Amy – way to rock.

    Melissa – Makes perfect sense, any logo I go with, the “mark” or icon will certainly get hammered home in all my marketing collateral.

    Brett – you’re a cool guy and I like your picture.

    Matt – Thanks for the thoughts man, I love your creativity and thinking out of the box. No matter what logo I go with, I will certainly be using the icon portion of it throughout the site and marketing collateral. This is pretty common practice for a lot of companies who know have a seperatable icon as part of their visual identity system – MadHouse is a great example. You’ll see this practice from Nike, Apple, and (one of my favorites) – WordPress. =)

    Nick – I love the strategic thinking. I know you saw these on Saturday when you came over, but it’s great having more of your thoughts.

    Keep ’em comin guys!

  • Amy B says:

    These are amazing!
    I’m probably a completely random opinion that you didn’t necessarily expect, but I am an enthusiastic proponent of all things graphic design as well as marketing!
    That being said…I favor A. I love that it is clean and sharp and concise on bottom, but the funky fun ‘m’ shows that you ARE original and non-traditional. I also love the absence of capital letters, which I feel balances the line.

    B is nice, if not slightly generic. The ring is a nice touch, but reminds me of a lot of logos I’ve seen for various wedding vendors (I feel like a pro now, having been to umpteen bridal shows in the last few months).

    I truly feel that A stands out and represents the feeling that I as a customer get from Making the Moment.

  • Melissa says:

    Hi Brett! Well I don’t have as much insight as the person above but I pick B. To me the big M didn’t fit BUT if you use the big M on other things then I guess I would pick A so people knew what the big M meant. LOL I hope that makes sense.

  • Jeff Wallace says:

    For me, A over B.

    B) is just too every day. I’m not a big fan of the “Times New Roman” type font. Much to standard and every day. Also, the “o” of moment while a……nice idea, is much to cliché, ordinary, and too clipart-ish. I can’t put my finger on it, but for some reason it reminds me of some picture company name and I feel like it’s going to start growing just like the do during the intro of movies.

    A) Love the font. I’m much more a fan of sans serif over serif fonts. Also like that everything is lower case. It’s simple, easy to read and the uniqueness lies in the fact that it isn’t used by everyone. As for the “m”, while I do like the idea and intent, it is boarding on being unrecognizable as an “m”. I don’t think that is necessarily a bad thing…but without the context of “making the moment” it might be distracting. If you’re thinking of using it as an iconic identifier of “MTM” (i.e. watermark), I think it either needs to be completely abstract and unique such that it becomes part of the brand that “MTM” is or it needs to be conceptually based in the norm with its uniqueness being some creative element that’s surrounds it.

    All in all, I think your 90% there.

  • Amy Carlson says:

    I like option #1. I like the M. It also leaves you the option to maybe take pictures in the future for other things (family pics, baby pics) since it doesn’t have the wedding ring on it. I really like the M in it.

  • Brett says:

    Amy – that is certainly one great selling point about the M logo.

    Katie – as one of my upcoming brides, your thoughts are invaluable. Great catch on my little comment to myself by the way. I too am excited for your upcoming day. Congrats on the 100 day anniversary!! woohoo!

    Ok – I haven’t gotten much feedback on the “ring” logo (which is fine). But if there are any out there who love that one – feel free to share it! Otherwise – keep giving thoughts on the M logo!

    Seriously… this is amazing everyone, I enjoy the feedback.

  • Katie B says:

    First of all, Brett – you ARE a cool guy and I DO like your picture! 🙂 I like option A. I like the modernness (is that even a word?) and the softness of the font. A leaves you thinking “this company is modern and artistic…I can’t wait to see their photos!” B is nice and the ring O is a nice touch, but when compared to A it just doesn’t give me that same feeling of inspiration and creativity.
    Awesome though! I am excited for you and your company! (and you photographing our wedding- PS: 100 days!!!!!!)

  • Scott Shiffert says:

    I think that option A gives you more flexibility in that you can use the big M on other items where the whole logo doesn’t have the room to be put on. Then again I’m not into Other than the fact that you can use the M separately I think that option B is better if you don’t think you will use the big M on its own. I really do like the ring because it sends the message of what type of photography company you are. They are both great and either choice will be good.

  • Christian Rogers says:

    Hey Brett,

    I would say A. I think that B works but I believe it may pigeon-hole you a bit. Whereas A gives a little broader perspective, if you would want to go outside of wedding photography. I also like the modern look that it brings and it speaks to your artistic bent that puts you above other photographers.

  • Rob says:

    I’d go with A as well Brett. 2 things I’d change. I’m not sure about the lines to the left and right of “Photography” and I’d be careful with the weight of that small type.

    Good job man.

  • Asha says:

    A: classy, clean. Leaves your the room to move into other markets.
    B: cheesy and reminds me of a traditional wedding photographer… nothing like asking a business consultant to be blatantly honest, right?


  • Cassandra says:

    I have to go with option A. I love the thought of possibly just using the M on some of your items if you choose to do so. This logo also allows you the ability to take many kinds of pictures, just just weddings and engagements, if you choose to do so. Go with A, that is all there is to it. Hope I was able to sway your decision, good luck!

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