So, then there’s these two.  Cassie-a-la-Anthony

I’m really, really tempted to just let the images do the talking here.  Mainly because this wedding was unbelievable.  Unfortunately for you, that won’t fly.  Let’s be real, you could use the brain-cersize reading provides anyways.  Plus, you really should soak this day in.  To be honest, most of the time I’m working against the odds.  Something has been forgotten or the limo dude is late….

However, this particular Saturday went exactly to plan.  So, so perfectly, in fact, that I’m still trying to process it all.  Please, please, please, please, please, please, all of you reading brides (and to-be-grooms that are sitting by your future wives), take heed.  I’m not promising you no problems.  I can handle problems.  I was just super-excited for these two.  No hurdles; no mountains to climb; No insurmountables to surmount.

You get the point.

Wedding Photography in Cleveland
So, let’s start here.  You’re reading this enveloped between two amazing images.  Brain-gest them.  <—— I don’t know what’s wrong with me.  Just roll with it.

Best Wedding Photographers Cleveland
^^^ Nope.  Not photoshopped.  NOT.  This is litralllllly [British accent included] what the light looked like during our Creative Session at Botzum Farmstead.  The reception was held there.  The photos were taken there.  Amazingness was had there.  Yup.

Unique Wedding Photographer Cleveland
Meet Cassie.  Yeah, this is normally how she is.  You can just tell she’s genuine.  Happy.  Real.  This wasn’t a 1-2-3 smile. Not all about the 1-2-3 smile.

Conrad Botzum Farmstead Wedding
More perfection.  Here’s a little background on Cassie.  She’s an interior designer.  I know right?!  Naturally, this lends itself to an amazing set up.  Botzum provides a blank canvas.  She painted it in the most exquisite way.  The hard part always is knowing when to stop.  She kept it simple, yet still elegant and yet still vibing “barny”.  Not the purple dino.  If anything, anti-purple dino.

Cleveland Wedding PhotographerCandid Wedding Photographers Cleveland
The day began at Cassie’s home.  That’s where these detail photos live and breathe.  These types of photographs are one of my favorite parts of the day.  They allow me to be completely creative.  I’m charged with logging these things that are important in a way that’s attractive and memorable.  It helps when I actually like the stuff.  I liked the stuff 😀

Photojournalistic Wedding Photographer ClevelandCleveland Wedding Photographer
Killer back yard.  Killer dress.  Killer.

Candid Wedding Photographers ClevelandPhotojournalistic Wedding Photographer Cleveland
This is Anthony’s sister.  Those are her kids.  This is cute.  I’m really just making sure you’re keeping up at this point.  I think you know they are adorable.

Cleveland Wedding PhotographerCandid Wedding Photographers Cleveland
Can you believe this?  T-Swift popped in.  Yes, this day was so perfect, Taylor made a personal appearance.  I simply asked her to give me her cold steel, sort-of-smiling face here.  It was hard, but I did not ask for an autograph.  Everyone asks her for an autograph.

Photojournalistic Wedding Photographer ClevelandUnique Wedding Photographer Cleveland
One of my absolute favorite images of the day.  Fall color.  Part of the reason the wedding is when it is.  Why not contrast my beautiful couple in it?  Such a fan of Ohio this time of year.

Best Wedding Photographers Cleveland
Meet the esteemed wedding party.  We laughed.  We cried.  They asked me why the hell I was wading in the river.  I laughed at them and told them they would never understand.
Do you understand now, party.  DO YOU UNDERSTAND NOW?!

Wedding Photography in Cleveland
Ugh. He really made her laugh.  I was too far away to hear what he said.  Hope it was clean.  No, I don’t.
I “ugh” because when I saw this image on the back of my LCD, I was a little scared.  I’m not a full proponent of karma, but I just know when I’m getting stuff like this, something is bound to go wrong.  As has already been discussed, the other shoe never dropped.  They’re actually coming in to view their images at their Premiere tonight.  No, shoes, stay in place.

Botzum Farms Wedding Reception
I captured some awesome reception details at Botzum, but I think this is one of my favorites.  They’re hard to pick, but the sun highlighted this so perfectly.  So, so perfectly.

Ohio Barn WeddingOhio Farm Wedding
Just a quick FYI, your cake doesn’t need to be elaborate to be sweet.  **Pun alert**

Botzum Farms Ohio WeddingConrad Botzum Farmstead WeddingOhio Barn Wedding
No, see….. I lied.  This is one of my favorites…..
I can’t even.

Unique Wedding Photographer ClevelandBest Wedding Photographers Cleveland
The party and I, we really did get along well.  They made fun of me all day.  I’m the better man, so I didn’t return the favor.  It’s ok, guys.  You’ll be as cool as me one day.  One day.

The focus of their ridicule was aptly pointed at my demeanor.  I was geeking out over the quality of light I was getting.  Several times, one of the girls asked if I needed a moment alone with the sun.  I lol’d heartily.

Lemme ‘splain sometin’ to yous guys.  “The quality of the light” is such a terribly ambiguous way to describe what I mean, but I really can’t think of anything better, so I’ll expound.  There’s an intangible quality to sunlight.  There are technical ways to describe it, but generally, the more atmosphere it travels through, the more it’s filtered and softened.  Thus, it’s more pleasing to the eye.  Ever heard the term “Golden Hour”?  It’s golden because the sun’s light is lower, passing through all of the atmosphere it can before it disappears.  We try to catch the sunlight at this time because it’s most pleasing.  Whelp, our creative session was smack-dab in the middle of this beautiful time of day, on a beautiful day, in a beautiful location, with beautiful people (and me).  Hopefully this explains why I was geeking and why I need a moment alone with said sun.

Wedding Photography in ClevelandUnique Wedding Photographer Cleveland
The quality of light, here.  Oh, the quality.

Best Wedding Photographers ClevelandWedding Photography in Cleveland
Can you see how fun they are?  Through a photograph.  I don’t even know what we were joking about here, but whatever it was, it was actually funny.  1-2-3 funny.

Unique Wedding Photographer Cleveland
Look at those eyes.

Best Wedding Photographers Cleveland
I love it.

Botzum Farms Ohio Wedding
So, the sun’s gone.  Get this, a fog rolls in.  A raucous party.  So raucous, it was felt necessary to cover it with a cloud.  Yes.

Botzum Farms Wedding ReceptionConrad Botzum Farmstead Wedding
What perfect barn wedding wouldn’t be complete with a campfire and s’more S’mores?

Botzum Farms Ohio WeddingBotzum Farms Wedding ReceptionConrad Botzum Farmstead WeddingBotzum Farms Ohio Wedding
This image is the closest I can come to depicting the craziness.  The deck was packed.  I would expect no less from these guys, but it was still shocking, none-the-less.

Botzum Farms Wedding ReceptionConrad Botzum Farmstead Wedding
We partied hard.  I stayed wayyyy too late.  Longer than I really needed to, to be honest.  But, since I’m being honest, I had a kick-ass time.

Thank you, Cassie & Anthony, for not only allowing me to capture your day, but for offering the fodder for one of my favorite weddings of the year.