The Maine Wedding

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It’s going to be great. I can feel it.

In my senior year of high school at Medina Senior High I met a small group of friends through a “TV production” course. The course itself, was a great time. It mostly consisted of us creating very low budget (and mostly inappropriate) 30 second TV spots for made-up products. It was the highlight of my high school coursework.

More to the point – I was fortunate enough to sit down next to J Hess.   J and I would go on to form a close friendship, sharing many adventures in the years to come – from backpacking in North Carolina to performing strange and long-winded acoustic guitar shows, he’s always been a good friend.

What has been most exciting though – is meeting his bride-to-be, Alex.  Colleen (my wife) and I had the privilege of spending an afternoon with J and Alex, and getting to see these two together was a great time.  Of all the girls I remember J dating through high school (a whole different blog entry there… 🙂 )  I’m so stoked he’s found a good fit.  She’s an awesome lady, and from just one day with them together, both Colleen and I are excited for them to walk into marriage.

Best yet?  They’ve asked me to shoot their wedding.  That’s one of the best things about being a photographer, serving my friends.. and I’m more than excited to do it.  What makes it even sweeter, is that they’re certain to have a breathtaking wedding.  An outdoor wedding in Maine near the coast, with Alex riding in on Labyrinth (her beautiful white horse!), this wedding is sure to be one you’ll hear more about.  Colleen and I will make a working vacation out of it heading up the week before to enjoy Maine and the ocean.

Congratulations my friends… thank you SO much for choosing me – what a wonderful time we will have.


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  • Nick says:

    Your tag structure implies alex is greater than her horse, which is greater than j.

    No word yet on if I’m going to ride in on a horse, although I am all for it.

  • It’s true – I do think very low of J. 😉

    The trick with you riding in on the horse, is that you might take something away from Alex. Being the bride, she does get first dibs on cool entries. However – maybe they ought to have you escorted by a lesser animal? I’d love to see you come riding in on a mule or a large dog of some sort.

    Nick – I’m looking forward to taking some fun pics of you – maybe you can bring the Frank Sinatra blue tux?

  • Nick says:

    Alex and J. have a dog they are awfully fond of. I think I have my entrance! I’m totally wearing a cowboy hat.

  • […] So it was no surprise to me when J returned home last winter from Maryland – with Alex in hand – his fiance! It was so sweet having lunch with them, meeting the woman that had finally managed to capture my friends heart for good. After lunch with them and my wife – we chatted about the possibilities of me photographing their wedding in Freeport, Maine (home of a 24 hour LL Bean store!) and things were set! I was so excited about it over the winter – I wrote a quick blog entry on it – check it out here. […]

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