When Shawna asked us to craft a Custom Wedding Film for her and Andrew to share on their wedding day, we were thrilled. We always love taking on unique ideas, and not trying to fit every creative opportunity into the paradigm of previously produced projects.

The above short film, entitled the Prelude, is what will be shown to their wedding guests directly before Shawna walks down the aisle. It succinctly shares poignant portions of their love and care for each other, whilst leaving much for the viewer to want.

With intent this was crafted so, partially to help guests unfamiliar with either half of the couple get a sense of whom their friend was marrying. And to those that know the two well? It affirms and builds the case for their coming nuptials.

Cleveland Wedding Engagement Session
Today [ Saturday October 22, 2016 ] is the day that Shawna + Andrew are wed. We adore them. We celebrate them.

Fun Engagement Session Photographer Cleveland
Enjoy the short film, my alliterative efforts, and see more from their Engagement Imaging Session right here on our blog.


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