Lol. I know what you’re thinking. If there was a contest for best dog names, Ashley and Jerry obviously win. I thought it was awesome when I found out they named their dogs Mr. Rhett Butler and Pacman too. Like, how much better/more creative/more hilarious could that be?

Dogs in Engagement SessionEngagement Session Photographer Cleveland
As much as Mr. Rhett Butler and Pacman want you to think they’re running the show, Ashley and Jerry definitely showed up for their killer Engagement Session.

Dogs in Engagement SessionCleveland Wedding Engagement Session
Jerry is kind, generous, and freaking hilarious. I love couples that amplify the joy and fun they have to everyone around them.

Engagement Session Photographer ClevelandArtistic Engagement Session Cleveland
Ashley brought her super fun, positive energy. She’s incredibly friendly, kind, and joyful. She must be a magnet to everyone around her, because every time I talk with her I’m happier. It’s who she is.

Dogs in Engagement Session Dogs in Engagement Session
This post is definitely for the dog lovers out there. I grew up with large dogs my entire life, so photographing them makes me feel at home …

Fun Engagement Session Photographer Cleveland Dogs in Engagement Session
… no matter how crazy/hilarious it gets.

Dogs in Engagement Session Artistic Engagement Session ClevelandCleveland Wedding Engagement Session
What I love most about Ashley and Jerry, is that they bring life to those around them.

Fun Engagement Session Photographer Cleveland
If their friends and family are in any way like they are, I am super stoked to meet them at their wedding.

Cleveland Wedding Engagement Session Artistic Engagement Session Cleveland
I can’t wait to capture more of your story so you can share it with loved ones. I am sincerely looking forward to celebrating your wedding day with you!


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