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Your Career. In Motion.

We all love story. But some of us were born to tell it.
Maybe you're just starting your career as a videographer or editor, or perhaps you've been honing your skills for some time.

Either way; you may have just found your calling.

We think wedding videos suck.

That’s why we don’t make that sh*t here.

Instead we craft artistic films with passion.

The traditional wedding video is loathsome. We’re in search of a film-maker to assist our well established cinema team. We’re looking for a story-teller.  Not a wedding videographer. A leader; a vsionary.

Us?  We’re bursting at the seems.  We’re moving forward.  Always innovating and experimenting.  Always creating.  Not re-treading.  If this sounds like you, we should talk.

Our veteran cinema team is well known for it’s devotion to story and craft.  For years we’ve built a reputation of not conforming to the low aspirations of the typical wedding video, and as such we’ve garnered a clientele with a discerning eye.  We’re looking for an aspiring [ or experienced ], organized and passionate person to help lead our gifted Cinema team in editing and shooting our wedding films.

Here’s the Skinny.

Making the Moment is an established, high quality creative cinematography + photography company based on the West Side of Cleveland, Ohio.  We are looking to bring in just the right person to our unique and fun team environment. We have grown in a healthy manner in the last 17+ years, and now have another full time salary position [ or contractor position ] open for the right creative professional.

We’re looking for a passionate visionary, someone excited about creative intent and style.  Our full time staff of 8 creative professionals desires to have a fun and friendly creative sojourner who will pair well with us.

The ideal candidate will possess experience in video editing [ NLE experience is a must; be it FCPX / Premier / MonkeyChopper 7 / SMARBAJJ  ] as well as experience behind the camera.  Largely, this person will work directly alongside our Cinema Team as a principal editor, as well as a first camera operator on our wedding and commercial shoots.

Full Time // or // Contractor Position

Ideally we’re looking for a full-time career minded individual to step onto our team in a full time capacity.

Feeling squeamish? No need to sign your soul away. Join us for a wedding season and keep your side hustles. Try us on for size and see if this is a good fit for you.  If you are feeling good [ and the feeling is mutual ] we’d love to offer you a full time salaried position with our team.

In the end; we’re looking for someone to be “all-in” on this life-giving team, but want to offer some up-front flexibility for the right candidate who wants to test the waters a bit prior to jumping in fully with our intensely creative group of innovative storytellers.

401K Retirement Plan with Match

We’re investing in you and you’ll be part of our future.  It’s also important to us that you invest in your own.  A big company perk on a small team.

Show Me the Money

Yes; you can make money being a professional videographer [ and best yet; get to do it alongside a wonderful supportive team ].

For most candidates, overall compensation will range from 75K to 1 Billion** per year.

  • Base Salaried Compensation for this roll begins at 50-60K per year pending experience
  • Monthly and Yearly performance and sales Bonus incentives can garner you up to an additional 30K per year; all based on your book-ability, experience, personal drive and overall client spend.

** 1 Billion per year is achievable with our “Gambling at the Jack Casino” compensation package.

Work in Office + At Home

Our space is pretty awesome; located by Crocker Park in Westlake.  Our clients love it. You will too.

While our in office team dynamics are central to our work and brand, we also embrace flexibility and trust.  If you’d find some freedom and enjoy working remotely, this position does allow for a mix of in office and remote work options after a seasonal break-in period on the team.

Kick-Ass Provided Equipment

Right.  Don’t worry about supplying your own stuff.  We’ve got you covered.  We invest in high-quality equipment.  We are always improving, whether it be bodies, software, or lenses.  You won’t be left wanting.

Only the Best Will be Considered

We’re choosy and picky over anyone working as part of our team; we have a high pedigree and reputation as the best wedding photographers and filmmakers in the world, and to be a part of this small team we’re looking for only the best.

As a small creative office we boast an in-house staff team of 8 committed individuals.   We are only accepting one more person into the fold of our full time staff team, so please know that to be considered for the position requires you to be of the very best artists and professionals in our field.

Please do not apply if you are not serious about being a leader and a visionary in the world of wedding filmmaking.  Much to the same; please only apply if you feel your work excels beyond the typical wedding videographer’s work.

Creative Freedom

You have cool ideas.  Innovative ideas that no one has done before.  We want you to use them.  Sure, we peer-review for development, but we’re not into stifling.  We’re into stoking.

Real Life Dinosaurs

Yup.  We have dinosaurs and you can ride them.  They’re amazing and dangerous. One of them is a brontosaurus and we tried to feed him peanut butter and het got hella-mad.  Brett had a tranquilizer gun from the last wedding he shot [ long story ] and ended up shooting Vince accidentally with it.

Free Hugs

This is assuming you’ve showered recently.

Amazing Support

We’re for each other around here.  Not only will you be supported, you’ll be surrounded by creative minds.  A mind-melting-pot.


Sure, we have some expectations about the type of person to join our team. Read on;
NLE Experience

That means Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere, or something similar.  Know some After Effects or Resolve? Bonus points, but not necessary.


You don’t need Event or Wedding experience, but we are looking for someone with Creative video capture and basic editing experience; someone who wants to grow and learn.

Organizational Leadership

We’re not a fly by night organization; the ideal candidate can balance production schedules, client communications and working with external partners to keep our creative productions fun, organized and snazzy.

Storytelling + Pacing

If you’re reading this, you know the subtle art and skill involved. The best stories aren’t told in linear fashion. The best stories are creative, outside-the-box, and fun

Our intensely personal wedding films are nothing like the boring old wedding video you don’t want to create.

Like you, we are not fans of the typical wedding video. Rather than the boring [ and cheesy ] wedding video, we endeavor to craft custom wedding films that carry and preserve authentic story. Watch the videos below to learn more about our team and artwork.

OMG. How Do I Apply?

Show up at our office with a laser-disk player, a projector, and several bags of Five Guys Fries, and try to talk us into it.

Joking aside, please only use the contact form below. Due to the volume of applicants we expect to receive we cannot respond to every single one. If we don’t respond to you we sincerely appreciate your application but are not interested at this time; please do not take it personally.

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