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A Modern Indian Wedding

Hella full of Haldi, Laughs + Dancing

The Art and Story of Nisha + Shyam

One of my favorite things about an Indian wedding is that I get to spend the entire weekend with my couples. So not only do we get SO much artwork from the 3 [ sometimes 4 ] days, we get to know each other really well in that time. I get to know their little quirks, how they interact as a couple, maybe even their favorite adult beverage 🥂 Because of that relationship we build, you get to see their authentic personalities shine through the imagery. Nisha + Shyam’s wedding photography showcases exactly that!

Yes, we got to explore super cool locations around the CLE [ peep that street art coming up ], but we also got to laugh, joke around, and let this awesome couple relax and be themselves. That’s when you actually get the best wedding pictures: when you relax, enjoy your new husband or wife, and trust your photographer to capture the best parts of you 💛 Ok, ok, enough sappy stuff. Let’s get to the real reason you’re here: THE PICTURES!

Indian Wedding Photographer ClevelandRight off the bat, we can see that these two are stunnaz.

Best Indian Wedding Photographer ClevelandStunnaz that are pretty much obsessed with each othazzz.

Downtown Cleveland Wedding Photography

Our Wedding Photography is not possible

Without AMAZING Cleveland Wedding Vendors

Funky Wedding Photography ClevelandRemember when I mentioned street art? Cleveland is full of it. And we just happened upon this super colorful wall. I couldn’t resist.

Joyful Wedding Photography ClevelandI feel like these two secretly knew about this wall and intentionally coordinated their outfits to go with it. And then subliminally guided me towards it so we’d have to stop for pictures. A whole conspiracy. It’s too perfect.

Indian Wedding Photo ClevelandDo you think all these people were in on it, too?  Intro our Indian wedding bridal party. Nisha and Shyam ARE SO popular that they had to have 984 people in their bridal party. 984. Not exaggerating.

Indian Wedding Marriott Key Tower Cleveland

You captured all of our key memories and important moments [ emotional and fun moments both ] I loved how much fun you all were having too!

NishaThe Bride
In Their Own Words.

That’s right. Every word you’ve read on this page so far regarding this wonderful wedding [ catch the alliteration there. Pretty brilliant, right? ] has all been word-smithed and crafted by us [ we’re not only gifted wedding photographers, but also not too shabby in the content writing department ] Humble Brag / Self enthusiasm aside; we mean every word on this page, but it’s important that you hear from our couple too.

We asked a few questions of them about their wedding; and hope you enjoy their answers 😀

What did you love about your wedding?

Watching our families perform at the sangeet and dancing together at the baraat!

What was it like to work with us?

We absolutely loved having you guys! You captured all of our key memories and important moments [ emotional and fun moments both ] – I loved how much fun you all were having too, it felt like you all were part of the party 😀

What photograph(s) are connecting emotionally?

I love the ones at the haldi – there was so much anticipating and excitement [ for ourselves and friends and family ] and you can really see that in the pictures.

Did you have a theme you were trying to hit for your wedding [ vibe / color palette / etc ]?

We were going for a fun, hype, excited vibe! We wanted everyone to have a blast dancing, singing, chatting, laughing, and enjoying each other’s company!!

Cleveland Indian Wedding PhotographerCheeeeeesin! No shame, I love cheese 🧀🧀🧀

Unique Wedding Photography ClevelandCheesin’ and readin’. I found this mini library at the Marriott Key Lobby in Cleveland right before their wedding reception.

Unique Indian Wedding PhotographyHow cute, right?! I love when I get to do something totally unique for my couples, and this definitely was.

Indian Wedding Photography ClevelandAnd how quickly we go from cheese to elegant as h – e – double hockey sticks 🏒🏒. Get you a partner who can do both.

Candid Wedding Photographer ClevelandGetting ready pictures can be bland. Or they can be lively and timeless. This one is definitely the latter and I absolutely love it.

Wedding Day Photography ClevelandOf course it helps when the bride is a natural model. Which Nisha definitely is. I encouraged her to stick with the gym shorts for her hindu wedding ceremony over the lehenga she was aiming for. She ignored me. I still think I was right but whatever 🤷‍♂️

Getting Ready Wedding PhotographyWhen things are this elaborate, you need all hands on deck to help dress the bride! It also makes for fun memories and really great imagery.

Marriott Key Tower Indian WeddingArtistic Wedding Photographer ClevelandWhat was on the phone screen to elicit that side eye? Aliens? Ghosts? A tyrannosaurus 🦕making out with a parking meter?  Side note; I understand the emoji i used for the tyrannosaurus is more of a blue brontosaurus but the keyboard only has so many late jurassic period options.

Indian Wedding Photographer ClevelandQuick plug for some SEO content here [ I hope you’re enjoying my word-smithing otherwise ]; if you’r enjoying our Indian wedding photography from cleveland [ 👈 see all that SEO goodness right there? ] then make sure to check out this page on our website that has PLENTY of our Indian wedding photography and Indian wedding video in Cleveland!

Indian Bride Wedding PhotographyWhen the bridal portraits are 🔥🔥🔥

Cleveland Indian Wedding PhotographerThe haldi! Remember when Nisha said these were her favorite images? We can see why. Haldis are a fun ceremony where everyone frantically rubs turmeric paste on the couple prior to the wedding. Its spazzy and messy.

Fun Indian Wedding Photographer ClevelandHaldi Ceremony PhotographyThis is just the beginning with these flower petals. Just you wait.

Cleveland Indian WeddingCandid Indian Wedding PhotographyI love the subtlety of the petals floating all around them. They add movement and color and excitement to the wedding photography.

Creative Indian Wedding Photography Cleveland And then sometimes they’re less subtle 🌸🌼🌹🌋

Indian Wedding Weekend PhotographySpecializing in indian wedding photography in cleveland has meant I’ve gotten to be a part of a lot of beautiful traditional hindu pre-wedding ceremonies like this one.

Cleveland Indian Wedding PhotographyEverything about this picture is happy, from the colors to the couple. And trust me, it’s genuine!  I captured this picture at the beginning of Nisha’s Mehndi which her family hosted in her father’s backyard on a nice summer evening.

Fun Wedding Photographer ClevelandNot sure what’s going on here, but it’s entertaining nonetheless!

Candid Wedding PhotographyShout out to Krishna who [ hands down ] has my favorite “dance floor facia activities” [ it’s a thing ] EVER.

Indian Wedding PhotoHere we witness the first of many dancing crowds of the weekend. Basically, everyone started dancing and they didn’t stop. all weekend, they didn’t stop.

Indian Wedding Outdoor PhotographyThey might still be dancing.  Someone should check up on that?

Photography Indian Wedding ClevelandThis is love. True love 🍕Shyam’s father feeding his mother pizza to keep her Mehndi intact [ so sweet! ]

Indian Bride WeddingCreative Indian Wedding Photography ClevelandDon’t worry. Yes, there was a mood shift, but that doesn’t mean the party is over. I just wanted to give you a break so you don’t get overwhelmed.

Indian Wedding Couple PhotographyAlthough that isn’t a fool-proof plan.

Joyful Wedding Photography ClevelandBecause you could easily be overwhelmed anyway by these two and their unending cuteness!

Best Cleveland Wedding PhotographerWedding Photography Downtown ClevelandThere are worse things to be overwhelmed by.

Cleveland Marriott Key Tower SangeetI told you the party wasn’t over yet!  Enter the sangeet [ another fun indian pre-wedding celebration ]. We’re on the dance floor of the Marriott Key Tower in cleveland the night before the wedding.

Indian Wedding Cleveland Marriott DowntownDowntown Cleveland Marriott Key Tower Indian WeddingThe Sangeet got everyone jumping!

Cleveland Marriott Key Tower Indian WeddingNo wonder it was one of Nisha’s favorite parts of the weekend!

Indian Wedding Cleveland MarriottThe Marriott Downtown is the perfect venue for it.

Cleveland Downtown Marriott Indian WeddingThe facial expressions here are PRICELESS.

First Look Wedding Photo ClevelandAnd now we move onto the wedding day, when Shyam sees his beautiful bride all done up and dressed up to get MARRIED. This is just an hour or so before their hindu wedding ceremony at the Marriott in Cleveland. I think it’s safe to say he’s pretty excited!

Artistic Wedding Photographer ClevelandBeautiful Indian Wedding Photography ClevelandWhat better place in Cleveland to do an outdoor first look than in front of the Freedom Statue?

Indian Bride InspoIndian Wedding Photography IdeaYES. MORE CHEESE. 🧀

Indian Wedding Party PhotoMORE CHEESE AND MORE PEOPLE. 986 people [ 984 bridal party members AND our couple ]

Candid Wedding Photographer ClevelandBut seriously, this might be the biggest wedding party ever! Good thing they were SO MUCH fun!

Fun Indian Wedding Photographer ClevelandHere is some photographic evidence of said fun. The Barat.

Indian Wedding Barat PhotographyDowntown Cleveland Wedding PhotographySee? It doesn’t get better than this, folks! The barat in front of the Marriott Key in Cleveland is the place to be on a Saturday morning.

Cleveland Indian WeddingFun Indian Wedding PhotographyThe Barat is always a good time, and I love capturing everyone dancing and celebrating together!

Indian Wedding Mandap InspirationOne word: WOW. B3 Events mandap design here is so freaking good.

Indian Wedding DecorB3 Events knocked it out of the park with their event design. The mandap could not have been more beautiful.

Indian Wedding Ceremony Marriott Downtown ClevelandIt looks even better with our couple getting married underneath it!

Marriott Key Tower Cleveland Indian WeddingThat was almost a pickup line, wasn’t it?

Indian Wedding Ceremony PhotographyWell neither Nisha nor Shyam will have anymore need for pickup lines because THEY’RE MARRIED!

Unique Wedding Photography Cleveland*contrast*. To note, this was photographed on a horse head in the marriott Key Tower Lobby in Cleveland. Go look for it now; it’s near the elevators. You’ll see why this is so cool when you find it yourself.🐴💍📸

Indian Bridal PortraitShoutout again to the Marriott for providing beautiful spaces for our bride and groom to get ready. Want to see more indian weddings at the Marriott in Cleveland?  Oh; you should go here on our website. Thank me later.

Indian Wedding Candid PhotographyIndian Groom PhotographyLooking dapper, Shyam. You also have nice teeth. 😬 If you didn’t take care of your teeth, I would have probably cropped your face out of the picture and you’d be hands and a neck.🫶⋈

Indian Wedding Reception Marriott Key TowerDo you think their faces hurt from all the smiling? If so, they probably don’t even notice 🥰

Indian Wedding Reception PhotographyShowering the bride and groom in well-deserved compliments.

Cleveland Marriott Key Tower WeddingWith a joke or two thrown in for good measure!

Wedding First Dance PhotoAnd then Nisha and Shyam took to the dance floor themselves for their first dance.

Marriott Key Tower Indian Wedding😍😍😍

Indian Wedding First DanceAnd now we get HYPE!

Downtown Cleveland Marriott Indian WeddingOne of my number one tips as an Indian wedding photographer in Cleveland; The group photo is always worth it! Have your DJ and your wedding photographer organize a FULL wedding reception photo with all your guests; it’s a killer way to kick off the dance floor [ and you’ll get one amazing wedding picture ]!

Wedding Dance Floor PhotographyGet ready for some quality reception dancing content!

Cleveland Downtown Marriott Wedding ReceptionWedding Reception Cleveland Marriott DowntownMarriott Key Tower Wedding ReceptionNisha and Shyam, you definitely succeeded in throwing an awesomely hype wedding weekend, full of excitement, laughter, and joy! We absolutely loved sharing it with you!

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