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Story Told

tangibly honest custom forever for you.

The // Wedding // StoryBook

Elevated Italian Printing & Binding


Your Artwork isn’t meant to live on your phone.

Physical books are a point of honest connection

Every time they are opened and shared.

Let’s be real. All photographers offer some sort of album. That tells us that a photo in your hand is different than a photo on a screen. An album displayed proudly on your coffee-table is different than a USB drive in your computer, or an image shared on your insta-feed.

Let’s continue being real. We like real. Albums aren’t created equal. We don’t even make albums. We make StoryBooks; they’re completely different from anything you’ve seen, held or touched, and they carry story with matchless grace

Frequently asked questions

Wedding photographer album with transparent background

They're Really 150 Pages?

We’re into stories, not just portraits. For that reason, we need more room. We need more space for imagery and artwork.

The Wedding StoryBook is a 14×10″ Library style hard-bound book, containing 150-160 well-designed, glorious soft-touch pages

How many images are inside?

Roughly 400. Your StoryBook will tell the Story of your day; from your morning coffee through to the drunken rendition of “Don’t Stop Believin’ “ that your Uncle treated everyone to @ 10:57 PM at the reception.

What is the interior paper like?

Our interior pages carry a semi-matte finish, and are color calibrated for our artwork production.  The paper feels soft to the touch; it has a velvety finish that brings the tactile connection up a notch.

Who Designs the StoryBook?

Have as much or as little say as you’d like in the layout and design of your StoryBook.  We recommend that you let our design team [ Katie ] handle all the hardwork and thought of the actual layouts [ believe us; it’s a serious time investment ] but encourage couples to pick their favorite images for us to use.  Full layout reviews are available upon request, but most couples appreciate us doing all the heavy lifting.

They're made in Italy?

Yes! Hand assembled and bound by artisan craftspeople [ but obviously printed on a rather large printing press ]. We’ve worked with the same custom press now for over ten years, and believe these are the very best custom made wedding books we could ever craft.

Can I have copies made for my parents?

We offer slightly smaller [ 10×8″-ish ] identical copies for your parents; these are usually offered in sets of two [ but can be produced individually or in multiple quantities ].

Parent StoryBooks are only availalbe as an addition to us crafting your full size StoryBook and [ other than size ] are fully identical to your full-sized StoryBook and to each other.

What about the Luxe Case I'm Seeing?

Our StoryBooks are available with custom color lux-texture cases, seen on the pictures on this site.  Interior and exterior of cases are custom colored to your preferences, as is a custom designed raised overprint brand on the front of your case.

To help ensure the investment point of your StoryBook is maintained, the inclusion of the luxe case is available with an additional charge. Of course, all of our StoryBooks are provided with quality white boxes for storage and transport.

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