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When I think of this couple, the first word that comes to mine is trust. Obviously; marriage in and of itself is a statement of trust towards one another. In my case, I know them because they trusted me completely me as their wedding photographer.

indian wedding cleveland courthouseI don’t just mean “hired me” or “chose me” as their wedding photographer. I literally mean trust. Every interaction I had with this couple over their wedding artwork conveyed to me that they fully believed in me.

Best Indian Wedding Photographers ClevelandAnd that’s important to me as a professional [ and as a person ].  I’ve been a wedding photographer in cleveland for over a decade; and am thankful that myself and our team are  known as one of the most experienced Indian wedding photographers in the country.
// A Courthouse Wedding //

The Same Day Edit

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Seen above; A short tribute to their wedding weekend from our award winning wedding cinema team.  We produced this same day edit on the final day of their Indian wedding in Cleveland to be shown to their guests at the courthouse.

Artistic Indian Wedding Photographer ClevelandWhat our reputation and experience cannot do is create trust; it simply creates an environment where trust can flourish, and our artwork can fly.

Experienced Indian Wedding Photographer ClevelandIn truth, it takes people like these two. Good people can take the foundation our experience provides, and use it as a launching point for our relationship to blossom.

Artistic Indian Wedding Photographer ClevelandI love the above picture.  I often try to photograph Indian Henna [ from the Mehndi ] in unique ways.

Unique Indian Wedding Photographer ClevelandNone of this could have happened without the amazing group of wedding professionals that made their Indian wedding reception at the Cleveland Courthouse happen.  In no specific order, I’d like to thank the following wedding vendors;

Best Indian Wedding Photographer ClevelandHilton Cleveland Indian WeddingExperienced Indian Wedding Photographer ClevelandGoodness. This is the bride’s grandmother. Seriously; the smiles and joy that emirate from this woman were inescapable.  The affection and respect that she holds for her grandmother was palpable.

Artistic Indian Wedding Photographer ClevelandSpeaking of palpable.  Our groom’s entrance at his Barat was. Well. Noted.

Indian Baraat Wedding Photographer ClevelandExtremely noted.  It wasn’t just the smoke sticks that were used to herald the arrival of the ever-amazing groom, it was the chunky-thunk bass hits that accompanied.

Best Indian Wedding Photographers ClevelandFun Indian Wedding Photography Cleveland… and goodbye to the single life!

Dramatic Cleveland Wedding PhotographerThese two; trying to take themselves too seriously.

Best Indian Wedding Photographers ClevelandAnd failing. LOL. I love her laugh.

Best Indian Wedding Photographer ClevelandSo does our groom. He loves her forehead too.

Hilton Cleveland Indian WeddingAhhhh!!  Even while having her hair did she is still full of smiles and beauty!

Cleveland Indian WeddingI secretly have an obsession with wedding jewelry photography.  Life is found in the details right?

Best Wedding Photographers ClevelandIndian Wedding Photographer ClevelandAnd serious details her; having your wedding date and names sewn into your jacket is such a subtly nice touch.

Hilton Cleveland Indian WeddingUnique Indian Wedding Photographer ClevelandI love our groom attire.  Not only is his tuxedo jacket on point, but his cufflinks are on fleek. [ see my previous post about items being on fleek vs being “on flakes” ].

Cute Wedding Photography ClevelandAnd this is one of the many things I love and adore about Indian wedding weekends.  These two actually got a “second” first-look on their wedding day.  What do I mean?

Cleveland Indian Wedding Photography First LookTo those unfamiliar with Indian weddings, the couple have a short break in the day after their wedding ceremony to change into their evening attire for their wedding reception.  Not only am I envious that they get to freshen up, but as a closet fashion-freak, I envy the opportunity to show off so many wares in one day.

Artistic Indian Wedding Photographer ClevelandShe confessed to me that she loved the stairs of the courthouse in cleveland more than she loved her mister.  #notTrue

Best Indian Wedding Photographer ClevelandWhat is true?  She LOVED the stairs; and was one of the many reasons she chose to have her wedding reception at the Courthouse in Cleveland.

indian wedding cleveland courthouseFun Indian Wedding Photography ClevelandThis is how they work. They cuddle, they smile,

Cute Wedding Photography Cleveland… and they laugh.

courthouse cleveland wedding receptionI have been the wedding photographer at quite a few weddings at the courthouse in Cleveland in my years, but seeing the venue prepared and ready for a wedding reception will never get old.  It’s a sight.

wedding reception courthouse clevelandEvery little detail; cared for.

indian wedding reception cleveland courthouseThe couples table was a clear glass table. Luxe.

indian wedding reception venue clevelandI’m going to highlight the drapery here; rarely if ever do I see such attention paid to an accent item. It provided such a fine flourish and finish to the entire wedding reception.

wedding reception venues clevelandcourthouse cleveland wedding receptionWith guests ready, the wedding reception was off to quite the party.

indian wedding reception cleveland courthouseFather of the bride; ready to dance.

indian wedding cleveland courthouseFriends, I’ll forever be thankful for your trust, your kindness, and the life you brought to cleveland for your wedding weekend.  Thank you for your friendship, and the opportunity to craft this artwork for you.  Cheers!

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