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First, their title is not as cheesy as it sounds.  Read on 😀

Cleveland Wedding Engagement SessionThese two. WTF They’re almost too happy.  We all know that couple that’s cute and adorable together.  You can’t pinpoint why.  You’re part jealous, part awed, and part goofy smiling.  Exhibit A, my friends;

Artistic Engagement Session ClevelandIt’s not their fault….really…’s not.  Doesn’t lessen the blow any though, let’s be real.

Fun Engagement Session Photographer ClevelandGot so many weird looks for passers-by during the capture of this one.  I’m sorta glad none of those street-walkers will see the image we created.  Maybe that’s pious pride, but it’s almost fun to create in the nest of bland building parking garage stairs.

Engagement Session Photographer ClevelandSo get this. Chris and Taylor aren’t just one of my adorable couples, they’re also vendor friends of us as well. They both hold it down over @ A Taste of Excellence. That’s how we originally met. I probably won’t get the wording exactly correct, here, but in essence, Taylor mentioned she got engaged and we were her first call 😀 The love we feel from our vendor friends. We Work with A Taste of Excellence all the time. Amazing food. Amazing.

Cleveland Wedding Engagement SessionBhahahaahhahaha

Artistic Engagement Session ClevelandFun Engagement Session Photographer ClevelandOne guess who made her crack up.  I know, you guessed me, but you’re wrong!!

Engagement Session Photographer ClevelandCLE.  C. L. E.

Artistic Engagement Session ClevelandFun Engagement Session Photographer ClevelandCleveland Wedding Engagement SessionEngagement Session Photographer ClevelandArtistic Engagement Session ClevelandMy freaking favorite.  It’s almost audible here, but you need to call Chris just to hear his laugh.  It’s infectious.  One of those big, hearty laughs.  Like a more kick-ass version of Santa Claus with a refined palate.  Chris – feel free to steal that description, bro.

Fun Engagement Session Photographer Cleveland

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