The Perfect Tandem

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It is so funny sometimes how life works.  Both Andy and Alyson grew up in Cleveland.  They both grew up in the same neighborhood, only a few blocks from each other ironically enough. Creative Cleveland Wedding PhotographerBut it took them both moving to Denver, Colorado to meet and fall in love.Fun wedding photographer in clevelandWhat are the odds? When you meet these two you know they where meant for each other – wild fun sport fanatics who love life and being together.  Fun Cleveland Wedding Photographer It was so fitting that these two tied the knot and then road off together on one bike made for two.Modern Cleveland Wedding PhotographerOne of the coolest things on the market right now is Converse custom made shoes for weddings.  Thats right – you can design a pair, pick the color and even put your name on the side.  Modern Cleveland Wedding PhotographerAs a cleveland wedding photographer, I have photographed several guys choosing this option instead of dress shoes, but Alyson and her girls wanted to join in the fun.Modern Cleveland Wedding PhotographerThese extra details like Andy’s custom cuff links and their shoes help bring something special to their wedding day.  That is also our goal at Making The Moment photography, to photograph theses special details in a fun creative way, making images unique to each couple.Modern Cleveland Wedding PhotographerAndy and Alyson’s wedding ceremony took place at  St Mary’s Church in Elyria.  Aly got dressed in a downstairs room that had this awesome window that filled the room with beautiful light.Candid Cleveland Wedding Photographer That window light really set the mood for these romantic, timeless wedding photographs.Artistic Cleveland wedding photographerbeing a photojournalistic wedding photographer in cleveland, I believe highly that all the little details and moments matter to tell the story of a wedding day.Creative Cleveland Wedding PhotographerReally so much fun seeing a bride in these colorful shoes.  Aly rocked them for sure.Candid Cleveland Wedding photographerAlyson was truly a beautiful bride – one of the joys of being a modern wedding photographer in cleveland is getting to work with awesome brides like Aly.Stunning Cleveland Wedding photographyWe hand tone and edit each of images here at Making the Moment Photography, believing that the best wedding photographers are those that bring the art of wedding photography all the way through.Photojournalistic Cleveland wedding photographerLittle moments like Aly receiving a letter from Andy previous to the wedding are important moments for a photojournalistic wedding photographer in cleveland to be able to capture. Modern Cleveland Wedding PhotographerAndy was moved to tears when we saw Aly his sole mate coming down the aisle.  It is a true honor to photograph these special moments.Cleveland modern wedding photographyIt was fun to be a wedding photographer at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Elyria, Ohio. There are some really special ways to create unique wedding images in that church.Cleveland modern wedding photographyAnd let the fun begin 🙂Fun Cleveland wedding photographerThe creative wedding photography session got of to an amazing start when the bridal party decided a little jump rope was in order. To be a fun and creative wedding photographer in Cleveland, sometimes you have got to go with the flow and follow the art where it takes you. Creative cleveland wedding photographyAs I shared, all the ladies were wearing custom made converse shoes for wedding shoes – awesome!Creative cleveland wedding photographyI love the feel of this image of Aly and her ladies!Fun wedding photographer in clevelandWe made several stops on our way to downtown Cleveland where Andy and Alyson decided to let of some steam with a little bowling.Cleveland House of Blues Wedding PhotographerTruly one awesome reception venue is the House of Blues in downtown Cleveland.  Edgy in style this place was a perfect fit for these two rock stars. Cleveland House of Blues Wedding Reception PhotographerThe Cleveland House of Blues is one of our favorite wedding reception venues in Cleveland. We are super honored to be one of the recommended wedding photographers for the House of Blues in Cleveland – we love their staff and totally mesh with their style.Cleveland House of Blues Wedding Reception PhotographerEntering into their wedding reception at the House of Blues in Clevleland, Andy, Aly & the crew did a little jump rope action to keep it fun.House of Blues Cleveland wedding photographyThe house of Blues is such an awesome wedding reception venue in cleveland, because you feel such energy and life there. It’s so unique, and has loads of personality.House of Blues Cleveland wedding photographyAt the heart of Cleveland, you get to really treat your guests to a fun night on the town – pretty darn awesome if we do say so 🙂House of Blues Cleveland wedding photographyThe dance floor at the House of Blues was hopping all night – thanks to the ever-amazing and ever-awesome musical talents of Cleveland wedding reception DJ’s Rock the House. Rock the House is one of our favorite wedding DJ’s to work with – they always know how to get a crowd moving!Cleveland House of Blues wedding photographerAnd with a bride and groom like Aly & Andy, you know everyone wanted to be on the dance floor with them all night!Cleveland House of Blues wedding photographerThis image does such a good job of sharing very quickly what the reception at the House of Blues in Cleveland felt like that night!Fun Cleveland House of Blues wedding photographerAnd who gets to stage dive off of the stage at the Cleveland House of Blues on their wedding night? Aly does!Fun Cleveland House of Blues wedding photographerA perfect way to end the night.  Indians win, fireworks, and the beginning to and amazing life together for Andy and Aly.Modern Downtown Cleveland Wedding Photographer


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  • Debbie Turner says:

    I LOVE these photos! This is one fun couple and you can’t help but feel the energy when you look at the fun they had with each other and the guests at their wedding. Beautiful!

  • Andy Schroeder says:

    Vince!!!!! I am not sure why I have never read this!!! You were amazing, and the night is one that is reminisced upon frequently. Honestly, it was a pretty bad ass night…..with one bad ass photographer!!! Thank you for everything!!

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