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A Few Hours South to Cincinnati

For a Joyful Indian Wedding Weekend

The Art and Story of Surabhi + Ransika

That’s right, Making the Moment got out of Cleveland and headed a few hours south to spend a super fun and beautiful weekend with Surabhi + Ransika as they celebrated their love and got MARRIED! Wait… Us? Photographing an indian WEDDING?? I know, it’s hard to believe. But it’s true. And we have visual proof; am entire blog post’s worth, and then some.

Ok ok, I’m obviously kidding. We photograph weddings all the time, and lots of Indian weddings! In fact, thousands of images were captured over the course of the weekend. But we picked out the creme de la creme for your perusal and enjoyment. And let me tell you, it wasn’t easy, because Surabhi + Ransika’s incredible Indian wedding at the Savannah Center truly was incredible.

Cincinnati Wedding PhotographerBefore their Sangeet I found this image for them. It was the way the light was hitting the wall that attracted me; I’m always looking at what the light gives me when photographing.

Cincinnati Wedding PhotographerThese two; they’re not so hard on the eyes [ ok, they are super hotties ]. I loved laughing and creating with them throughout the entire weekend down in Cincinnati!

Indian Bride Wedding PhotographySurabhi is a gorgeous bride, no doubt. The first image on the left is from right before her Haldi [ a traditional indian wedding pre-ceremony where guests SCHMEER tumeric paste on the bride [ and groom ] to help their skin glow a bit before the wedding. It’s like a very messy make-up application your friends and family do for you with little regard to anything else the Tumeric paste hits [ floors, clothing, small puppies nearby, etc ]

Indian Wedding Photographer Cincinnati

Our Wedding Photography is not possible

Without AMAZING Wedding Vendors

Indian Wedding InspoI like to call this, “Surabhi + Ransika Go on a Mid-Wedding Formal Safari”. What? You’ve never gone on a mid-wedding formal safari?? 🦁

Indian Wedding Reception Savannah CenterAnd here’s a little sneak peek to that ka-razyyyy dance floor! But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Best Indian Wedding Photographer CincinnatiNegative space or close-up details, they are both stunning their own right.

Cincinnati Indian Wedding PhotographerThis is how you put the Haldi on the Groom.

Fun Wedding Photographer CincinnatiThis is how you get it off the groom [ this was completely my idea BTW ]

Indian Bridal DetailsI am just a sucker for the details and capturing them in every way that I can. Surabhi’s outfits all weekend were beautifully ornate and made for some truly amazing artwork.

Indian Wedding Photography CincinnatiIndian Wedding Photo CincinnatiOur couples make our jobs so much easier. You couldn’t take a bad picture of these two. I sincerely mean that. I got to a point where I started to TRY to take bad pictures of them and I freaking couldn’t. They are magical unicorns of camera goodness.

Artistic Wedding Photographer CincinnatiOh and sidenote, Cinci is pretty cool.

Indian Wedding Inspiration PhotoQuick shout out to B3 Events for their incredible event design! This is just the beginning. Wait til you see what’s coming 👀

Savannah Center Cincinnati Indian WeddingEveryone loves a good Sangeet dance performance by the aunties!

Savannah Center Indian Wedding VenueIndian Wedding Photographer CincinnatiNot to be outdone by the bride herself when she takes the stage 💃

Savannah Center Indian WeddingAnd then the real party starts 😎

Cincinnati Wedding Venue Savannah CenterIndian Bride Wedding PhotographyThis is one of my favorite images in this whole post. Having the direct gaze of the bride and her genuine soft smile while her loved ones help her get all those finishing touches in place. Pure magic 💫

Indian Bride InspoCincinnati Indian WeddingMeanwhile, at the Barat…

Candid Indian Wedding PhotographerRansika is living his best life!

Indian Wedding Photography CincinnatiWhat was that song about dancing on the hood of a car?

Indian Wedding Photo CincinnatiUnique Wedding Photography CincinnatiLet’s just admire the lovely fun things happening in this image above [ hand holding + hottie couple + cool interesting light things happening on the edges of my lens ]

Candid Wedding Photography CincinnatiThis wedding party first look is absolutely PRICELESS.

Best Wedding Photographer CincinnatiNote to all couples: DO THIS.

Fun Wedding Photographer CincinnatiAnd make sure your photographer captures it in all it’s glory!

Indian Wedding Photographer CincinnatiI was photographing this picture of them and LOVING the little “orbs of light” I had in the picture;

Candid Wedding Photography CincinnatiAnd then I realized they were bugs as Raniska started blowing them away. LOL

Indian Wedding Ceremony Savannah CenterMandaps and Hindu ceremonies are actually very tricky to photograph. I work super hard to get my lighting just right; especially with such an amazing Mandap display!

Indian Wedding Ceremony PhotographyCandid Wedding Photographer CincinnatiSometimes I impress myself! I was really on my game with these candid moments that weekend.

Indian Wedding Savannah Center CincinnatiSavannah Center Indian Wedding CeremonyWhat a very real and joyful moment that just fills my heart with so much happiness 🥲 I’m not crying, you’re crying…

Cincinnati Wedding PhotographerWedding Photographer CincinnatiOn their way to their Mid-Wedding Formal Safari. Obviously. 🐯

Best Cincinnati Wedding PhotographerBut make it Vogue.

Savannah Center Cincinnati Indian WeddingThis. This is that incredible event design that I hinted at earlier for their Indian wedding reception at the Savannah Center!  This marble-like floor was such a nice touch.

Indian Wedding DecorIndian Wedding Decor InspoThe Savannah Center allowed them all the freedom to make it their own, and boy was it beautiful!

Indian Wedding Photographer Cincinnati

I always love that Indian wedding reception decor often comes with a couch on the stage. I want more cultures to incorporate sofas and sectionals into their reception design plans. B3Events;an you help my dream come true?

Indian Wedding Photography CincinnatiIndian Wedding Reception PhotographyCincinnati Indian Wedding PhotographyFirst dance goals; right here.

Unique Wedding Photography CincinnatiSeriously; look at the Lehenga spin!

Indian Wedding Couple Cincinnati

Savannah Center Indian WeddingThe art of capturing a speech or a toast at wedding reception as a wedding photographer is tricky.  You have to time it JUST right to catch that subtle moment that says so much [ while people are often saying so much. ] If you time it wrong you just have people making dumb faces while they’re staring at their notes. If you time it right; it’s magic.

Indian Wedding Photography CincinnatiI love capturing reactions to the speeches.

Cincinnati Indian Wedding Photographer

Indian Wedding Reception PhotoSeriously; Surabhi makes the BEST dance faces. I freaking love this bride.

Fun Indian Wedding Reception Savannah CenterIndian Wedding Reception PhotographyRansika’s groom dancing faces are equally on point.

Candid Indian Wedding PhotographerSavannah Center Cincinnati Indian Wedding ReceptionThis guy though; this guy is the king of great “dance faces”. His dance face is so amazing I will end the blog with him [ two pics below ]

Savannah Center Cincinnati Indian WeddingIndian Wedding Reception Dance Floor Savannah Center

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