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It is a Yacovella family tradition – the building of “LegoLand”. Ever since I was a small child I remember my father and my older sisters assembling a massive city-scape of legos on our ping-pong table in the basement. When my sisters moved off to college the building of the plastic city ceased altogether, but this past year my father recommissioned construction of the city on his pool table, and the city is back with all it’s former glory. Cleveland Product PhotographerIt’s not just a collection of buildings, don’t be fooled. When my family builds Legos, we mean business. My dad maps every street and building to make sure that there is a logical flow to the city. I’m pretty sure my father missed his calling as a civic planner, as he thinks through every detail of city-life for his plastic citizenry.Cleveland Commercial PhotographerAnd yes, city life is actually happening. Seen above is my first lego wedding I have ever photographed (the groom fell to “pieces” when he saw his bride for the first time that day – a truly moving moment). Parts of the city are even under construction, complete with work crews and tools.Cleveland Product PhotographyWhat’s cool is that there are a million little stories happening at any given time. It’s not just a collection of buildings at all – there are conversations happening on street corners, people running errands, even police officers pursuing criminals. It would seem that my father has a lot of time on his hands these days 😉Lego Land PhotographyIt does take up the entire pool table, with a little extra room added on the edges with some plywood, as the city seems to keep growing.Commercial Photographer in ClevelandIt was very fun to photograph this year’s lego-land for my father. It took the better part of an afternoon, and pretty large soft-box to pull it off, but it was a fun day of photography.Lego Land PhotographerPictured above is my dad, and his construction crew – my niece & nephews! They did such a great job carrying on the family tradition!


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  • Jackie Smith says:

    Love this! How fun! 🙂

  • Mike Blake says:

    Nice job Brett, it is impressive in person!

  • Elaine Muche' says:

    What a wonderful job!!. i love this… hard work,hours and hours spent. but…family time, pricless. soon there will be another little girl yacovella’s face in the picture.. can’t wait… love you guys, <3 Mom Muche'

  • Terry Skinner says:

    Doug and I have visited LegoLand on occasion and it is awesome! Every aspect of it has a story. Not only are things happening on the streets and sidewalks but also inside all of the buildings. You will find people and furniture and such. Every aspect of it is totally planned out. I can’t wait to see what Dan does to it next year.

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