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One important but often looked component of our work as wedding photographers is the construction of a solid schedule for our wedding couples. We do this with every one of our brides as we believe it’s an important part of the high level of preparedness that we embrace as a creative team.

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But before we even think of trying to help our couples build out a solid wedding photography timeline, it’s always good to know why we believe in having a good schedule matters so much.

Why A Good Schedule Matters

Regardless of personality type and personal proclivities, having a healthy wedding photography schedule can make or break the way you feel about your wedding day.

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We believe that the best way to ensure you have great images from your wedding day is to ensure that you actually have a great wedding day. Our belief is that the experience you have while your images are being crafted flows directly into how you feel about seeing the images afterwards.

Great Photography Takes Time

For the creative sessions we employ, we embrace the simple reality that great photography takes time. Our thought is that the more time is invested into certain portions of the day, the more our clients will get back from that time. When we have time and freedom to relax and experiment creatively, our couples can relax as well. A well thought and balanced wedding day schedule complete with time in your day to focus on photography has consistently allowed us to craft the unique award winning wedding photography we are known for.

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At the Heart of it all – It’s about You

Your wedding day is about you – not us – not a schedule – and not about photography itself. I recognize that sounds somewhat obvious – but many professionals will approach your day as if it’s about them, and their needs. You will not find that here. We believe your wedding day is about you, your family, and your commitment to one another.

Invest your Time

Whether you’re working with us, or another professional wedding photographer, I believe that you have a high expectation of the quality of the artwork you’ll receive back from the investment you’ve made into your imagery. Ensure that you’re not backing up your important financial investment with an appropriate allocation of your time. A good photographer works quickly – but the best images happen when everyone is relaxed and not focused on rushing around to beat the clock.

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