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It Can Feel Confusing & Overwhelming

If you’re getting married – you know just what that means – the stress of planning the biggest event of your life combined with preparing yourself for marriage itself can be a rough time. Trust us – we know just how it is. In light of that, our hope is simple – to be a helpful resource in finding the right photographer for you.

We’re a Little Different

You’ll find that the atmosphere around Making the Moment is a bit different – more interested in educating you about wedding photography, and less about making a sale. We understand that the world of photography can be confusing and overwhelming – think of us as a guide on your photographic journey. We aim to help you understand how it is that we work, and assisting you in making a healthy & wise choice in your wedding photography.

Take Some Time & Explore

While you’re here, take some time and explore the in’s and outs of our site. Interested in seeing our photographer’s portfolios and getting to know them a bit? A good place to start is our photographer pages. Looking to understand how it is that we work? Check out our photography philosophy page. Of course, if you’re interested in understanding what type of investment you can make with your wedding photography here, give our investment page a look.

When you’re ready – we’d enjoy touching base – give us a shout on our contact page. After all – it’s so much better to talk with a real person than read words on a website right?

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