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A Family Engagement Session

Full of Wholesome Love and Smooches

The Art and Story of Sara + Matt

What do I love most about this set of images? It’s hard to nail down one thing, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t absolutely LOVE the way these two just cannot keep their hands off each other [ in the sweetest, most wholesome way imaginable ]. You can see their love clear as day in their faces, their embrace, and the sweet kisses Matt gives his bride. Plus, SPOILER ALERT, I have pictures of real life giants in the post below. GIANTS 😁

Also; We have some guest stars! Their daughter and pup [ Hoss; an amazing rescue animal! ] make an appearance, reminding us all that marriage is about more than just the couple, it’s the whole family. *Cue the tears of joy* Also, their little girl is quite the fashionista 💅

Giants you ask? WTF do I mean? Well, read on, friend!

Engagement Photos ClevelandRight off the bat, see what I mean?! They are far too cute. My eyes might melt from the cuteness.

Outdoor Engagement Photography ClevelandBut I’m going to keep it together cause I don’t want to miss any of this! I also don’t want my eyes to melt because I feel like that would be a SERIOUS mess on my keyboard. And [ also ] hard to do my job as a wedding photographer if I had melty eyes. Ugh. SO gross. Why did I write all this.

Best Engagement Photographer ClevelandYes; I know I could go back and delete that and re-write it to be something flowery and sweet; something that “communicates on brand” to our “target market” [ what marketing people often say ]; but I find it more effective to just write strange things and leave them in the copy of our website. Little ✨treasures✨ for people to find and think about.

Lake Erie Engagement Photo Cleveland Engagement Photographer
Surprise! A little BTS moment where you get a sneak peek into our process. Above is the original image, without any color editing as well as what a little bit of planned post production editing looks like.

Best Cleveland Engagement Photographer Cleveland Engagement Photography
We carefully and often use external flash and off-camera lighting to create the incredible artwork that you know and love from Making the Moment. Sometimes that means we need an extra person in the shot to get that light just right. But never fear! Add just a little artistic magic and voila! An incredible image that you would’ve never thought included another person!

We felt at ease. It didn’t feel like a “photo shoot.” It felt like we were just meeting up with friends for an evening walk on the beach.

MattThe Groom to Be
In Their Own Words.

That’s right. Every word you’ve read on this page so far regarding this wonderful wedding [ catch the alliteration there. Pretty brilliant, right? ] has all been word-smithed and crafted by us [ we’re not only gifted wedding photographers, but also not too shabby in the content writing department ] Humble Brag / Self enthusiasm aside; we mean every word on this page, but it’s important that you hear from our couple too.

We asked a few questions of them about their wedding; and hope you enjoy their answers 😀

What was one of your favorite parts of your session?

Our favorite part of the session was running along the beach trying to avoid falling into the sand and water.

How did you pick your outfits for your session?

I wore what Sara told me to wear.  I’d be a sorry sight if she wasn’t there to help dress me.

How did you feel about the way we treated you throughout the session?

We felt at ease.  It didn’t feel like a “photo shoot.”  It felt like we were just meeting up with friends for an evening walk on the beach.

What are you most excited about for your wedding?

We are most excited to celebrate our future lives together surrounded by friends and family.

If you could describe your partner’s performance during the session in a few short sentences or phrases, how would you do so?

I felt like I was on one of our first dates again – she was beautiful and energetic.

Where will your wedding reception be, and why did you select your venue?

We will be having our reception at the Slovenian National Home.   Being Slovenian in Cleveland is akin to the movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding,” so that was an obvious location for us.  That is why we chose it.  Poor Sara 😛

Engagement PhotoI think these are my favorite images from the entire set. There’s something so intimate and genuine about the way Sara + Matt interact here. Even the way the wind adds movement, it’s breathtaking.

Engagement Photo IdeaThese amazing moments are even more incredible when captured in B+W 😍 If I were them I’d shamelessly hang a life-size print of this one in my entry way.  Heck. I’m not them, and I literally printed a 40×60″ canvas of this image and have it hung in my entry way. My wife is VERY upset about it and my kids are confused but I love this picture so much.

Engagement Photography ClevelandOHMYGOSH here we go with the full family images! Meet their daughter Elena and their rescue dod Hoss!

Unique Engagement Photography ClevelandMy kids do the SAME face when I kiss them. LOL.

Beautiful Engagement Photography ClevelandIn my head I pretend this picture is a normal size / adult person in the center being escorted by two full size GIANTS on either side. Weird, I know, but sometimes I get a visual in my head and that’s that.

Fun Engagement Photographer ClevelandSara + Matt; whether you’re actually giants from another planet or just a cute couple it matters not. Either way I can’t tell you how much I love working with you and your sweet family and we are so looking forward to capturing your wedding!

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