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A Collision of Cultures, Religions & People.

A Stunning Reception at Severance Music Center.

The Art and Story of Margo + Ashwin

You may be shocked to hear this, but we photograph A LOT of weddings here at Making the Moment. I know. Your mind is blown 🤯 I’m not offering platitudes when I say that every single one is special and beautiful; that sentiment is genuine. Some [ like the one you’re about to see in the wedding photography below ] bring different cultures together in an epic fusion wedding that shows that love truly has no bounds.

Margo + Ashwin are simply meant to be. They both honored their heritage, from the traditional Chinese engagement ceremony to the outdoor Indian wedding to the Catholic mass and ending with a reception at Severance Music Center, they covered all their bases in a whirlwind weekend of wedding wonderfulness [ we love alliteration around here, if you couldn’t tell ]

Indian Wedding Photographer ClevelandHere we go! This is Margo + Ashwin, our esteemed couple. Don’t they look so happy and glowy on the day of their Outdoor Hindu wedding at Glen Eagles Golf Club?? [ yes, glowy is a word I just made up ]

Fusion Weddings ClevelandHere they are again, dressed and ready for their Chinese engagement ceremony.

best cleveland wedding photographerAnd another amazing outfit for their Catholic ceremony and wedding reception at Severance Music Center!

Our Wedding Photography is not possible

Without AMAZING Cleveland Wedding Vendors

Wedding Photography Severance Hall ClevelandI think I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out that while wedding portrait I photographed above of our bride and groom at Severance music center showcases the more serious side of our couple, what it doesn’t tell you about them is that Margo has a personal passion for starting her day with a sugary combination of the following breakfast cereals;

  • Almond Cheerios
  • Frosted Flaeks
  • Cocoa Puffs

Don’t worry, there’s plenty of Severance wedding photography to come.

Indian Wedding Photography ClevelandBut first, let’s talk about their Indian wedding ceremony at Gleneagles Golf Club in Twinsburg! We love a good mother-son moment. Ashwin and his mom shared this one right before the outdoor Hindu wedding ceremony.

Outdoor Hindu Wedding ClevelandAlina at Party Decor does it again!

Hindu Wedding Ceremony Cleveland

It was amazing to have a team in our corner that we could be honest with [ and ] Brett's pep talks kept us zen and relaxed throughout all the chaos.

Margo + AshwinThe Couple
In Their Own Words.

That’s right. Every word you’ve read on this page so far regarding this wonderful wedding [ catch the alliteration there. Pretty brilliant, right? ] has all been word-smithed and crafted by us [ we’re not only gifted wedding photographers, but also not too shabby in the content writing department ] Humble Brag / Self enthusiasm aside; we mean every word on this page, but it’s important that you hear from our couple too.

We asked a few questions of them about their wedding; and hope you enjoy their answers 😀

What did you love about your wedding?

We had a ton of events over the wedding weekend, but our favorite part was escaping for dinner at Batuqui in Larchmere. It was a chance to catch our breath, check in on each other, and internalize everything that had happened and everything to come.

What would you do Different?

Getting a wedding coordinator earlier in the game would’ve cut our stress down significantly. The second we got a coordinator on board we started to relax.

What was it like to work with us?

It was amazing to have a team in our corner that we could be honest with. We appreciated the subtle reminders to take a step back and savor all the hard work we had put into the event. Also, Brett’s pep talks kept us zen and relaxed throughout all the chaos.

What photograph(s) are connecting emotionally?

We can’t wait to see the photos from the event, but we’re most eager to see the ones of us at Wade Oval, where we exchanged our private vows. This has always been and will continue to be a special place for us.

Did you have a theme you were trying to hit for your wedding [ vibe / color palette / etc ]?

We had an ambitious goal of weaving Indian, Chinese, and Indonesian traditions throughout the multi-day celebration and were so happy with the results. From the red and gold patterns to the food we served, we felt that we were able to honor our cultures and families.

Outdoor Wedding Photography ClevelandThe flowers, the colors, outside against the string lights. Perfection. We are wedding photographers for Indian weddings in Cleveland often, but rarely see outdoor Hindu wedding ceremonies in cleveland. This was LOVELY.

Hindu Wedding Venue ClevelandTime to get married! Hindu / Indian wedding ceremonies are intricate and beautiful!  If you want to see more Indian wedding photography in cleveland, head to our Indian wedding photography page on our site here!

Outdoor Indian Wedding Ceremony ClevelandMargo + Ashwin were surrounded by their closest friends and family for their intimate outdoor Hindu ceremony.

Cleveland Indian Wedding PhotographyIndian Wedding Ceremony Photography ClevelandGLOWY.

Unique Indian Wedding Photography ClevelandLooking for a forest for your wedding photography? They have it at Gleneagles.

Creative Wedding Photography ClevelandOk; I really really like to showcase [ what I call ] observational / candid wedding portraiture in my work. I’m a believer in candid wedding photography, but portraits require a bit of instruction. As an experienced wedding photographer, I’ve really leaned into the art of helping people feel natural [ while instructing them ] in front of the camera, and find ways to observe the unplanned moments that spring forth from their true connection.

Cleveland Wedding Photographers🥹🥹🥹

Wedding Photography ClevelandNow let’s bring in the wedding party! Just look at those swoon-worthy colors 😍

Downtown Cleveland Wedding PhotographyThe groom’s side is looking prettyyyy fly. I love group pictures in my wedding photography; and I’m really careful at finding the right blend of serious / dynamic to crazy / fun.

Bridal Party Photography ClevelandAre you swooning yet?

Wedding Day Photography ClevelandHow about NOW?!

Severance Hall Wedding ReceptionMargo is definitely swooning 🥰

Wedding Reception Venue Severance HallI told you there would be plenty more of that Severance elegance! Margo + Ashwin definitely brought it.  Wedding receptions at Severance Music center are intimate and ornate.  Want to see more wedding receptions at Severance Music Center in Cleveland? Check out this page on our website fully devoted to our wedding receptions at Severance in Cleveland!

Cleveland Wedding VenueBest Cleveland Wedding VenuesAnyone else just want to smash some wedding cake whenever they see these pictures? No? Just me? Cool beans.

Severance Music Center Wedding ReceptionThis may have been one of the sweetest things I’ve ever witnessed at a wedding reception. Ashwin’s sister gave a speech at the reception…

Cleveland Wedding Venue Severance Music Center…and was overwhelmed by emotions for her brother [ aka her best friend. ].

Cleveland Severance WeddingAshwin, being the pro public speaker that he is, offered a helping hand; finishing the wedding toast alongside his sister.

Wedding Reception Severance Music CenterIt was joyful and emotional for all!

Wedding Reception Photography ClevelandHow does a little girl that age already know how to stare through your soul???

Candid Wedding Photography ClevelandEveryone was having a blast on the dance floor!  The intimate dance floor at Severance Music center for wedding reception dancing produces INTENSE dance floors; especially when you have DJ Sobe from S&S Productions running the show!

Cleveland Wedding Reception PhotoThe epic group picture! It can’t be missed.

Best Cleveland Wedding PhotographerMargo + Ashwin, your wedding weekend started off with a bang and the joy continued through every moment. Thank you for letting us be a part of it! We LOVED being your wedding photographers!!

Cleveland Fusion Wedding PhotographerCongratulations to the new Mr + Mrs Rane!

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