[  19 Nominees // One $500 Winner ]
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When your film's category is open for voting, be sure spread the word and BEG your friends and family to vote for your film. There are 5 Categories for this years awards, one MTeMmy will be awarded for each award category.


If your film win's it's respective category; you have won an MTeMmy! A trophy, personal pride, a Movie Date night, and custom 24FPS print art piece are yours.

Win $500

Now for the final round; every film that win's it's own category is nominated for the final category; "Best Overall Wedding Film". Open voting by popular vote will determine the final winner!

Films will compete across 5 categories, culminating in one final competition for the Best Overall Wedding Film.

The 5 Awards categories are below, each with their respective voting start and end periods. Votes will be cast on each individual awards category webpage during open voting.  Individual awards category page links will be posted here shortly so films can be previewed.

Best Creative Sequence
// 6 Nominees
// Voting May 14 - May 19
Best Indian Wedding
// 4 Nominees
// Voting May 21 - May 26
Best Story Sequence
// 5 Nominees
// Voting May 28 - June 2
Best Film with our Venue Partners
// 4 Nominees
// Voting June 8 - June 12
Best Film in Association with Professional Planners
// 6 Nominees
// Voting June 15 - June 19
Best Overall Film
// Previous Round Winners
// Voting June 25 - June 30
Get Your Vote On.

The official voting page for each awards category will be available as scheduled above. You’ll be able to preview the nominees and start spreading the word to get your film voted on.

Please continue to check back to this page for updates [ or follow our Instagram @MakingTheMoment ] to see when each voting category page opens.  Until then; be excited. Be ready.