Andrea and Sam are one of a kind (or two of a kind?) – these incredibly kind people are some of my favorite wedding clients this year – I’m so excited about them! I recently photographed their cleveland engagement session, and the photography we created is incredible.Cleveland Engagement Session Photography I’m very proud to share a few of my very favorites from our recent engagement session. Sam & Andrea – you two are stellar in front of the camera – thanks for being so much fun!
Cleveland Engagement Session PhotographySo why the biking animation below? Sam & Andrea are committed cyclists, even championing charity causes with their love of the sport. When we were chatting about how I’d handle their creative engagement session photography, these two wanted some unique way of showing off their bikes, and I love the motion stop motion photography conveys!Cleveland Engagement Session PhotographySome of my very favorite photos from their engagement session are the three artsy / romantic images below. These sorts of photographs make wonderful wall prints or even really cool save the date cards or wedding invitations.Cleveland Engagement Session PhotographyP.S. — I love the biking image below – perhaps my favorite from the session.Cleveland Engagement Session PhotographyAlright – I take it back – this is probably my favorite image from the session, the colors pop and its a sweet photograph!Cleveland Engagement Session PhotographyYay for more fun biking stop motion animation photography 🙂Cleveland Engagement Session PhotographyThis little set below of engagement session photographs is so fun. I love being able to capture peoples true love and emotions in my photographs, and the set below says SO much about Andrea and Sam. That’s one of the lasting values of photography – it’s ability to say a lot very quickly. Nothing will ever replace that.Cleveland Engagement Session PhotographyTowards the end of our session we found a really cool farm-house out in an open field. We had a ton of fun creating there, and snapped some really sweet photographs there. Cleveland Engagement Session PhotographyAndrea & Sam – I’m so excited to be your Cleveland wedding photographer this fall – the creative photography we’ll make happen will be second to none. I’m thrilled to say the least!


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  • Kara says:

    andrea – these photos are sooo well done! Some of them look like they could be postcards or like you could be on a TV commercial. I’m so glad I got to see them! Thanks for sharing.

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