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We’re About People.

We are about the memories & the legacy we preserve. Through our exclusive brand of wedding photography, you will discover a personal & heartfelt approach to crafting images.  You’re a unique couple, and the story your day will tell visually should be unique as well.

In short, why settle for wedding photography that is just a carbon copy of your friends?  Every story, every wedding, & every couple we work with is different, and so is every image that we create.

Come As Clients, Leave as Friends.

Yes, that’s our company motto.  It wasn’t something we developed and lived up to though – rather we found ourselves living this simple concept out.  After ten years of business, our team has built deep friendships with many of our couples.

It makes sense – we spend so much time with our couples (our standard full day wedding coverage is typically 14-16 hours), and not just on the wedding day itself.  Crucial to our creative process is uniquely knowing a couple – it allows us to create images organically and passionately.

We Know it sounds creepy, but it’s true.  

Just look at the pie chart to the right.  You can’t fight that.  That’s science.  Science and math put together right there people.

Throw in a dash of the culinary arts (it being a pie chart and all), and you have yourself an irrefutable scientific-ish, algebraicly tasty treat of information right there.

Clients who become friends

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