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Luke and Jessica spent the day holding each other, surrounded by their closest friends and family, laughing, crying, and sharing their love for one another.  As a Columbus wedding photographer for Making the Moment Photography I am invited to be a part of a very special day, and life changing moment for each couple.Columbus Creative Wedding Photography It truly is humbling especially when it came to these two.  Luke is outgoing and fun, and becomes friends with all he meets.  Jessica has an amazing smile which shows how beautiful she is on both the inside and out. Columbus Creative Wedding Photography It is no wonder that these two fell head over heals for each other, and as Luke and Jessica will share with you, God does have a plan for our lives.Columbus Creative Wedding PhotographyThe wedding took place in both Columbus, Ohio, close by Westerville, Ohio. Since Luke and Jessica decided to see each other before the ceremony, this led to plenty of time for a creative wedding photography session.  Luke made sure of that, being that he is a new but talented photographer himself. It truly was a special day and their images are a small reflection of the love these two share for each other.Creative Columbus Wedding PhotographyBoth the girls and guys got ready at the Renaissance Hotel in Downtown Columbus.  The pool was located on the fourth floor and with the city rising all around us this was truly an epic location for a shot of the dress.Creative Columbus Wedding PhotographyI love mirrors, and reflections, but more than that I loved how this room had floor to ceiling windows which led to magical lighting for Jessica getting ready.Artistic Columbus Wedding PhotographyArtistic Columbus Wedding PhotographyI met the guys in the lobby and we had time for a few images before Jessica and Luke’s first look.  They had no problem hamming it up for the camera.Creative Columbus Wedding PhotographyCreative Columbus Wedding PhotographyA first look wedding photography session is a newer trend in wedding photography and I can see why it is becoming popular – at least the way Making the Moment Photography does them.  A special private moment between the couple, with no one looking on allows time where real emotion can be shared.Artistic Columbus Wedding PhotographyThe creative wedding photography session took us down into the brewing district of Columbus where old stairs, factories, and brick walls lead to some amazing images.Creative Columbus Wedding PhotographyCreative Columbus Wedding PhotographyFun Creative Columbus Wedding PhotographyFun Creative Columbus Wedding PhotographyFun Creative Columbus Wedding PhotographyCreative Columbus Wedding PhotographyFun Creative Columbus Wedding PhotographyKnowing that Luke and Jessica are so into photography I brought out some old cameras to add to the photo shoot.  These two had no problem snapping away at each other.Artistic Columbus Wedding PhotographyThis old door was AWESOME!!! Nuff said.Creative Columbus Wedding PhotographyThe Ceremony took place in Westerville, Ohio, at United Methodist Church of the Messiah.  The service was beautiful and Jess and Luke poured sand as a sign of their two lives blending. Creative Columbus Wedding PhotographyCreative Columbus Wedding PhotographyCreative Columbus Wedding PhotographyCreative Columbus Wedding PhotographyFun Columbus Wedding PhotographyThe wedding reception took place back in Columbus at a very unique location called The Vault.  It use to be an old bank, and now the bar is located in the old vault.  The decorations were perfect and because we were able to complete the creative session early, I was able to photograph all of it.The Vault Columbus Wedding ReceptionThe Vault Columbus Wedding ReceptionThe Vault Columbus Wedding ReceptionTruly one of my favorite parts of the day, is the first dance, and with the old bank vault door as a back drop…amazing.The Vault Columbus Wedding PhotographyThe Vault Columbus Wedding PhotographyThe Vault Columbus Wedding PhotographyCreative The Vault Wedding PhotographyThis group really knows how to party, they even hoisted Luke and Jess in the air to celebrate.The Vault Wedding PhotographyIt was a magical day, and very special time for a very special couple.The Vault Creative Wedding PhotographyBREAKING NEWS…….This just in, Police say after the party a masked bride and groom robbed the bank vault and got away with an undisclosed amount of money.  Witnesses say these two may have needed more funds for their honeymoon.The Vault Creative Wedding PhotographyIf you have any info please contact your local authorities.  Last known whereabouts….Mexico or an island in the Caribbeans.

Joking aside, I had a great time with these two and their families.  Luke and Jessica are an amazing couple who, without a doubt, will be together for the rest of their lives loving every minute of it.


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  • Dad H. says:

    Luke & Jess – What amazing photographs, what an awesome wedding day and what a wonderful couple!!! Vince captured so many special moments in your day. Your love for each other is perfect and we are so thankful that God brought you two together! Thanks for a memorable epic day in Columbus!
    Love Dad H.

  • Mom H. says:

    As mentioned before, Vince, thank you beyond words! You were able to capture this amazing love, this day of celebration and union of Luke and Jessica, with so many precious family and friends there to support them. As Christian parents, our hearts are full knowing our children are so in love with Jesus and with each other! But by capturing these amazing, priceless and timeless images, Vince, you captured more than a Christian wedding…you captured the purest joy of Jesus in Luke and Jess! Thanks for using your gift from God of by viewing what He sees~~this “Divine Romance”~~ through the eye of a camera. This truly was an “Epic Columbus Wedding”…and with Christ as the center of this union and this celebration caught via images…a legacy of love will continue to be passed on for generations! Priceless!!!! With love, Mom H. <

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