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Oh yes. Oh yes. YES.  we will be punning hard here.  As a self proclaimed pun expert, I’m incredibly Tenk-Fun for any opportunity to work a dearly beloved Cleveland wedding venue’s name [ Tenk West Bank in the Flats, if you’re not familiar ] into ferocious, devastating and eye-rolling puns.

Wait. WAIT. wait. don’t check out on me yet.  This post is entirely about the artisan imagery we were able to craft for the very amazing couple that is Aaron and Morgan. I won’t allow us to lose focus.

Best Wedding Photographers ClevelandMorgan and Aaron’s custom made invitation set. Wait. What’s that you say? You didn’t get one? That’s probably because you’re reading about their wedding on the internet, and weren’t really invited to their wedding. Awkward. Awkward; but honest. Work harder on friending cool people like these two, and you’ll get invited to cool weddings like this. #EvaluateYourLife

Groomsmen Wedding Photographer ClevelandAs always, we give our Tenks to all the great cleveland wedding vendors that made this wedding at Tenk in the flats outstanding;

Black and white wedding photographyCleveland Wedding Photography First Look
I carefully and cleverly [ alliteration ] coordinated a candid “first-look” for our couple outside of Tenk a few hours before their wedding ceremony.

Sweet Wedding Photography ClevelandFreaking happy.  They are both so freaking happy.  And why not?  They’re both beautiful and fun people.  If you haven’t caught it; Aaron won’t stop smiling all day [ duh; all due to the goodness that is Morgan! ]

Cleveland tenk weddingAnd these two?  Although their wedding was in the West Bank of the Flats in Cleveland at Tenk, the two hail from Nashville.  Morgan is originally from the beautiful land known to us locals as the CLE.

Cute Wedding Photography ClevelandYes, these two hop-scotch around the globe. Their engagement was in London [ as in London, England ].  Aaron asked for her hand in marriage directly in front of St. Paul’s Cathedral. [ by millennium bridge ].  The two were with her family [ who all knew it was coming ] and yet still Aaron pulled off a surprise engagement.

Bridal Party Photography ClevelandAaron and Morgan asked us to be their wedding photographer for a few reasons.  Thankfully, the great wedding professionals at Tenk West Bank recommended us as a wedding photographer [ pretty cool ].  Obviously, we’re thankful to be a preferred wedding photographer for such a great Cleveland wedding venue, but Morgan shared later that it was our fun and lively approach to wedding photography that won her heart.

Groomsmen Wedding Photographer ClevelandWhat won Aaaron’s heart?  Besides Morgan [ obvi ]; he let us know it was our deeply personal approach that made things click.  Aaron is extremely personable; making friends with anyone he meets.  Not only did he love our wedding photography, but he loved who we were as people.

Funny Wedding Photography ClevelandWOOOHHHHHHHH!!!  This picture says “we’ve been drinking!” loud and clear.

Best Wedding Photographers ClevelandThis; this is what it’s about.  Getting some quiet moments together amidst your wedding day.

tenk wedding venueAnd having fun with each other.  Not just “making out” in front of the camera.  We strive for artwork that is personable, fun and real.  Morgan and Aaron do not take themselves too seriously; they’re real and authentic.  What was crucial to us was capturing that in our imagery.

Intimate Wedding Photographers ClevelandLOL

Candid Wedding Photographers ClevelandSincerely.  Every image we craft is a reflection of our couple. You’ll catch that we ask people to be themselves and invite that into them. Do you see how fun Morgan and Aaron’s imagery is?  It’s because they’re fun.

wedding ceremony tenk clevelandSweet Wedding Photography ClevelandThis is perhaps my favorite ever “bride walks down the aisle” moment; Aaron tries so hard to hold it together here.

Cleveland Wedding Ceremony PhotographerBut how could you?

Candid Wedding Photographers ClevelandAll smiles.

Tenk wedding ClevelandBest Cleveland PhotographersWeddings at Tenk in Cleveland are so nice. The light that comes in from every angle, and the contrast of the brick and iron bring so much.

tenk wedding venueThe staff at Ashley’s Floral and the team at Tenk killed it.  The wedding reception decor was outstanding.

Best wedding photographers ClevelandThis is how you should feel when you walk into your wedding reception for the first time.  That. That right there.

Wedding Reception Photography IdeasUnique Wedding Reception Cleveland PhotographerAnd then the party began.

industrial reception venue clevelandI will thank the gifted wedding DJ’s at Rock the House for every image below.

Cleveland tenk weddingUnique Wedding Reception Cleveland PhotographyCandid Wedding Photographers ClevelandTenk wedding reception clevelandAnd Alcohol. I’ll thank the bartenders for every image too.

Wedding Reception Party Photography in ClevelandFun Wedding Reception Photography ClevelandAll joking aside; these images are the result of a wedding photographer staying at a reception.  So many wedding photographers leave wedding receptions early.  The best images happen near the end of the night.

industrial reception venue clevelandPeople let loose.  They cut up the floor.  They close off inhibitions and celebrate.  And the photographer sold you an “8 hour package”?  These moments are fleeting, fast, and quickly go. That’s why we only offer all day wedding photography coverage.  We don’t want to miss all of this.

Cute Wedding Photography Clevelandor this.

Best wedding photographers Clevelandor that.

Wedding Reception Party Photography in Cleveland…and certainly not this craziness.

Funny Wedding Reception Photography ClevelandMorgan. Aaron.  Tenk you.

Cleveland tenk wedding

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