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If there was an awarde given out for the cutest couple, it would have to go to Ali and Dom hands down.  They both have personality, and I have never met a couple that had so much fun in front of the camera.  

mapleside farms wedding brunswickThe day could not have been more perfect for these two.  Blue skies all around and although it was a bit on the warm side the wedding was amazing.

fun wedding photography clevelandThis is such a cute photograph, my original plan was to hide the pregnant bridesmaids.  I think it worked; Can you tell who is pregnant? I will give you a hint, it’s not the guy.

fun wedding photography clevelandI love this spot and I was super lucky to have sun blasting down from the sky.  Freaking cool!

fun wedding photography clevelandDom waited all day for this shot…BAM and flip the jacket. [ inside joke alert ]

fun wedding photography clevelandmodern wedding photographer clevelandThere was a little window in Ali’s parents room.  I love this image, it reminds of the these little pictures my parents had growing up with the silhouette of their faces.

wedding photographers clevelandWe did the creative images downtown before the wedding and the whole family wanted in on the fun.

wedding photographers cleveland#EPIC

best wedding photographers in clevelandMut my favorite part of this capture is Dom’s Best man is on his cell phone ” Uhmm what is the score of the game, did the CAVS win?” 

best wedding photographers in clevelandPregnant Bridesmaids are more common than you think and Ali’s sister was one of them, but if you guessed three from the picture above you were right. Ali and Dom win the award for the most pregnant bridal party.

mapleside farms barn weddingAli and Dom chose Mapleside farms as wedding venue.  The new Mapleside farms barn with a large deck that overlooks the valley. It’s charm is off the charts.

mapleside farms wedding brunswickmapleside farms wedding brunswickAli has a smile that can light up a room. If you ever get a chance to meet her she will treat you as if you have been friends for years.  I felt so much a part of their wedding, so connected that I teared up during the ceremony.  That’s right I am not ashamed to admit it.

mapleside farms barn weddingoutdoor wedding mapleside farms brunswickoutdoor wedding mapleside farms brunswickThis is the part I cried at for sure.  I will keep these vows private, but you could see the truth behind every word spoken.

mapleside farms wedding brunswickmapleside farms barn weddingThis was one of my favorite images of the day, not only did these two finally tie the knot but the shadow on the ground in front of them was really cool.

mapleside farms barn receptionThe reception decor matched Ali and Dom’s charm to a tee.

barn weddings ohioThis is the large porch I was talking about. Great place to have the bar on a warm summer night.

wedding photography brunswickmapleside farms barn receptionbarn weddings ohioThis wedding was the night before game 7 of the NBA finals.  I think this extra tribute helped.  Ali and Dom are huge CAVS fans and even joked they would have the best weekend of their lives, getting married and a NBA title.  Well we all know how that turned out.  Go CAVS 2016 NBA CHAMPS!!!!

mapleside farms barn receptionmapleside farms barn receptionPhoto bomb!

mapleside farms barn receptionI know we talked about the sky being perfect all day.  True fact; I almost wet my pants over excitement when I captured this image.  Hey, if you have worked with me as your photographer this comment makes sense.  I truly love what I do.

mapleside farms barn receptionmapleside farms barn receptionThis is Mapleside Farms, Love this venue!

barn weddings ohioHow much are these two loved?  Look at the background, everyone is watching them.  Glued in to this very special moment.

barn weddings ohioThis is Dom’s dad having a great time with family.  The joy on his face means so much, as he was celebrating for two.  Dom’s mom passed a few year earlier and was greatly missed at the wedding.  During his speech there was not a dry eye in the house.  I still feel that everyone felt her presence on the day and knew she was watching.

barn weddings ohioSo Dom what you need to do is choreograph some dance moves to Michael Jackson’s “Beat-it”

barn weddings ohio“If I flip my tie it make my dance moves look so much cooler.”

mapleside farms wedding brunswickmapleside farms wedding brunswickKatie Perry’s left shark even made it to the party.  Ok not really, but this is how awesome our LiveBooth props are.

barn wedding reception ohiobarn wedding reception ohiomapleside farms barn wedding receptionOk so Dom did break it down for Ali and the whole wedding.  A great way to end the night for sure.  What a life these two are going to have together.

mapleside farms barn wedding reception

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