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The two had their luxury fusion american-indian wedding at the Cleveland Marriott Key this past summer.  Below is a picture of Kiren spinning in her Lengha. It weighs roughly 70 pounds, and so after several revolutions of spin she actually spun off into the troposphere.  Thankfully I caught this gem of a wedding portrait directly before take-off.

Indian Wedding Bride ClevelandSam [ the groom ] was super sad about seeing his bride propel into the heavens. He began to cry [ which was understandable because they were about to have the first of two wedding ceremonies that day ]. I’m a friendly guy and not heartless, so I gave him a hug and a little pep talk about marriage and how “these sorts of things happen”. I also gave him some thin mint cookies I found in my camera bag.  This all happened directly before their sikh wedding ceremony [ normally at a gurdwara ] at the Marriott key in downtown cleveland.

Indian Wedding ClevelandTo those of you reading; please know that [ through various legitimate deep dive studies involving mostly conjecture ] I’ve learned that 94.2% of our brides and grooms don’t read the actual words we put into our wedding blogs and are often only engaged at the incredibly amazing wedding photography we post here. For those of you who do read the copy; you’ll note that it something of a tradition in our wedding photography blogs to write fun and off-beat stories as yet another creative outlet for us here at Making the Moment 🙂

Indian Wedding Photographers ClevelandBefore I go further in to my writing shenanigans; please allow me to thank all the amazing wedding vendors that helped make their Indian wedding at the Marriott Key tower possible.


Sikh Wedding ClevelandThis. This should be the over of their wedding album 100% for sure. On the “Brett is being real” side of my writing; I really LOVE having fun with people as I’m photographing them; it leads to legitimate laughter [ like the picture below ].

Indian Wedding Photographers ClevelandIndian Wedding Photography ClevelandThis happens a lot in our wedding photography. It’s not like I’m back there yelling “Hey, go ahead and lick the bride for our next picture” or “I’ll give twenty bucks to the first bridesmaid who licks the bride today”.  Wait. yup. yes; I actually do that on wedding mornings.

Indian Wedding ClevelandNope; this is not a different bride and groom. Sam and Kiren had an american-indian fusion [ sikh / christian ] wedding celebration weekend. This is the two of them literally walking towards old stone church in cleveland where the christian ceremony would take place.

Indian Wedding PhotographerSikh Wedding ClevelandI love veils. they never “Veil” [ pun ] to make a wedding picture even better.

Indian Wedding ClevelandIndian Wedding Photographers ClevelandIndian Wedding Bride ClevelandMarriott Key Indian Wedding ClevelandWedding reception decor is so lovely when done correctly. The ballroom at the Marriott Key in cleveland was stunning that night, all thanks to the lovely inspirational work of Roses for Weddings and the Charming Fete team!

Marriott Key Wedding Reception ClevelandI was once at a wedding [ not this one ] where a person passed by the cake as I was photographing it and pointed out that “this cake costs 16 Thousand Dollars”. For a moment I believed the person, and then realized there is literally no way the average wedding reception cake would cost more than what our famly’s minivan is worth.  Do I regret engaging this person in a friendly debate? No.

Indian Wedding Reception ClevelandThe debate over cake cost went for a solid 20 minutes. The person even followed me around the reception room as I photographed flowers and tables. They lobbied HARD for the 16 thousand dollar wedding cake. they were COMMITTED to being right. They were SO committed to this, that I nearly began to believe them. Have you ever had that happen? Where someone is so die-hard on an opinion [ “I’m telling you the earth IS flat” ] that at some point you begin to question your point of view?  Thank God the cake artist was there to settle the debate.

Marriott Key Tower Indian Wedding Reception942 dollars. That was the final answer. I feel that’s a fair price point for a confectionary statement. Had the cake been filled with frosting made of actual gold, or maybe was personally autographed by Celine Dion, then [ and only then ]  I could have understand 16K for the cake.

Indian Wedding Photographers ClevelandI would bet you money that these two didn’t know eachother until this moment.  I also bet they’ve never eaten a cake that costs 16K.

Indian Wedding Reception ClevelandMarriott Key Tower Indian Wedding ReceptionI am nearly ALWAYS in the wrong spot of the dance floor when this happens; but I ALWAYS get the picture. No joke;I’m always on the other side of the dance floor when I see 1/2 of the couple get lifted high above the dance floor.  I have to elbow and crawl through sweaty celebrants to get there for the photo op.

Indian Wedding PhotographerThe Haldi ceremony [ part of the pre-wedding ceremonies for our Indian families ] is always fun. Kiren’s brother and father are ensuring that the Turmeric paste firmly covers Sam’s nipples. Sidenote; this is the SECOND time I’ve written the word “nipple” on our website. I’ll give you ten bucks if you email me the correct page on our website where I used it previously.

Indian Wedding Photography ClevelandIndian Wedding ClevelandSuper cute.

Indian Wedding Bride ClevelandKiren’s wedding Lengha was beautiful; the open back worked so well for Kiren. Do you have a regrettable college tattoo? Then this isn’t the Lengha for you.

Sikh Wedding ClevelandFirst look before their Sikh Indian wedding ceremony at the Marriott in Cleveland? Yes.

Indian Wedding Photographers ClevelandThis is [ FYI ] before the troposphere incident.

Indian Wedding PhotographerIndian Wedding Photography ClevelandIndian Wedding ClevelandSam wore his turban and traditional saber well for the Sikh Wedding Ceremony. 95% of the sikh weddings I am the photographer at are in Gurdwaras; this was my first Sikh Wedding Ceremony inside the Marriott Key ballroom.

Sikh Wedding ClevelandIt transformed beautifully.  Indian Wedding Photography ClevelandIndian Wedding Cleveland

Indian Wedding Photographer

See how the bridal party is legitimately happy in this picture? What’s my secret you ask? Designer drugs, of course.

Indian Wedding Photographers ClevelandThere are one of two reasons for this groomsmen performing an oral exam. Tell me what you thin;

  1. Sam and Kiren are dentists [ professionally ]
  2. The Groomsmen has a personal obsession with seeing other men’s tonsils.

Indian Wedding GroomIndian Wedding CoupleIndian Wedding ClevelandIndian Wedding BridePrior to the wedding reception at the Marriott Key in Cleveland, we snuck out for a final creative wedding photography session.

Indian Wedding Reception Venues ClevelandIf you hadn’t caught it; indian wedding weekends are FULL of dancing.

Indian Wedding Reception ClevelandMarriott Key Tower Indian Wedding ReceptionMarriott Key Wedding Reception ClevelandIndian Wedding Reception Venues ClevelandCleveland Marriott Wedding ReceptionThis bridesmaid – seriously – my favorite. She cracked me up ALL weekend.

Marriott Key Tower Indian Wedding ReceptionIndian Wedding PhotographerSam and Kiren [ all joking aside ] I loved crafting your wedding imagery for you. Your images are full of real worth [ just like the two of you ]; and I hope they bring back all the joy your wedding weekend was.  Thank you for trusting us to be your wedding photographers!

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