A Jack or Jill [ of many trades ]

We tell stories [ visually ]. Be a part of our story [ versatilely ].
Are you a fun loving professional that loves to support teams in various roles? Do you like Pancakes?

Then come; build a career with a bunch of fun-loving spazzy creatives.

Join our team.

Elevate our Brand.

Make others smile.

We’re in search of a person with a few tools in their tool box; someone who wants to help support a team of creatives while employing their many talents.  Whether or not you have photographic or film skillz [ correctly spelled with a “z” ] you’ll find a home on our team if you’re an adept problem solver that is ready to help our teams out with everything from organization to communications.  An authentic desire to step into our world and be a part our true-to-life, wholesome but snarky brand is a must.  And us?  We’re moving forward.  Always innovating and experimenting.  Always creating.  Not re-treading.  If this sounds like you, we should talk.

Our veteran still photographic team and hand crafted cinema artwork is well known for it’s devotion to story and craft.  We’ve built a reputation of not conforming to the low aspirations of typical wedding photography or wedding video, and we are looking to bring in just the right person to complement our in house team; someone who can help externally communicate our brand through many channels [ web content,  vendor networking  and sales ], whilst helping our capture teams stay organized and ready [ spreadsheets, milestone tracking, accountability check-ins ].  Have some photographic or cinema skillz [ again with the “z” ] of your own?  Bonus points; you’ll use ’em.

Here’s what you should know.

Making the Moment is an established, high quality creative cinematography + photography company based on the West Side of Cleveland, Ohio.  We are looking to bring in just the right person to our unique and fun team environment. We have grown in a healthy manner in the last 17+ years, and now have a part time or full time position open to help our marketing team focus.

We’re looking for a versatile and adept detail orineted person; someone comfortable with themselves around people with a positive and fun attitude.  Technical knowledge of CMS and CRM tools is a plus for the web-minded individuals, but not a must for any applicant.

We’re looking for someone excited about working with a small team.  Someone who is efficient and focused with their work. Our small full time staff of creative professionals desires to have a cheerful and friendly person who will pair well with us.

The ideal candidate will possess experience in organizing and communicating with other team members, and not be afraid to learn new skills or meet new people.  This position is truly made for multipotentialite  [ look it up ]; a Jack or Jill of many trades. Suffice to say; you will NOT be bored in this position.

We’re looking for a person who LOVES other people. A kind, cheery and warm person will thrive in this role, as you’ll not only work with our team, but also be directly working with our amazing clientele and networking with our beloved wedding vendors.

We offer the freedom of being the creative problem sovlver you were born to be.  Whether you’re looking for a full time or part time [ hourly ] position, we’ll gladly welcome the conversation to see if we’d mutually pair well together.

Part Time / Full Time Flexibility

Either way; we have options with us.  Want to join the team part time?  You’ll have the freedom of maintaining your own life and career, whilst mixing in opportunities to work alongside our in-house team.  If you’re considering the part time role we’d ask for at least 20 hours per week of availability to be considered for the position.

Want to be “all-in” on this life-giving team?  A Salary position is available, but will likely be more considered if you possess some photographic or videographic skillz.

Regardless; we are “like” a family here; and we’d love to invite an enthusiastic and organized person into this creative journey we are on.

401K with IRA Match

We’re investing in you and you’ll be part of our future. It’s also important to us that you invest in your own. A big company perk on a small team.

Work In Office + At Home

Our space is pretty awesome; located by Crocker Park in Westlake.  Our clients love it. You will too.

While our in office team dynamics are central to our work and brand, we also embrace flexibility and trust.  If you’d find some freedom and enjoy working remotely, this position does allow for a mix of in office and remote work options after your first 90 days of work!

Show me the Money

Compensation is based deeply on experience, availability, and the diversity of your skill set and contributions to our efforts.  Yes [ full transparency ] we’re being intentionally vague here. No, this is nothing near a minimum wage position job.  The truth is simple; your unique experience and skill set will carry it’s own value; we’d prefer the opportunity to talk with you about this during a formal interview for the position.

Only the Best will be considered

We’re choosy and picky over anyone working as part of our team; we have a high pedigree and reputation as the best wedding artists in the world, and to be a part of this small team we’re looking for only the best.

As a small creative office we boast an internal and external team of 8 committed individuals.   We are only accepting the best to work alongside our veteran team, so please know that to be considered for the position requires you to be at the top of your game.

Real Life Dinosaurs

Yup.  We have dinosaurs and you can ride them.  They’re amazing and dangerous.

Amazing Support

We’re for each other around here.  Not only will you be supported, you’ll be surrounded by creative minds.  A mind-melting-pot.

Creative Freedom

You have cool ideas.  Innovative ideas that no one has done before.  We want you to use them.  Sure, we peer-review for development, but we’re not into stifling.  We’re into stoking.


Sure, we have some expectations about the type of person to join our team. Read on;

We’re looking for an individual who uses technology for problem solving on the daily; a student of many disciplines but a master of none[ Ok; you can have a favorite ]. The ideal candidate is someone comfortable with communications and coordination of big picture goals.


The devil is in the details. He’s probably also in your head right now pointing out all the misspellings and poor punctuation on this page and your [ ahem ] dying to point them out.  Your focus on the “small” things cannot be understated. #YOUMUSTSEEPROBLEMZ

Your Seasoning

Not seasoning like thyme; rather the sort of seasoning that takes time [ see what we did there? ]. This position is not entry level.  It’s not for aspiring professionals; It’s for professionals.  We love our work to death, and we expect that from you as well.

Your Personality

We’re quirky. We’re personal. We’re authentic and honest. We’re looking for like-minded people. Of course, we require an air of confidence and professionalism.  You must be punctual, courteous, informed, and kind.  Like-able and outgoing.  Be you and be awesome.

Grow Personally.

Embrace Creative Challenge.

Yes; we push the envelope of our art. We'd like to help push you further too. The right person for this position is looking to grow creatively and personally; not just take up space in our office.

You'll be joining a team of artists [ photographers and film-makers ] that like to invent and invigorate. With two Fearless Award Winning photographers on our team, we'd love to build into your craft. Learn more about us in the below videos. After watching apply using the form below.

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Learn more about our approach to Wedding Visuals

Our team creatively crafts both wedding photography and wedding cinema for couples with a discerning eye.  We’ve traveled near and far for our work.
Learn more about us with the short films below.

Not Just // Co-Workers 2:29

More than just employees or co-workers, we are a small team of friends that work together in our westlake office. See what life is like here!

Visual Storytelling // Trailer 1:29

Our photographic and cinema work pushes the edge of style; Please enjoy our short trailer that showcases our work!

Be  // Moved 2:12

We have pioneered the art of animating our award winning still photographs. Watch a Sample.

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We create art for passionate people.

We are a team of Visual Storytellers [ photographers + filmmakers ] based out of Cleveland. We travel worldwide in the pursuit of story and artwork. Our passion and expertise has struck a chord with couples and families looking for nothing less than the very best wedding photography and wedding cinema.

We are highly experienced in both American and Indian wedding events and culture. With our expertise, we produce luxe wedding films and finely finished works of photographic art.