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An Incredible Indian Wedding

Split Between Cleveland and Columbus

The Art and Story of Simran + Krish

I have something to admit. I cheated. I know I talk so much about loving Cleveland but [ in this particular instance ] I couldn’t help myself, I was drawn to a different city. The temptation was too great! The couple was fantastic, I knew the event would be amazing, and the art that came out of it would shine. Of course, all of those things ended up being true after the weekend I spent in Columbus, Ohio photographing the beautiful Indian wedding of Simran + Krish.

All joking aside, I love when I get the opportunity to travel a little bit to photograph weddings! Especially for these two. I mean, the Indian wedding reception at The Fives in Columbus was temptation enough to leave Cleveland for a weekend, but seriously, Simran + Krish are wonderful inside and out. Their love is captured in their wedding artwork, and I think it’ll be clear by the end of this post why I couldn’t help but cheat on my beloved city 😉

indian wedding photography in a fieldNow, I know it might look like I just stumbled upon an amazingly attractive couple vibing in a field. Which is exactly what happened. Nope; no pre-planning or location scouting got us to this point. I just simply stumbled upon these nature-hotties in the field whilst I had my trusty camera.

Columbus Indian WeddingObvi; this was a planned excursion. We chose a park nearby Sim’s childhood home for this particular photographic session after their Sikh Indian Wedding Ceremony at the nearby Gurdwara. Right away you can see the love 💛

Creative Wedding Photographer Columbus

Our Wedding Photography is not possible

Without AMAZING Columbus Wedding Vendors

Indian Weddings ColumbusLet’s back up a little bit. We actually kicked off the festivities of the wedding weekend at Sim’s home, with the bride and bridesmaids having their traditional Mehndi applied. It’s such an important part of the tradition, and something that I love capturing!

Indian Wedding Photography ColumbusI know you love to look at their hands, but just wait til you see the faces of our bride and groom.

Columbus Wedding PhotographerSee?! Amazing. Behind the scenes talk? You should see the space we used for these wedding pictures in real life. Something I’ve gotten GREAT at as a wedding photographer is using the space I have to work with cleverly for unique wedding photography. This was just a small stand of pine trees surrounded by a golf course, but we made brilliant use of the small-scape.

Wedding Photography Columbus

We've always known that the MTM team is incredible at what they do; we've seen you in action for so many friends before us. However, experiencing it for ourselves was beyond any expectations.

Simran + KrishThe Couple
In Their Own Words.

That’s right. Every word you’ve read on this page so far regarding this wonderful wedding [ catch the alliteration there. Pretty brilliant, right? ] has all been word-smithed and crafted by us [ we’re not only gifted wedding photographers, but also not too shabby in the content writing department ] Humble Brag / Self enthusiasm aside; we mean every word on this page, but it’s important that you hear from our couple too.

We asked a few questions of them about their wedding; and hope you enjoy their answers 😀

What did you love about your wedding?

Okay, so this is wild because there’s no way it could have been planned, not in a million years. During the Malayali wedding, as Krish gifted Simran her first sari as his wife, a butterfly flew from one of the tropical plants in the Palm House and landed on her sari. It was such a magical, serendipitous moment that you can see in everyone’s faces in the photo you managed to capture of it!

What would you do Different?

While our wedding was incredible, part of the reason for that was the amazing service we got from Mattie and Natasha at Aisle and Co. We only wish we involved them sooner, as planning five events across two cities while we are both in residency in two OTHER cities was a little ambitious. They were amazing and we dream of the sleep we could have saved if we worked with them as full-service planners!

What was it like to work with us?

We’ve always known that the MTM team is incredible at what they do; we’ve seen you in action for so many friends before us. However, experiencing it for ourselves was beyond any expectations. Our families still talk about how fun and relaxing it was working with you all and we couldn’t agree more. We laughed so much with you all, it was hard to keep a “smoulder” on for some of the shots!

What photograph(s) are connecting emotionally?

It’s so hard to pick! Two that immediately jump out to us are portraits from each of our religious ceremonies; the first is a picture of us walking hand in hand through a field of flowers after the Anand Kaaraj; this image is inspired by old classic Bollywood films and capturing this moment in a park by Simran’s house was so fun. The second is from our first look before the Malayali wedding; this was a moment of peace in the chaos and excitement of our weekend and was incredibly special to have for just the two of us.

Did you have a theme you were trying to hit for your wedding [ vibe / color palette / etc ]?

Something that has always been a source of joy in our relationship is introducing each other to our cultures; Punjabi and Malayali and American all blending together. We wanted to celebrate this fusion with bright colors and modern twists on our heritage. A common theme you’ll see in all our events is marigolds; these flowers are quintessentially festive all over India and have special meaning to Simran, who planted them in her mother’s garden with her when growing up.

Unique Wedding Photography ColumbusRight before the Malayali Indian wedding ceremony at the Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus, we stole outside for some artwork.  This is one off my favorites from our time; I carefully inserted Sim and Krish into the daisy to get this immersive effect!

Columbus Wedding PhotographyI know it’s tempting, but try not to stare at these ring pictures for too long or before you know it, you’ll be hunched over whispering “my precious” to yourself while everyone else avoids eye contact.

Artistic Wedding Photography ColumbusForgive me; the LOTR reference was right there!

Columbus Photographer Wedding Columbus Weddings
I’m a believer in being a “clean” wedding photographer. What that means is carefully choosing my artwork and the execution there-of [ not “fixing it in photoshop later” ]. This image holds true to that; when I envisioned this groomsmen portrait on the rooftop of the Fives wedding reception venue in columbus, I knew I’d perform a few edits to achieve the dynamic look I wanted. The white castle sign was high up on my list [ despite how luxurious we all know the brand to be and we all want it associated with our wedding photographs ] but I also knew I’d put in the extra work to really make this image shine.

The Fives Columbus Wedding PhotographyThis one’s not Photoshop, there was just a really cool mirror table in the hotel and I took advantage. I asked the groomsmen to “reflect” on themselves before the wedding reception. You’re welcome.

Columbus Indian Wedding Photography BaratHave you been to a barat?

Indian Wedding Barat Photography ColumbusBest Indian Wedding Photographer ColumbusThis one was, as the kids would say, lit 🔥

Candid Wedding Photographer ColumbusAlright, you got me. I just wanted an excuse to use the fire emoji.

Columbus Indian Wedding Photography🔥🔥🔥

Fun Wedding Photographer ColumbusThis one is classic! The guy having a blast speeding through a country club while his lady fears for her life. Krish’s face reminds me of a kid racing go karts at an amusement park for the first time 🏁

Genuine Wedding Photography ColumbusDisclaimer: they both made it through unscathed. Though Simran may have been traumatized.

Indian Groom Photography ColumbusAnd just like that, Krish is all grown up! We love some stellar groom portraits, especially right before the Anand Karaj.

Indian Bridal Photography ColumbusBlack + white wedding photography is just timeless. I’m sure Simran and Krish will both cherish these for years to come 🖤

Best Indian Wedding Photographer ColumbusCandid Wedding Photographer ColumbusDon’t let those serious pictures fool you. There were plenty of shenanigans present at this wedding!

Columbus Wedding ReceptionOh by the way, have you visited our dedicated Indian Wedding Photography page, yet? You’ll see more fun wedding photography like the above picture at the Jaggo ceremony!

Indian Wedding Reception ColumbusWell what are you waiting for?! Get it.

Indian Wedding Photography ColumbusCandid Wedding Photography ColumbusThese are the faces the couple makes when their sangeet [ another Cleveland part of the weekend, at Signature of Solon ] is off the chain! ⛓️

Columbus Wedding PhotographerColumbus Wedding PhotographyThe Vidaii is an incredibly emotional part of the wedding weekend when we photograph Indian weddings. A bride saying goodbye to her parents [ even if she’s not leaving permanently ] still deeply resounds with meaning. As a parent of three girls, I think about the emotions I’ll face when my daughters leave our home and build families of their own.

Unique Indian Wedding Photography ColumbusCan you tell where this picture was taken?

Ohio Wedding PhotographerArtistic Wedding Photographer ColumbusHow about this picture? I captured this wedding portrait of our couple through the glass facade of the door at Sim’s childhood home.

Columbus Indian Bridal PhotographyIndian Wedding Photo ColumbusIt’s all in the details, folks. Before the Indian wedding ceremony at Franklin Park Conservatory Palm House, our bride was beautifully adorned.

Best Columbus Wedding PhotographersOH YES! Time for the first look! Krish is so peaceful as he awaits his lovely bride.  I’ve ALWAYS thought about how funny it would be if I crept up behind the groom during a first look and pretended to be the bride. I’d sneak up, get close, put my hands around the groom’s waist and whisper quietly something like “Today you get to marry your real love”.  Creepy; I know.

Columbus Indian Wedding PhotographerI guess it’s better that I don’t do that. Krish seemed REAL happy to see Sim on the morning of the wedding.

Wedding Photographer ColumbusThere’s always an ‘awwww’ moment and here it is! Everyone together now: AWWWWWW.

Indian Wedding Columbus“You ready to go get lost in a field so Brett can take our picture like we’ve been magically living there forever?”

Authentic Wedding Photography Columbus“You silly goose! Of course!”

Timeless Wedding Photography ColumbusVoila. I cleverly hid our couple in a small patch of daisy’s outside of the Franklin Park Conservatory prior to the wedding.

Indian Wedding Ceremony ColumbusNow let’s get these two married! Have you ever seen a Malayali Indian wedding ceremony? This indoor indian wedding ceremony in the Palm House of the Franklin Park Conservatory was beautiful, flowery and moist.

Columbus Indian WeddingColumbus Indian Wedding Ceremony PhotographyIndian Wedding Photographer ColumbusI can’t get over how much Simran is glowing 🌟 At the auspicious moment in an Malayli wedding ceremony is Mangalsutra.

Indian Wedding Columbus PhotographerSimilar but different is the important moment during a Sikh / Punjabi wedding ceremony. It’s subtle but important; and a lot of Indian wedding photographers miss this important scarf transfer that the father of the bride shares between his daughter and new son-in-law.

Columbus Wedding The FivesAre you ready to party?? Cause these two certainly are! These wedding photographs were captured upstairs at the Fives wedding reception venue in Columbus right before cocktail hour. How is every single image of them so perfectly sweet?! Oh right, cause they’re meant to be 💛

The Fives Columbus Wedding ReceptionOOF does it get better than this?? Go right now and book The Fives for your wedding reception in Columbus.

Columbus Wedding Reception VenueWe see a lot of amazing work from our vendor friends, and Prema Designs delivered on these floral arrangements!

Columbus Fives Wedding VenueSauer Cakes nailed it, too!

Wedding Reception The Fives ColumbusIf you don’t put the groom up on your shoulders at the wedding reception, did he even get married?

Indian Wedding Reception The Fives ColumbusThe Fives Columbus Indian WeddingIt’s that time of the night! WE RAGE!  Thankful to DJ Samir at Crown Entertainment for the amazing dance floor. And the weird sultry glances he throws my way all night.

Columbus Indian Wedding Reception The FivesAnd get some awesome candids of our favorite facial expressions on the dance floor 😃

Wedding Reception The FivesLike these guys. I feel like they’re watching a unicorn run away and reaching after it saying “NO DON’T GO!”

Best Ohio Wedding PhotographerSimran and Krish, your wedding is one we will never forget! Thank you for letting us be a part of it and we wish you many many years of marriage bliss 🥰

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