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So, typical wedding right? lol, come on.  

No. No, this particular marriage vow party thing was full of abnormal, yet extra-awesome extras that made it unique.  Basically, this is our jam.

Cleveland Wedding PhotographersMeet Crystal and Frank.  Look at that.  One image in and he’s already helping her step down from a base surface higher than his base surface.  What a guy.  What a legend.

Oh. Snap. Check this out [ the above ]. Crystal and Frank had us craft one of our super sweet Wedding Fusion Films for the two of them. Got a moment? Watch it above.

Candid Wedding Photographers ClevelandDoes this look like Fireball to anyone else?  Pretty sure this is Fireball.

hot air balloon at weddingEnter awesomeness-personified Ex. #1.  A hot-air balloon.  Like, there was one there and available for rides at the wedding reception.  A hot-air balloon, and a Brett.  Two huge sources of hot air.  Go figure!

wedding hot air balloontented wedding reception clevelandBut, it was also a “backyard chiqué”* tent event.  Massive tent, beautiful lighting, killer party.  All of the above and below.
*Backyard Chiqué phrase coined by our planning friends over @ Kirkbrides

sparklers at wedding reception clevelandand sparklers…

wedding shoes cleveland ohioArtistic wedding photographers clevelandWedding Photographers in Cleveland OhioLove this image.  There are fake laughs and there are real laughs.  I don’t even need to explain which one this is.

Candid Wedding Photographers Clevelandgroom dressing candid wedding photographyPhotojournalistic Wedding Photographer ClevelandGracious. Dual cuff-donning assistance.  That’s hardcore.  It’s almost like someone’s getting married or something.  I love the fact that your friends will completely destroy you for saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, and never let you forget it, but when your wedding day rolls around, they’ll fasten your buttons in tandem.

Artistic wedding photographers clevelandgroomsmen cleveland ohio wedding photographerbridal party cleveland ohio wedding photographerThis wedding photograph is perfect, but if anyone replies with #squadgoals, I will search for you, and I will find you.  I have a very particular set of skills…

bride and wedding gown creative wedding photographer cleveland

fun wedding photographer clevelandGender rolls personified here?  Is she a horned T-Rex and is he a deca-eyed Octopus/squid thing?  I mean, I dunno.  I can admit that I would struggle NOT to take a photograph here as well.  Well done, guys.

tented wedding inspiration clevelandLoved this set up.  It really is beautifully done. MAJOR kudos to Katie at KirkBrides, she knows how to design and execute a tented wedding!

backyard tented wedding ceremony clevelandtented wedding clevelandCandid Wedding Photographers ClevelandThis smile tho.  It’s hard to tell whether Crystal is naturally expresses this way all of the time or if she draws it out of Frank….  I think it’s a little bit of both.

backyard wedding reception cleveland ohioCandid Wedding Photographers Cleveland…and I’ll take two…

wedding food cocktail hour cleveland ohio…and I’ll take two…

food trucks wedding cleveland ohio…and backyard games!  What didn’t they have at this reception?!

wedding pizza food truck firetruck pizza cleveland ohioI’ll tell you what they did have.  A Fire Truck Pizza Co genuine firetruck equipped with a wood-burning oven specially formulated to make pizzas that are specially formulated to go into my belly.  Ridiculously good and ridiculously original!

wedding pizza truck cleveland ohiowedding food truck cleveland ohiowoodfire pizza truck cleveland ohiowedding pizza food truck firetruck pizza cleveland ohioOkaaayyaa  Weaaa goonnnnaa maakkeeaaa your piaaazzaaaaa

food trucks wedding cleveland ohioThat’s right.  Food trucks galore at this backyard wedding reception.  backyard wedding reception cleveland ohioHow did she pose for this photo at throw that bag-o-beans at the same time?!

backyard tented wedding reception clevelandIf you’re going to tent, you might as well tent well.  I mean, this is even better than tenting well.  This is luxury tenting well-equipped with chandeliers, lights, and beautiousness-ness.

tented wedding reception inspiration clevelandwedding reception table cleveland ohioTent wedding reception in Cleveland done right.

tented wedding reception inspiration clevelandweighted reception assignment cards outdoor wedding clevelandtented wedding reception inspiration clevelandProud parents do happy couples make.

backyard tented wedding reception clevelandhot air balloon at weddinghot-air balloon wedding clevelandYou know what the most awesome thing about this phenomenal party was?  How these two brought in every attraction that they could to ensure a fun experience for their guests.  They’re so laid back, so chill, that they wanted their own wedding day to not be about them.  They wanted it to be joyous for all, not a “look at me” party.  I love that.  We love that.

hot air balloon rides wedding clevelandIgnite.

Photojournalistic Wedding Photographer ClevelandKiller candid wedding photograph of Sara + Anna [ from our Cinema Team ] interviewing Crystal as the Hot Air Balloon goes up in the background of their interview set.

heart shadow hot air balloon cleveland weddingThe hot-air balloon made a hot-air heart.  Serendipitous.  Heart-Air Balloon.

hot air balloon at wedding clevelandwedding hot air balloon clevelandCandid Wedding Photographers ClevelandOh, hey Anna.  [ Stage Left: Our Cinema Lead ]  We were crammed up pretty good in that tiny hot air balloon basket.

food trucks wedding cleveland ohioYou want some food?  You want a hot-air balloon ride?  You wanna eat, then ride?  You wanna ride, then eat?  You wanna eat whilst riding?  Options are limitless for this backyard wedding.

donut wall cleveland wedding reception…and then donut walls too?!  WTF.  I’ll take a pink one, thx.

ice cream cleveland wedding reception treatNitro ice-cream?  Sure thing, partner.  I will also take that.

tented wedding reception inspiration clevelandwedding reception cleveland wedding photographersLooks like these two dapper gentlemen will take that as well.  ..and that…and that.

wedding reception dancing clevelandsparklers cleveland wedding photographerWhat better way to show how you feel about celebrating than with ignitable sticks of powdered fire?

tent wedding reception inspiration clevelandWhat better way to show how you feel about celebrating than with terrible dance moves and many different variations of colored light?

hot air balloon at weddingWhat better way to show how you feel about celebrating than with inserting ones’ self into a weaved basket jettisoned hundred of feet in the air?

hot air balloon wedding rental clevelandCrystal. Frank. I LOVED being your wedding photographer.  FREAKING A. I love you two. Love your fam, and your friends; and I  loved how personal, relaxed and freaking fun your wedding was.

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