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Jeanna and Brian are exceptional. From our first sit down meeting, I knew I had to work with these two – full of life & joy, they are one of my favorite couples of the year.Artistic Cleveland Wedding PhotographerI’m so incredibly thankful I was able to serve them this summer as their Wedding Photographer, it was simply a joy. You know what’s cool? When two days after a client’s wedding they stop by and drop off cookies for you and your assistant. That’s freakin’ cool 🙂Artistic Cleveland Wedding PhotographerAnd that’s who these two are – simply loving and kind people. It shows too in their wedding images – I’m a big believer that true artistic wedding photography is always a representation of who the couple really is at heart, rather than some posed & false set up image.Artistic Cleveland Wedding PhotographerFor sure, their heart shows through these artsy images – you can see it in their candid and photojournalistic wedding photographs. Being a candid and photojournalitic wedding photographer in Cleveland means that I have a keen eye for capturing true and lasting moments as they unveil.Creative Cleveland Wedding PhotographerI also have a heart for the small stuff – the wedding details. There is so much story in all the little bits and pieces of a wedding day.Modern Cleveland Wedding PhotographyI took some time and found Brian getting ready in his hotel room. He had a little bit of nerves, but he was excited and ready to see Jeanna. St. John Cantius Wedding PhotographerThis is the joy of being a modern cleveland wedding photographer – being able to capture all this story and preserving it. I was there and ready when Jeanna entered St John’s Cantius church in Tremont for her wedding.Photojournalistic Cleveland Wedding PhotographyMoments like this is why I am a big believer in all day wedding photography coverage, not just hours of coverage. How could I miss this stuff? All these candid moments are so important to Jeanna’s wedding day!St. John Cantius Wedding PhotographerAnd Jeanna is beautiful – strikingly beautiful. We took a few moments before her guests arrives for a quick image session. I let her be her natural self – no surprise – she looks great 🙂St. John Cantius Wedding PhotographerAs I said, the wedding was at St.John Cantius Church in Cleveland (tremont). St John’s Cantius is a simply beauitful church for a cleveland wedding. Full of old world architecture and charm, and set in one of my favorite Cleveland neighborhoods.St. John Cantius Wedding PhotographyI caught the guys walking to the church and stole a few moments for a quick creative wedding photography session. So much fun!St. John Cantius Wedding PhotographyHow awesome is St John’s Cantius church? Seriously – epic beauty.St. John Cantius Wedding PhotographyPhotojournalistic Cleveland Wedding PhotographerAfter the wedding at St John Cantius, we then embarked on our creative wedding photography session. We struck out in the neighborhoods of tremont – I know some really cool nooks and crannies that are just wonderful for modern cleveland wedding photography.Artistic Cleveland Wedding PhotographerI love working with bridal parties – there’s always so much energy and fun to be had, and this group was no exception.Fun Cleveland Wedding PhotographerOne of the groomsmen showed off his mad karate skills by showcasing an awesome jump kick.Artistic Cleveland Wedding PhotographerEpic. Love this image.Artistic Cleveland Wedding PhotographerAnd this is creative and different cleveland wedding photography. We found some awesome puddles in the area I took them (it was something of a rainy weekend!) and rocked it.Artistic Cleveland Wedding PhotographerSeriously – I ♥ the clouds in this reflection shotModern Cleveland Wedding PhotographyThis set of artistic cleveland wedding photography above is some of my favorite ever crafted. A little cleveland skyline in the background, and Jeanna’s veil naturally blowing (no joke) in the wind. So cool.Modern Cleveland Wedding PhotographerI love the fun and joy of creative wedding photography sessions. They are relaxed and laugh-out-loud fun, not awkward and stiff. Pine Ridge Country Club Wedding Reception PhotographyAfter rocking their creative image set, we headed to Pine Ridge Country Club at the Clubhouse for their wedding reception. Pine Ridge country club is awesome for wedding receptions – Check out the glory and grandeur of this reception venue!Much credit goes to Michael Angelo’s Bakery for their epic wedding cake.Pine Ridge Country Club Wedding Reception PhotographyJeanna & Brian’s first dance was a knockout – full of sweet glances and laughs. These two are so in love.Pine Ridge Country Club Wedding Reception Photographer Here you can for sure see the beauty of a wedding reception and Pine Ridge Country Club, the late summer light created an enchanted feel to the evening.Pine Ridge Country Club Wedding Reception PhotographyI love wedding reception dance photography – so fun and funky to capture.Pine Ridge Country Club Wedding Reception PhotographerJeanna and Brian have a special spot in their heart for Ruby – their sweet little pup. She made a planned appearance at Pine Ridge Country Club during the reception for a little evening pet photoshoot. So sweet.Pine Ridge Country Club Wedding Reception PhotographySparkler exit from the reception? Love it.Pine Ridge Country Club Wedding Reception PhotographerWe are freaks about wedding ring images around here too – and using their giant metal letter W (I think from anthropologie?) for their ring photograph seemed so perfect.


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