From the first time I meant Emily and Brandon, I thought to myself; “I really enjoyed this couple”Shoreby Club Wedding CeremonyIt’s pretty obvious that they enjoy each other too.

Best Wedding Photographers ClevelandBrandon is in his residency at the Cleveland Clinic. Shall we call him a thrill seeker? he enjoys surfing in the snow and rain [ terrible weather surfing ] on Lake Erie. Yes, we shall call him a thrill seeker.

Wedding Photography in ClevelandEmily and Brandon met in college at St. Louis, they went to separate schools, and were separated soon after; Emily moved to Las Vegas for her residency and they stuck together. Long distance for four years.

Shoreby Club Wedding ReceptionDespite the thrills and long awaited love story, they’re easy going. From the start, they knew what they wanted out of their wedding

Cleveland Wedding PhotographersCleveland Wedding PhotographyOne thing I loved about them? they understand that photography is an investment; it is important to them.

Wedding Photography in ClevelandShoreby Club WeddingThey expressed to me at our first meeting that they want to make sure that the process of creating their wedding photography came with ease.

Outdoor weddings clevelandShoreby Club wedding CeremonyYou can see it; I LOVE seeing the love in their eyes from their first look before their wedding ceremony at Shoreby Club

Cleveland Wedding PhotographersBest Wedding Photographers ClevelandShoreby Club WeddingAnother thing I loved about them? Both of them laughed at my jokes from the moment we met. So they either have a good sense of humor or they were laughing to appease me. Either way, I like them!

Shoreby Club Wedding CeremonyThere’s nothing quite like a summer outdoor wedding ceremony at the Shoreby Club; out on the bluff, there’s nothing quite like it in Cleveland.

Outdoor weddings clevelandFrom our first meeting on, they both stressed to me that they wanted to take time to invest in their wedding photography, but what they really wanted was simply elegant artwork.

Tented Reception Shoreby ClubTheir wedding reception at Shoreby Club was splendid; check out Brandon’s epic lift of Emily during their first dance!

Shoreby Club Reception ClevelandThe Shoreby Club has a PERFECT tent for summer wedding receptions.  With their paver patio underneath and the historic Shoreby Club perched behind you [ and the wondrous view of Lake Erin in front of you ] you’ll be hard pressed to find a better outdoor wedding reception venue in Cleveland.

Shoreby Club Wedding ReceptionTented Reception Shoreby ClubShoreby Club Reception ClevelandShoreby Club Wedding ReceptionI love wedding speeches.  As a wedding photographer, I hear plenty.  My favorite are those that steal the heart.

Tented Reception Shoreby Club#HeartStolen #heartFlutters #beStillMyHeart #Hashtag

Best Wedding Photographers ClevelandEmily.  Brandon.  SO thankful you chose me as your wedding photographer.  May your years be full of joy.


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