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I’m not sure if you noticed, but I like all of my blog titles to be personal and clever [ because I think I’m clever. and funny ] So, I was torn between Embassy Suite-hearts [ cuz that’s where Patti and Nick’s reception was… it’s also kinda lame and not at all personal ] or The Home Stretch. I ultimately decided on the latter cuz these two are bomb and met playing on a “beer league” softball team.

So, The Home Stretch; hot damn I’m proud of it [ cuz I think I’m clever and funny ]

Every single staff member here at Making the Moment always comments that I “fall in love” with all of my couples.

 …and it’s kind of. completely. true.

I just can’t help it! I just really care about my clients and I try really hard to make sure they have fun and enjoy themselves. 10, 20, 48 years from now, I just want them to be able to look back and think how much fun they had with each other 🙂

Something very important to Patti and Nick was to incorporate their heritage into their wedding. Greek, Italian and German. One hell of a mix, one hell of a wedding. Seriously, everything was wonderful.

Nick and his Dad look so much alike. Genetics.

This picture cracks me up; “let’s hold our breath because crownnnnnnnn!”

“Cannnnn youuuu dig it?” [ nerd quote from The Warriors ]

Directly across the street from Nick’s parent’s house is the school where all the men attended growing up. Nick’s dad said we had to “shoot” this picture [ inside joke ]

I love these candid moments, especially with the girls because everyone is [ understandably ] worried about messing up their makeup! I just think it’s adorable.

Patti has some mad dance moves. After their wedding I asked if she could teach me some, I have lots of left feet, she said she would at their premier. Read it and dance, girl.

I really adore this image too 🙂

I love how important it was to Patti to have me capture this image of her and her grandmother 🙂

I think I mentioned that I love my couples, right? It’s moments like these; seeing your baby girl all grown up and getting married.

These ladies were crazy-awesome, so much fun and super supportive. #bestbridemaidsawardI always tear up during anything father/daughter related. Elliott and I are having a very small ceremony, mainly because I know I’ll get nervous and start doing something stupid [ like rap my vows ] Even with a small wedding, one of the most important things to me is having my Dad walk down the aisle. [ which is why Elliott and I are only “sort-of” eloping haha ]

This is such a beautiful moment of Patti and her father. As luck would have it, it appears that Nick’s mom is tearing up in the background. 🙂

I honestly can’t help but to smile whenever I see Patti’s laugh; it’s just so dang on real and so contagious. Nick, you a lucky man!

This is so cool, check it. Featured from left to right: Nick, Patti, Natalie and Mikey. Each of their rings were passed down to them from a grandparent or relative. They were all so excited about this picture too 🙂

I usually photobomb selfies behind the group 😉

I love group images like this; not only does it make some super awesome art, but it gives me a chance to lay on the ground and take a breather [ haha, I was totally laying on thorns but couldn’t care less. ]

Is it worth it? Can you work it?

Put your hands up, flip it and reverse it.

Nothing beats the relationship of sisters. Natalie [ sister and maid-of-honor ] adores Patti! Look! Also, her speech was ah-mazing <3

I love this one!!!! They are so sweet 🙂

Nick be like “check it, girl” Patti be like “impress me, boy”


Best first dance ever. Their guests ‘made it rain’ [ I think I’m funny, and as someone who thinks their funny I totally know that wasn’t funny, but come on, mo money …. raining… ]

Patti and Nick were so fun to photograph so I mentioned at any point during the reception if they wanted to go take some more I’d be up for it. It was so cute, she said “I really just want to dance” awww! I loved it 🙂

Nick’s family is Greek and it was super important to both he and Patti to incorporate their culture and traditions into the wedding. Everyone gathered ’round to watch peeps dance in the center… and take shots off of the floor [ like, a shot of moonshine was in a plastic cup on the floor and pick up the shot in your mouth and fling your head back to take the shot… of moonshine… sans hands.. ]

It was insane[ly awesome] I was covered in alcohol haha.

Patti, Nick, thank you both so much for trusting me with your wedding imagery.  It was an honor to spend your day with you! I wish you love and happiness, you two rock!!!

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