Have Your Story Told Well.

Be excited; Your wedding images are an outlet and expression of you, your love, and those closest to you.  Read below on how our artwork can be a part of your visual heritage.

A Lifetime of Memories.

Your wedding day photography is an investment into the rest of your life, it is the gateway for remembering how you looked & felt, how you celebrated, and how you loved.  Do not risk these memories with anyone other than the perfect photographer for you, the moments, subtle glances, and wonder of your wedding day simply cannot be replaced.

Pricing the Priceless – Every Package Begins here

Every package we build is as custom and unique as the couple we serve, but we do believe that every wedding day has certain needs that cannot be compromised without hurting the integrity of our photographic process.

Therefore, we always begin our wedding photography packages with the following core features and discuss additional options in person. Our highly acclaimed wedding photography coverage includes the following with a starting investment point of 3500.

All Photography Coverage Includes

Investment points with us begin at $3500. This includes the following;

Our photographic team will rock it out with for your entire day – from wedding preparation all the way through your wedding reception – not missing a beat.

Many wedding photographers start their packages with a slim 6 hours of coverage, and then force you to add on additional hours at a costly rate. Not here.  We want to capture every candid & heartfelt moment.  We fundamentally believe in visually telling your story from start to finish.

We never travel alone – we believe deeply in a two person team to ensure your wedding coverage is handled correctly.  Our team approach allows our photographers to focus on what matters most – you.

Your choice of one of our full time (not outsource or freelance) team of photographers will be your lead visionary for your entire wedding day.  Their assistant is just as important though!  Our Lighting Directors are dedicated and trained to ensure that you shine in your wedding artwork.

Normally, most photographers do not release the printing rights to the bride and groom, charging high fees for prints and re-prints. At Making the Moment, we believe that photographs should be printed and made tangible.

Enjoy full resolution digital image files that you will have for life. Your non-watermarked & high quality images can be used for home printing or gifts for friends and family!

It’s taken years, but our creative photography staff has created our signature style.  A blend of wedding photojournalism, lifestyle, and editorial photography, our creative and unparalleled style has made our wedding photographers some of the most sought after wedding photographers in the area.

Our wedding photography teams are gifted story-tellers, and highly trained graphic artists. Your actual wedding day photographer will go through each photo with a fine tooth comb to artistically and technically correct every image.

Our unique hand-toning of every image is a continuation of the art we produce for our clients, not just a footnote on the coverage we offer.

Each wedding we produce entails 20-30 hours of post production editing work. Using high-end software like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom, we ensure the best quality of every photo.

Your beautiful photos will be available for all your friends & family to see on our secure website. Presented beautifully for an entire three months, this will be a feature worth sharing. Best yet, conveniently order professional lab prints that get shipped directly to your door.  Pretty Spiffy!

Every wedding is different, and you have a unique story to tell.  We believe whole-heartedly in crafting the very best images for your day.  Typical weddings range between 300-600 fully finished beautiful images. All images are hand retouched, and attest to the wonder of your wedding day.

Investment F.A.Q.

We get it.  The wedding world is super confusing and strange.  Not to mention, you’re planning the biggest event of your life.

Yeah – we’ve been there too.  It’s stressful, and crazy-fun at the same time.  We have a few questions that are commonly asked here on the right.

Otherwise – please drop us a line – we’d love to chat.

What other options do we have?

We recognize the desire for a complete listing of packages and other options.  Because we highly value a consultative approach to your wedding photography (rather than just throwing products and numbers at you), we invite you to stop in to our wonderfully comfortable & fun meeting space on the west side of Cleveland.

There, we can get to know you a bit better, answer questions, and present to you further investment options that are right for you.

What about Travel Weddings?

We also specialize in travel & destination weddings – investment options for these begin at 4500, with international wedding photography beginning at 6500.

What about Indian or Multicultural Weddings?

Yes, we LOVE variety in our work, and over the years have garnered quite a reputation with Indian, Persian, Jewish, and Asian Weddings. Given the unique needs of some multicultural weddings (especially if they are multi-day affairs) we sometimes need to custom quote the coverage, so please contact us to set up a meeting.

Payment Options?

Yes, we accept every form of payment imaginable, check, credit card, money order, barter-for-bourbon (kidding…kinda), etc.  Payment plan options are standard with us, and uber-convenient.

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