It’s hard to imagine doing anything other than what i do for a living.

Artistic Indian Wedding Photographers ClevelandIt’s not just the imagery I help to craft. It’s the people; the couples, cultures, and characters I interact with that make my work so endearing to me.

Indian Wedding Photographer ClevelandLet me be clear; this is one of my favorite couples and weddings I’ve been privileged to capture the past 10+ years of my professional career.

Indian Wedding Photographer ClevelandTrust. That’s one of the most important things I ask my couples to provide to me when asking me to photograph their wedding. Roshni and Mihir both provided that beautiful, humble and vulnerable concession to me. And it paid off for both them and myself wonderfully.

Best Indian Wedding Photographers ClevelandThrough the years of my career as a professional artist, I have yet to find any tool in my toolbox that compares to the value that trust provides me. Trust gives a visual artist freedom. Freedom to flourish. Freedom to fail.

Experienced Indian Wedding Photographers ClevelandIndian Wedding Photographer ClevelandI mentioned my love of my work earlier. Cultural diversity attracts me as a person. I enjoy new things. I like challenges. When I first discovered how fun the Indian culture was [ 6 years ago when we began photographing Indian weddings ] I fell in love.  I have never seen the blend of tradition, honor to a noble heritage, and creativity that regularly house themselves inside of an Indian Wedding Weekend.

Sunrise Indian Wedding Photography in ClevelandHow could you not love a sunrise photographic session and private couples introduction on the day of the wedding?  Sure. I sacrificed a few hours of sleep to get up for it all. #worthit

Best Indian Wedding Photographers ClevelandRadiant. The operative word here is Radiant. Not only did the sunrise speak this over these two, but Roshni’s dramatic entrance into Mihir’s field of view that morning was nothing short of that.

Artistic Indian Wedding Photographers Cleveland

Sunrise Indian Wedding Photography in ClevelandBack to trust.  Trust creates intimate artwork from your photographer.  Only trust.

Sunrise Indian Wedding Photography in ClevelandFollowing the above truism, let me share a word to the couples out there – those who are soon to be wed;  If you don’t trust your photographer?  Fire them.  “Shot Lists” [ a document provided to your photographer communicating exactly which images you want in a piece by piece format ] or Pinterest Boards filled with “must-have” photos do not make for inspired imagery.  They are a result of a fractured trust relationship between the client and the artist.

Sunrise Indian Wedding Photography in ClevelandA list of mandatory “must have” pictures produces stress, anxiety, and stale imagery. Early in my career I was handed a “shot-list”.  I remember spending more time focusing my mental efforts on fulfilling the list, rather than seeing the artwork in front of me.  I missed a lot, and gained very little for my client.  I resolved to never do that again.

Experienced Indian Wedding Photographers ClevelandThe above artwork can only happen when vulnerability is at play.  When both the artist and the subject feel at ease in the relationship.  Hiring an artist is not like hiring for a more tangible professional [ Sure, I trust my mechanic, but at the end of the day I have a simple expectation of a functional vehicle ] you simply need to let things organically breathe to produce the best result for this type of relationship.

Indian Wedding Barat ClevelandThat doesn’t mean you don’t express desires and preferences to your photographer. Not at all.  I’m simply saying that there is a line crossed where you can damage easily the freeform nature of art, and that most often occurs when trust is not a foundation of the relationship.

mandap indian wedding clevelandindian wedding ceremony clevelandTo my fellow creatives: I challenge you to move forward courageously.  Invite your clients and subjects into a trusting creative relationship.  There, and there only can you craft the type of artwork you truly desire to make happen.

Indian Wedding LaCentre WestlakeSeen throughout this blog are two amazing people.  In truth, the images speak louder than I ever could about who they are, and how they felt.

Indian Mehndi ClevelandBeing that this was a multi-day Indian wedding we photographed [ and filmed – our Cinema Team rocked it hard on this one ], there are more images here than I can ever expound on individually.  I truly wanted to share the above thoughts to highlight our mindset going into this creative effort first.

Indian Mehndi Henna Artist ClevelandBut I promise to pepper in from time to time to comment on some of my favorite moments captured.

Best Indian Wedding Photographers ClevelandIndian Mehndi Cleveland

Artistic Indian Wedding Photographers ClevelandIndian Wedding Photographer Cleveland

Like Roshni and her father.  This was captured the morning of her Haldi, in front of her parent’s home.  The very home she was raised in.  Family is DEEPLY important in the Indian culture; perhaps even more so than my western roots.  I admire this.

Indian Haldi Ceremony ClevelandIndian Haldi Ceremony ClevelandDo you see my socks in this?

candid indian wedding photographer in clevelandcandid indian wedding photographer in cleveland

candid indian wedding photographer in clevelandIndian Haldi Ceremony Cleveland

Indian Haldi Ceremony ClevelandIndian Haldi Ceremony Cleveland

Yellowing Indian Ceremony in ClevelandThe “yellowing” or Haldi takes place the morning before the wedding typically.  At a wedding last month the brides family invited me to participate.  An honor.

Modern Indian Wedding Photographer ClevelandBest Indian Wedding Photographers ClevelandModern Indian Wedding Photographer ClevelandIndian Wedding Videographer in ClevelandThis is Brian.  He’s our Cinema Lead here at Making the Moment.  Brian works full time in our office running our entire film team.  He’s gifted.  He’s also courageous for claiming out onto Lakeside avenue with me.  A police officer literally drove by us and politely ignored us.

MoonThe morning of their first look myself and the rest of the film team arrived early at the beach.  The moon was up.

Sunrise in Cleveland OhioBrian and Tyler surveying the sunrise just before our couple showed up.

Cleveland Ohio Skyline MorningI love this city.  Cleveland is our home.  We’re proud of it.  Deeply.

Experienced Indian Wedding Photographers ClevelandRoshni approached Mihir from the shore as he waited for her.  They would be married in a few hours.

Best Indian Wedding Photographers ClevelandSunrise Indian Wedding Photography in ClevelandExperienced Indian Wedding Photographers ClevelandBest Indian Wedding Photographers ClevelandWelcome to your future.

Modern Indian Wedding Photographer ClevelandSunrise Indian Wedding Photography in ClevelandIndian Wedding Attire Cleveland OhioExperienced Indian Wedding Photographers ClevelandRadiant.

Indian Wedding LaCentre WestlakeI love Mihir’s mother’s joy.  Her son. Her baby boy.  She’s proud.  She has every reason to be.  Mihir is a good man.  They raised him well.

Modern Indian Wedding Photographer ClevelandIndian Mehndi ClevelandIndian Wedding Attire Cleveland OhioIndian Wedding LaCentre WestlakeFamily.  Always family.  Family first in this culture.  Much love.

Indian Wedding Barat ClevelandAnd celebration.  Celebration second.  Much joy.

Indian Wedding Barat ClevelandIndian Wedding Barat ClevelandIndian Wedding Barat ClevelandThe Barat is so much fun.  No better way to start a morning than a horse, A banging minivan, a drummer, and a parade where families collide.

Best Indian Wedding Photographers Cleveland#photographerBaratSelfie

Indian Wedding Mandap ClevelandAlina.  FO. REAL.  Your Party Decor Indian Mandaps and Reception Design.  Goodness.

Experienced Indian Wedding Photographers Cleveland
Quick aside. This is Alina, Sabrina [ rhyming ] and me. This is the team that produced this wedding. These are some of my favorite Indian wedding vendor friends in the city. We’re holding trophies we won for our work on this wedding [ Bitan and Naveen ]. Through much hard work, we won the ILEA Esprit Award for best international Wedding [ team effort in a defined budget ] for 2015.

Indian Wedding Mandap ClevelandIndian Wedding Mandap Clevelandindian wedding ceremony clevelandIndian Wedding Ceremony LaCentre WestlakeIndian Wedding Ceremony LaCentre WestlakeI love Roshni’s parents in the background of this moment.

Indian Wedding Photographer Clevelandcandid indian wedding photographer in clevelandIndian Wedding Ceremony LaCentre WestlakeShe got your nose Mihir.  There’s a fun indian tradtiion at play here, where the mother of the bride attempts to steal the groom’s nose.  It’s fun to watch for.  She got him good too.

Indian Vidai LaCentre WestlakeIndian Vidai LaCentre WestlakeThe vidaii is part of an indian wedding ceremony.  It’s often emotional.  The bride is formally leaving her family and joining the groom, the tradition mimics and honors times from the past when a bride would more permanently be separated from her family after a marriage was officiated.

Indian Vidai LaCentre WestlakeIndian Bridal GownModern Indian Wedding Photographer ClevelandIndian Wedding Reception LaCentre WestlakeBack at LaCentre in westlake, the ballroom is prepped for an amazing wedding reception.

Indian Wedding Design InspirationIndian Wedding Reception LaCentre WestlakeIndian Wedding Reception LaCentre WestlakeIndian Wedding Reception LaCentre WestlakeYes.

Indian Wedding Reception Venues ClevelandIndian Wedding Reception Dances ClevelandFavorite part of Indian wedding receptions?  Easy; the crazy fun dance routines.

Indian Wedding Reception LaCentre WestlakeLacentre Indian wedding ReceptionOpening Minds Entertainment DJ
This is Vikas. He’s a wicked good DJ.  I’ve now worked alongside him 3 times, and love everytime of it.  He’s an amazingly good Indian Wedding DJ.  Opening Minds Entertainment is based out of Cincinatti, and I’m pleased when they visit Cleveland.

Indian Wedding Reception Venues ClevelandAnd who couldn’t love a confetti Canon?

Indian Wedding Reception LaCentre Westlake


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