So, none of you are creepy right?  None of you, out there in internet wonderland, have been stalking our blog for any considerable length of time, right?

You know who you are.

You’ve noticed, surely, that we’ve been capturing more Indian events the past couple of years.  They’re set with poise and purpose, and it’s with great pleasure that I present you with a few of my favs, Sepali & Drew.

Artistic Indian Wedding Photographers ClevelandArtistic Indian Wedding Photographers ClevelandSepali’s choice of garmentry (Made up a word today) was absolutely stunning throughout the week.  She had like four chances to kill it and she adequately did so each and every time.  Slain garments errywher.  This is like, Saw 11 – Pretty Clothes  

Sometimes I take things too far.

wedding rings cleveland ohioWe have so much fun with your stuff.  The universal “your” here refers to Sepali, Drew, and any and all other internet stalkers out there, just to qualify.  We love getting creative with it.  It’s fun to look at a piece of jewelry or clothing and consider how to make art with it.

Indian Mehndi ClevelandIndian Mehndi ClevelandThis little girl is adorable.  So freaking cute.  Plus, the spiral on her cute little dress?  You kidding me with this?

Indian Mehndi ClevelandHenna ceremonies.  Intricate art with plant-based ink.  Intricate people with plant based diets?  Whooooaaaaa

Indian Mehndi Clevelandindian haldi yellowing ceremony cleveland“The Yellowing”  Always one of my favorite times.

Indian Wedding Photographer ClevelandHugs.  Another one of my favorite times.

Best Indian Wedding Photographers ClevelandSepali’s hair, though.  Woooow.  Drew’s smile is a proper indicator of said reaction.

Artistic Indian Wedding Photographers Cleveland…and these shoes.  Power stance for a power couple.

Indian Wedding Photographer ClevelandBeauty, strength, and grace against the green.

indian mandap cleveland ohioBeauty, strength, and grace against the blue.

indian raas cleveland ohioindian raas cleveland ohioindian garba cleveland ohioOh Drew.  How could she even resist falling for you?  One of those looks along with that hip sway?  She didn’t have a chance, bro.  No chance.

indian garba cleveland ohioindian garba cleveland ohioindian raas venues cleveland ohioThis is one of my favorites from the entire set.  This is marriage to me.  This is togetherness.

indian garba cleveland ohioIndian Wedding Embassy Suites RocksideThe week’s events were house @ The Embassy Suites Cleveland .  They were great hosts, and as you can see, with an airy central lobby, the place cleaned up well as well 🙂

Indian Groom Attire InspirationIndian Groom Attire Inspiration

Indian Groom Attire InspirationI’d call this one “Man on a Mission”

Indian Mehndi ClevelandI kind of love how the flowered henna mimics her ring’s design, in a loose way.

Best Indian Wedding Photographers ClevelandI love this part of the wedding day.  The bride preps away in her secluded room, whilst the groom parties with his friends and family in a raucous Barat.  It’s a blast to watch and be a part of.

Indian Wedding Barat ClevelandIndian Wedding Barat ClevelandVote for me!

Indian Wedding Barat ClevelandIndian Wedding Barat ClevelandIndian Wedding Barat Embassy Suites RocksideThe bride’s family waits for the groom at the end of the Barat route.  The families literally dance their shoes off, meet, dance some more, bang some drums, dance, then the ceremony begins.  Man, I love America, but this pre-ceremony custom is phenomenal to me.

Indian Wedding Barat Embassy Suites RocksideIndian Wedding Milni ClevelandYou see it here, too.  No one is stoic.  Everyone is smiling.  One can be ceremonious, fun, and reverent.  It is possible.

indian wedding ceremony embassy Suites rocksideindian wedding ceremony embassy Suites rocksideThere’s a little game that’s played during the ceremony where whomever sits down first will rule the house.  Sepali obviously won, but Drew won too, because we all know he’d be in trouble in the house if he actually sat down first.  The ‘ol catch 22, eh Drew?

indian wedding ceremony Embassy Suites IndependenceTying the knot?  I must add that Drew’s shoes were promptly stolen like three times as well.  Like three times.

indian bride inspirationExperienced Indian Wedding Photographers ClevelandIndian Wedding Reception Embassy Suites RocksideEmbassy Suites Rockside Wedding ReceptionBeautifully designed and set-up Mandap.  We really enjoyed it 🙂

indian wedding cake clevelandindian wedding reception decor inspirationIndian Wedding Reception Venues ClevelandThe space was wonderfully designed and executed.

Indian Wedding Reception Embassy Suites RocksideIndian Wedding Reception Embassy Suites RocksideIndian Wedding Photographer ClevelandSome wise words and sage advice exchanged.  Drew was appreciative and receiving, as I would expect.

indian wedding DJ ClevelandBut, seriously, it was time to party.

indian wedding DJ ClevelandIndian Wedding Photographer ClevelandThis man is magnetic.  Can’t even dance without men on his haunches, haha!

Thank you, Sepali and Drew, for letting all of us experience your particularly amazing brand of awesome.  We had a blast and we appreciate you.  May Barrio follow you wherever you go, and may there always be salsa-inspired receptions.  Amen.


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