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Let’s face it; Indian weddings are beautiful beyond words. Want to make it even more visually satisfying?

Manor House Indian WeddingHave the Indian wedding feature a stunningly hot [ sorry, it’s true ] bride and groom. Meet Sahanna and Abhishek.

Indian Wedding PhotographerThey’re pretty hot [ I call ’em as I see ’em ]. And one of them likes to have their nose touched. Don’t judge. You have your weird things too right?

Indian Wedding Photographers Manor HouseBefore we dive any deeper into this Indian wedding goodness, I believe it’s proper to give some praise to the various wedding vendors that helped make this wedding happen;

Indian Wedding PhotographyYes; we secretly photograph your phone on your wedding day if you leave it in plain site. One time we caught a groom confessing to murder.

Indian Wedding Photographer near CincinnatiKidding. Kinda 😚

Manor House Mason Indian WeddingMost of the time at Indian wedding receptions, I’ve found that the wedding decor team puts little couches up on the stage where the mandap was earlier in the day for the hindu wedding ceremony. Real talk; why don’t more cultures have wedding couches?

Indian Wedding Reception Mason OhioAnd of all of the cultures I’ve photographed weddings for, only Indian wedding photography yields me the opportunity to routinely photograph a couple dancing on clouds at their wedding reception.

Best Indian Wedding PhotographersThe first time it happened I legit was like “WTF the building is on fire” and I ran out of the venue [ first rescuing several confectionary displays from a fiery death ] yelling “Fire Fire we all gonna die”. I knocked over several elderlies to get out of the perceived inferno, and did a rather spectacular parkour leap off of one of the guests at table 9.

Cincinnati Indian Wedding PhotographersNo; that didn’t happen. But I promise you someone’s auntie read that and now believes it and will see me at a wedding in the future and ask me about it.

Indian Wedding PhotographyMehndi is an art; If you look really close you can see Abhishek’s name in the mehndi design on our bride’s arm. If you look even closer you can see a QR Code link that will get you a free supreme taco at taco bell.

Manor House Indian WeddingOh; this is the best first look ever. Abishek totally think’s Sahanna is behind him. That’s not Abhishek FYI.

Indian Wedding PhotographerNope. Not your bride.

Indian Wedding GroomBut he’s cute. Real cute. Stick with him?

Indian Wedding CoupleShe’s prettier.

Indian Wedding Venues Cincinnati OhioThe Sangeet is an indian wedding event that happens before the indian wedding ceremony. It’s a night of food, performances and mind bending carpet patterns.

Indian Wedding Photographer near CincinnatiBefore a hindu wedding ceremony, there is often a barat [ where the groom often comes into the Indian wedding ceremony on a horse ]. Directly after that is the meeting of the two families called the Milni. There is a LOT of hugging and lifting. Everyone is happy at a Milni. Except dude #2 on the left who is contemplating a felony of some sort.

Best Indian Wedding PhotographersSahanna is a beautiful bride; these candid wedding photographs before the wedding ceremony are so timeless.

Manor House Mason Indian WeddingI know; you want me to write more funny mindless stuff here, and I totally will. We just have to feed the SEO Google monster here and there or it will show up at night and murder us all. Wedding photography blah blah blah

Cincinnati Indian Wedding PhotographersManor House Indian WeddingBeing a wedding photographer means being a versatile photographic artist. We captured this lovely wedding photography before their Indian wedding ceremony at the Manor House near Cincinnati.

Indian Wedding Venues Cincinnati OhioWait. Do you see them?

Manor House Mason WeddingWe used some of their reception decor and lighting to pull off this stunning silhouette wedding photograph.

Cincinnati Indian Wedding ReceptionYou can’t have an Indian wedding reception at the Manor house without a packed dance floor.

Indian Wedding Photographers Manor HouseAnd every time we photograph an Indian wedding reception with DJ Ice and Fresh we always seem to have fun with CO2 cannons!

Indian Wedding Reception Mason OhioSahanna and Abhishek; thank you for having us as your wedding photographers; we adore you and your families so much.  Cheers to the many years ahead!

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