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Your Career. In Motion.

We all love story. But some of us were born to tell it.
Maybe you're just starting your career as a videographer or editor, or perhaps you've been honing your skills for some time.

Either way; you may have just found your calling.

We think wedding videos suck.

That’s why we don’t make that shit here.

Instead we craft artistic films with passion.

The traditional wedding video is loathsome. We’re in search of a film-maker to assist our well established cinema team. We’re looking for a story-teller.  Not a wedding videographer. We mean it; no event experience is required.  We’re bursting at the seems.  We’re moving forward.  Always innovating and experimenting.  Always creating.  Not re-treading.  If this sounds like you, we should talk.

Our veteran cinema team is well known for it’s devotion to story and craft.  For years we’ve built a reputation of not conforming to the low aspirations of the typical wedding video, and as such we’ve garnered a clientele with a discerning eye.  We’re looking for an aspiring, organized and passionate person to work alongside our wickedly gifted Cinema Team Lead to assist in editing and shooting our wedding films.

Here’s the Skinny.

Making the Moment is an established, high quality creative cinematography + photography company based on the West Side of Cleveland, Ohio.  We are looking to bring in just the right person to our unique and fun team environment. We have grown in a healthy manner in the last 13+ years, and now have another full time salary position [ or contractor position ] open for the right creative professional.

We’re looking for a passionate visionary, someone excited about creative intent and style.  Our full time staff of 8 creative professionals desires to have a fun and friendly creative sojourner who will pair well with us.

The ideal candidate will possess experience in video editing [ NLE experience is a must; be it FCPX / Premier / MonkeyChopper 7 / SMARBAJJ  ] as well as experience behind the camera.  Largely, this person will work directly alongside our Cinema Team Lead as an assistant editor, as well as a second camera or first camera operator as experience dictates.

Contractor // or // Salaried Position

No need to sign your soul away. Join us for a wedding season and keep your side hustles. Try us on for size and see if this is a good fit for you.  If you are feeling good [ and the feeling is mutual ] we’d love to offer you a full time salaried position with our team.

Ideally we’re looking for someone to be “all-in” on this life-giving team, but at the same time we understand if you want to test the waters a bit prior to jumping in fully with our intensely creative group of innovative storytellers.

Based in our Cleveland Office

We live all over Cleveland.  We work in Cleveland.  So would you.  Our space is pretty awesome.  Our clients love it. You will too.

401K Retirement Plan with Match

We’re investing in you and you’ll be part of our future.  It’s also important to us that you invest in your own.  A big company perk on a small team.

Kick-Ass Provided Equipment

Right.  Don’t worry about supplying your own stuff.  We’ve got you covered.  We invest in high-quality equipment.  We are always improving, whether it be bodies, software, or lenses.  You won’t be left wanting.

Free Hugs

This is assuming you’ve showered recently.

Amazing Support

We’re for each other around here.  Not only will you be supported, you’ll be surrounded by creative minds.  A mind-melting-pot.

Creative Freedom

You have cool ideas.  Innovative ideas that no one has done before.  We want you to use them.  Sure, we peer-review for development, but we’re not into stifling.  We’re into stoking.


Sure, we have some expectations about the type of person to join our team. Read on;
NLE Experience

That means Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere, or something similar.

No Previous Event Experience

Yeah, you read that correctly. You don’t need Event experience, but we are looking for someone with Creative video capture and basic editing experience; someone who wants to grow and learn.

Creative Vision

The use of creative expression to tell stories. A sense of purpose. A drive. A vision. Bring us that vision and together we’re going to make some sweet stuff.

Storytelling + Pacing

If you’re reading this, you know the subtle art and skill involved. The best stories aren’t told in linear fashion. The best stories are creative, outside-the-box, and fun

Our Wedding Productions

Are Driven by Adventure

Nope. This isn’t Cleveland. Although we hail from The Land [ local slang for the CLE ] we get to travel a fair amount for our creative endeavors.

View some our cinema samples below to get a feel for our style, or skip them and apply using the form below.

Apply Now
Learn more about our approach to Wedding Visuals

Our team creatively crafts both wedding photography and wedding cinema for couples with a discerning eye.  We’ve traveled near and far for our work.
Learn more about us with the short films below.

Visual Storytelling // Trailer 1:29

Our photographic and cinema work pushes the edge of style; Please enjoy our short trailer that showcases our work!

Trailer // Kate + Nik 1:29

Kate + Nik’s Cinematic Trailer from their wedding at the Cleveland Museum of Art showcases our love for storytelling and luxe artwork.

Be  // Moved 2:12

We have pioneered the art of animating our award winning still photographs. Watch a Sample.

Apply Using the Contact Form Below.

Due to the volume of applicants we expect to receive we cannot respond to every single one. If we don’t respond to you – we sincerely appreciate your application – but are not interested at this time.

If you have a reel you’d like to share, awesome! You can share it below.

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    We create art for passionate people.

    We are a team of Visual Storytellers [ photographers + filmmakers ] based out of Cleveland. We travel worldwide in the pursuit of story and artwork. Our passion and expertise has struck a chord with couples and families looking for nothing less than the very best wedding photography and wedding cinema.

    We are highly experienced in both American and Indian wedding events and culture. With our expertise, we produce luxe wedding films and finely finished works of photographic art.

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