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Indian // Weddings

[ Photography + Cinema ]

As Creative and Highly Experienced 

Indian Wedding Photographers + FilmMakers,

We’d be honored to tell your Visual Story.

For over a decade we have garnered a reputation as a highly experienced and sought after team of photographers and filmmakers specializing in Indian Wedding Events and culture.

Based in Cleveland [ but world traveled ], Our Expertly crafted artwork generally finds us photographing and filming Indian weddings around Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati [ and often into Michigan ].

Over Ten years of experience as Indian wedding photographers and Indian wedding filmmakers in Cleveland has taught us a thing or three.

Yes, we’ve worked hard to garner a reputation as the best Indian wedding photographers in Cleveland; but it has taken years. Watch the videos below to learn more about our team and artwork.

A Quick Rundown on our Indian Wedding Experience

  • Auntie + Uncle Sangeet Skits
  • Crazy Barat Fun 🐴🕺🏽📸
  • The Food [ ❤️ Tikka Masala  ]
  • Punjabi Dance Floors
  • The Food [ Seriously 😋🤤]
  • Deep Knowledge of Indian Wedding Events
  • We are Your Pep Squad People ⚡️😁
  • Solid Leadership During Events
  • One In-House Team [ Photo + Cinema ]
  • Quick and Reliable Communications
  • 48 Indian Weddings Photographed
  • 38 Indian Wedding Films
  • Hindu + Sikh Ceremony Experts
  • Gujurati
  • Punjabi
  • Dakshina Bharata [ South Indian ]
  • Rajasthan
  • Maharashtra
  • Stronsvillian 😆
  • Cincinnati-ian 😉
  • Farmington Hills-ian [ ok, we’ll stop ]

Blah. Blah. Blah. Words. Words.

We know you want more Visuals.

See A Few of Our Favorite

Indian Wedding Photographs Below.

Black and White Indian Wedding Photography Cleveland

Unique Indian Wedding Photography Cleveland

Candid Indian Wedding Photographer Cleveland

Cool Indian Wedding Photography Cleveland

Artistic Indian Wedding Photographer Cleveland

Indian Bridal Photography Cleveland

Indian Couple Wedding Day Cleveland

Detailed Indian Wedding Photographer Cleveland

Indian Engagement Photography Cleveland

Cleveland Indian Wedding Photography

Beautiful Indian Wedding Photography Cleveland

Indian Wedding Ceremony Photography Cleveland

Indian wedding receptions cleveland

Healthy Question Asking is the Bollywood 💣 

We get it; want to knock out a few questions about what working with us is like before reaching out? No need to be shy; ask away.

Have you photographed / Filmed Indian Weddings Before?

If it’s not obvious; we’re fairly freakishly experienced as Indian Wedding Photographers and filmmakers in Cleveland. While we have been in business for nearly 19 years, the last ten+ years have found us dodging coconut 🥥 smashes at the Vidaii 😭 on more weekends than we can count.

What Venues are you familiar with?

There are SO many great Indian wedding venues in Cleveland [ Columbus, Cinci, Dayton, Detroit ] that we can’t list them all.  Here are a few we consistently find ourselves at for Indian Wedding Receptions;

Do you have samples of your work?

Of course we do 😀.  You’ll find links all over this page to our artwork, but here are a few favorites!

How Much Do You Cost?

No doubt; this is a serious and important question.  Your budget for your Indian wedding photography and cinema should be highly considered, and we understand that you would want to make sure we sit somewhere in your financial range before we talk further.

If you’d reach out to our team via email we’ll be glad to provide you a customized quotation range that would apply for your wedding Weekend.

Most of our local Indian wedding weekends [ Haldis / Mehndi / Sangeet / Ceremony and Reception combined ] find themselves ranging anywhere from 12-20K for photography and cinema coverage.  Depending on the popularity of your weekend and your individual needs, you will likely find your investment points with us somewhere in that investment range for our artwork.

If you’re considering only one art form with us [ photography or cinema ], or perhaps only looking to hire us for a single day of coverage;  you’ll find your investment range will be less.











Facts: How guests spend time
at Indian weddings.

We’re completely aware that our statistical graph mapping out your guests time at your wedding reception doesn’t quite add up to 100%. You can chalk that up to our poor algebraic skills.

Or more poetically perhaps; you can imagine that your guests will have such an amazing time at your Indian wedding in Cleveland that somehow they’ll bend the laws of physics themselves and break the space time continuum. Either way you cut it; you’re sweating profusely under your Sherwani at the Barat but not letting a drop show.

We are not only Indian wedding photographers in Cleveland, but also creative storytellers with our Indian wedding films.

Yes, we love photographing Indian weddings in cleveland; but that joy is only matched with our ❤️ for making elevated craft films for our Indian families.  Our team is the ONLY fully in house photography and Cinema team in Ohio; See the impact our cohesive creative efforts have on our wedding films below.

Some Quick Eye Candy?

Indian Decor + Mandap Inspo

Indian Wedding Novi Sheraton Michigan

Indiana State House Indian Wedding

Experienced Indian Wedding Photographer Cleveland

Indian Wedding Reception Photography Cleveland

Indian Wedding Decor Photography Cleveland

Reception Cleveland Courthouse

Marriott Key Tower Wedding Photo

Courthouse Wedding Cleveland

Like your mom always said; you are only as good as the company you keep.

The adage proves true; but in your case it applies to your wedding vendors. The careful selection of your wedding vendors for your Indian Wedding in Cleveland is nearly as important as not sitting down last on the Mandap 🥇. In our experience as Wedding Photographer in Cleveland, we’ve found ourselves working consistently with the following top tier cleveland Indian wedding vendors.

More than simply wedding pictures.

It’s true; we’re not simply wedding photographers; we are integrated passionate storytellers. The wedding photographs we capture at your wedding reception are vehicles for true story. We’d highly encourage you to take a look at several of our favorite weddings we’ve photographed for inspiration on our blog below.

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