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It’s not often that I get a couple that loves Cincinnati but gets married in Cleveland. Jen and Dominic live in Cincinnati, and they have gone all-in for their city.  They love the food, the city life, and the sports. But they have a love for the CLE as well, and so chose to be married downtown at the Arcade.

Best Wedding Photographers ClevelandJen grew up in Kent and so they decided to wed in the city closest to friends and family; good ‘ole Cleveland Ohio.  They discovered that our city isn’t just alright, but it’s actually pretty awesome. Especially with venues like the Hyatt Arcade!

Cleveland Wedding PhotographerThere are not many venues that are as amazing as the Cleveland Hyatt Arcade.  Opened in 1890, it was the first indoor shopping center in America.  Of course, with the exit of stores to the large shopping malls the Arcade could have fallen into ruin. Thanks to a public/private merger with Hyatt this historic jewel was saved!  When Jen and Dom saw it for the first time they fell in love and the wedding planning commenced in Cleveland.

Hyatt Arcade Wedding ClevelandThe reflection with these two is breathtaking.

Unique Wedding Photographer ClevelandDom is from Cincinnati and understands what a 3 way is. Clean up your minds people; I’m not talking about the moment above. I’m talking about wonderful Cincinnati Chili 🙂

Candid Wedding Photographers ClevelandPillow Fight. Bee-itches. I swear, actual words used.

Wedding Photographers in Cleveland OhioThe girls decided to join in the fun bed jumping.

Best Wedding Photographers ClevelandCleveland Wedding PhotographerThis is one of my favorite images from the day and words are not needed to express why.

Unique Wedding Photographer ClevelandWedding Photographers ClevelandThis cute little spot is my favorite for doing a first look at the Arcade. Doing a “First Look” is still my favorite part of every wedding day.  I still remember how great it felt when I saw my own wife on our wedding day for the first time.

Cleveland Wedding PhotographerBest Wedding Photographers ClevelandYou wouldn’t know this by the imagery, but the wind was blowing like crazy that day. Thankfully there was this awesome wall to help block it.

Wedding Photographers ClevelandWedding Photographers in Cleveland OhioCandid Wedding Photographers ClevelandBest Wedding Photographers ClevelandWedding Photographers in Cleveland OhioUnique Wedding Photographer ClevelandWalk towards the camera. Ok I got it. Ok you can stop walking. No I got it you can stop.  #seriouslystop #idontwanttodie

Wedding Photography in ClevelandBest Wedding Photographers ClevelandWhat a B.A. [ Bad Ass ] group of men.

Hyatt Arcade Wedding ClevelandWe often see artwork from the Arcade on the inside, but on the way back to the ceremony I captured this image. You can see that inside and out this is a true landmark that Cleveland can be proud of.

Hyatt Arcade Wedding ClevelandJen and her father started on the steps and then made the full walk down the center of the Arcade. Kudos to Dad on extending this very special moment.

Arcade Wedding Ceremony ClevelandArcade Wedding Ceremony ClevelandI then sprinted the other way to photograph Jen and Dominic from the same spot the other direction.

Arcade wedding reception cleveland OhioCould you have a better venue for a reception? So elegant and beautiful.

Hyatt Arcade Wedding Reception ClevelandCleveland Ohio wedding reception venuesThe twirl and dip. nailed it.

Best wedding reception venues Downtown ClevelandArcade wedding reception cleveland OhioHyatt Arcade Wedding Reception ClevelandThese two had an amazing first dance after dinner to mark their love. Jen was first on the dance floor [ and the last one to leave before the night was over ]!  As the images will show below [ I kid you not ] she never left. This girl knows how to party!

Best wedding reception venues Downtown ClevelandHyatt Arcade Wedding Reception ClevelandHyatt Arcade Wedding Reception ClevelandArcade wedding reception cleveland OhioDon’t stop believing, hold on to that feeliiingg.

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