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Here are two people [ and their families ] that we adore. Meet Kitty and Apram.  Get lost in their imagery, but do not forget that there are two incredible, adventurous, and wonderful people at the center of it all.
// Kitty + Apram //

The Same Day Edit

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Seen above; A short tribute to their weekend from our award winning wedding cinema team. Cut partially from a Same Day Edit we produced for their reception.

outdoor indian weddingApram, shown above at his Vatna [ sometimes called a Haldi ceremony ].  I could try to pen the words that would describe Apram’s bold and yet playful personality, but I truly think his facial expressions and body language will do a far better job of painting a picture of him than my word-smithing ever could.

outdoor sikh wedding ceremonyApram’s father, carefully applying the turmeric paste to his son. Soon it will get messy 😬

Best Indian Wedding Photographers“The Boys”; as Apram continually referred to them throughout the weekend.  They did NOT hold back.

Candid Wedding PhotographersBefore we get too far; a huge shout out to all the wonderful professional wedding vendors we worked alongside to make their wedding weekend a possibility.

Experienced Indian Wedding PhotographerThese two images say SO much about Apram.  Energy, enthusiasm, life.  That is the soul of this man.

Fun Indian Wedding PhotographyUnique Indian Wedding Photographer MichiganMeet Kitty. Equally a part Apram’s soul. This beautiful, adored, and intrepid human that Apram fell for.

outdoor indian weddingFun Selfie Prank; grab any non-phone object that is rectangular [ a pop-tart for instance  ], and then grab someone near you around. Hold the object [ pop-tart ] up to the two of you and yell out “Selfie!!!”. I promise you [ I do this constantly ] your friend will literally pose for the object like a camera, and even go through multiple faces with you.  I swear to God; I did this once and the next day a a friend texted me “OMG Please text me that selfie of us so I can post them!”

Best Indian Wedding PhotographersKitty’s Mehndi was on point.  We’ll discuss more later.

Best Indian Wedding PhotographersLook at the life. Seriously; a Vatna is such a fun pre-event before our Indian weddings [ in this case an outdoor Sikh Wedding Ceremony ] as it brings together close family and friends.

Unique Indian Wedding PhotographerKitty’s sisters are SO freaking cute!  Sidenote; not only do I love their choice in color for their Vatna dress [ yellow is legit my favorite color ], but I think it’s might smart.  The paste used is often mixed with a bit of mustard and turmeric [ or similar ], and unless you have PLENTY of stain stick handy, having yellow as the mainstay of your attire is wicked intelligent.

outdoor sikh weddingSuper enthusiastic picture of aunties! I feel like this image is so happy, I could place it literally anywhere in this blog and you’d be like “ohmuhgawd how sweet, all these women are so encouraging and happy!”.  Yes. I’m going to do that now. 

war memorial michigan outdoor weddingDrone photography for the win. Kitty and Apram hosted an outdoor Sikh wedding ceremony at the War Memorial in Gross Pointe Michigan. We are experienced Indian wedding photographers and videographers; I can count on one hand how many Sikh wedding ceremonies I’ve photographed outside of a gurdwara.

outdoor sikh wedding ceremonySo, yes, this is exceptionally rare.  Although I have been the wedding photographer at a few outdoor Indian weddings, this is my first outdoor Sikh wedding.

outdoor indian wedding

outdoor sikh wedding“ohmuhgawd how sweet, all these women are so encouraging and happy!”. LOL.

Best Sikh Wedding PhotographersThe mandap was just out of this world.

war memorial michigan outdoor weddingHere’s another photograph of the Mandap from their outdoor Sikh wedding ceremony.  This version is a bit more “nat-geo”, like we caught the mandap out in it’s natural habitat and are photographing it through the cover of trees.

Experienced Indian Wedding PhotographerKitty; prepping for her wedding ceremony.

Best Sikh Wedding Photographerswar memorial michigan outdoor weddingApram, coming in like a beast during the barat.

outdoor sikh wedding ceremonyAre you photographing your first Sikh wedding?  This moment is important.  Don’t miss it.  I mean; legit; every moment is important, but when the father of the bride approaches from behind you better be ready.

outdoor sikh wedding“ohmuhgawd how sweet, all these women are so encouraging and happy!”. That’s twice.

Experienced Indian Wedding Photographer“Thank you for the encouragement ladies” – Apram’s father

Best Indian Wedding Photographerwar memorial michigan outdoor weddingThey were a solemn crowd after the wedding ceremony.

Unique Indian Wedding PhotographerMajor tangent here; check out Kitty’s Mehndi. AMAZING. I also love the color in her outfit.  Sincerely; it’s like all my favorite parts of the rainbow were perfectly placed on her.

Indian wedding henna designsA little rivalry here. Of all the places they connect, Kitty and Apram have a slight debate over which Michigan team is in fact the real Michigan team.

outdoor indian weddingCue super dramatic wedding portrait.

Fun Indian Wedding PhotographyExperienced Sikh Wedding PhotographerFrom their wedding attire to their wedding reception outfits; the two are on fleek.

Fun Indian Wedding PhotographyOk, so true story; I don’t know what Fleek is, or why someone would be on that substance. In fact, I misspelled it at first. I thought the phrase was “on flakes” until I took a moment to google it, and discovered how off I was.

Best Indian Wedding PhotographerNow before you go making fun of me and think to yourself “what a moron, what the heck does “on flakes” even mean??? that makes no sense!”;  think to yourself about how much sense “On Fleek” means.  Go ahead.  Tell me.  What does it mean?  What the hell are we even talking about when we say that?  Periodt.

Unique Indian Wedding Photographer MichiganNovi Sheraton indian weddingFather and son; quick marriage advice before the wedding reception.

Best Indian Wedding PhotographerI mean, I don’t actually know if that’s what they were talking about; I really can’t remember.  But it seems fitting right?

Novi Sheraton indian weddingWow. Kitty. Geez.

Experienced Sikh Wedding PhotographerSnatched.

Novi Sheraton wedding receptionDJ Ice and Fresh productions did not disappoint; they were the wedding DJs at the wedding reception at the Novi Sheraton that night. Not only did they bring beats, but they brought atmosphere.

dance on clouds wedding receptionLiteral atmosphere.  Kitty and Apram had their first dance on clouds; as DJ Ice and Fresh Productions created clouds on the dance floor.

cloud dance wedding receptionI’m resisting every cloud pun I can right now.

dance on clouds wedding receptionStratus update; still resisting cloud puns.

Novi Sheraton wedding receptionNovi Sheraton indian weddingThe two come to life on the dance floor.  They told me that during our initial meetings before hiring our team.  It’s true.

Best Indian Wedding PhotographerThe dholi player in the background of this image is giving someone a long hard look.

Unique Indian Wedding Photographer MichiganFun Indian Wedding Reception PhotographyThey even had cloud guns. For crying out cloud; who has cloud guns???

Novi Sheraton wedding receptionKitty. Apram.  I love that we got to be your wedding photographers and wedding videographers!  I adore you two, your families, and your friends.  Thank you for such a fun weekend; and so many fun memories!

Unique Indian Wedding Photographer Michigan

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