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Summer Lovin’

Written by Brett on August 15th, 2012 3 Comments 0 facebook comment

Photographing Haley & Matt’s engagement session on the beach was super fun. Seriously – I would photograph them again and again – I loved every minute I got to spend with these two.Engagement Session Photographer in ClevelandI love finding ways to communicate motion and energy in my imagery. Sometimes photography can be so stiff if we’re not careful – and although it’s a still image I like to create, that doesn’t mean it has to stand still.Engagement Session Photographer in ClevelandIt took us a few takes to grab this image – I thought it fun to make a little movie out of it. Fun Cleveland Engagement Session PhotographerCan you see the joy these to carry? It’s legit. I’m simply in love with the upper right image – the waves crashing over Haley’s hair in the sunset as she loves on her man :) YouTube Preview ImageYeah, shameless plug I know – but they pulled it off super cute.Cleveland Engagement Session PhotographyI ♥ the way these images came through, I had a lot of fun pulling the colors together in post production.Fun Cleveland Engagement Session PhotographerThese two images were literally the very first we created in the session – I remember thinking “oh we’re gonna rock it tonight” when I saw how fun these two were to work with. They just naturally laugh and love so easily together – that kind of thing makes my job easy.Cleveland Engagement Session PhotographerHaley is just awesome – she pulls off some serious swag very naturally – and Matt can pull the B.A. man card at any moment. These two are just great together.Best Engagement Session Photographer in ClevelandWhat a night. Summer engagement sessions on the beach are where it’s at.Best Engagement Session Photographer in ClevelandSee what I mean? These two just rock together. The sunlight just kicked this image into the next gear too.YouTube Preview ImageHaley and Matt have a special high-five / handshake they pull off together – I asked them to demonstrate.Cleveland Engagement Session PhotographyHaley & Matt – I am freaking out waiting for my next opportunity to photograph you on your wedding day this fall. I simply cannot wait for it all to happen for you two – we’re gonna rock it this October!

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  1. Lisa Osting says:

    Such great pix! Of course they never seem to take a bad picture :)

  2. Jessica Robey says:

    Beautiful photos and a beautiful couple!!

  3. Debra Bell says:

    These kids are too beautiful for words. No wonder the pictures are awesome! Can’t wait for the wedding.

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