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Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. What questions am I affirming you ask?

Hyatt Louisville wedding receptionYes; Shelly and Kiran fired a CO2 [ air ] cannon into the crowd at their wedding reception at the Hyatt in Louisville whilst an international celebrity performed at their wedding reception.

Mickey Singh Indian Wedding ReceptionYes; Mickey Singh performed at their wedding reception.

Mickey Singh Indian Wedding Louisville KentuckyYes; that is Kiran and Shelly at the front of the crowd screaming into Mickey Singh’s microphone.

Vikas Indian Wedding DJYes; Shelly and Kiran had one epic moment after another as they danced and celebrated the night of their reception.

Hyatt Louisville indian weddingYes; these two can pull off a dramatic pose just moments prior to their Indian wedding whilst looking over then city Louisville Kentucky.

Hyatt Louisville indian wedding baratYes; these groomsmen know how to dance at a wedding barat.

Indian Wedding Barat Louisville KentuckyYes; this groomsmen knows how to open a bottle of champagne during a barat.

Indian Wedding Barat Louisville KentuckyYes; we all marvel at how he hosed us all with alcohol for an amazing photograph.

Indian Wedding Barat HorseAnd yes; Kiran knows how to ride a horse amidst the raging beats of a barat.

Indian Wedding Barat DancingHyatt Louisville indian wedding ceremony mandapAnd yes; Shaadi Creations knows how to decorate and create a lovely mandap for this Indian wedding ceremony at the Hyatt in Louisville.

Wait. Stop. Did I mention our wedding cinematography team edited a same day wedding video edit on their wedding day? See above.

indian wedding ceremony Hyatt Louisvilleemotional indian wedding ceremony Hyatt LouisvilleHeartfelt emotions were had as Shelly came to find Kiran at the Mandap for her wedding.

Hyatt Louisville indian wedding ceremony mandapIndian Wedding Vidai CeremonyVikas Wedding DJAnd of course, we had none other than Indian wedding DJ Vikas of Opening Minds Entertainment to host the wedding reception. #slayed

Louisville Indian Wedding Reception Hyatt RegencyMickey Singh Indian Wedding Louisville KentuckyIt’s not every day you get to have Mickey Singh perform at your wedding reception people.  The energy was through the roof.

Mickey Singh Indian Wedding ReceptionMickey Singh Wedding RecepHyatt Louisville wedding receptionPreviously mentioned air canons once again; they are SO much fun.

Indian Bride wedding photographyLet’s slow down a bit though?  Here’s Shelly; the lovely bride in this wedding. She’s sweet, brilliant, and oh-so-easy to photograph. #yourPhotographerThinksYouAreGorgeous

Indian Wedding PhotographersModern Indian Wedding PhotographersBest Indian Wedding PhotographersMeet Kiran; the aforementioned groom.  Strong, patient, and a wicked good dancer.

Hyatt Louisville indian weddingIndian Wedding Photographer LouisvilleWe introduced the two privately prior to the wedding barat. This was one of the only private moments these two had for their entire Indian wedding weekend.

Hyatt Louisville indian weddingArtistic Indian Wedding PhotographersIndian Wedding Barat Louisville KentuckyLouisville Kentucky meets Indian wedding culture.

vlouisville kentucky indian wedding baratBring it.

Indian Wedding Barat Louisville KentuckyBrought.

Hyatt Louisville indian weddingKiran knows how to make an entrance.  For my american / western readers; The Barat is the part of the Indian wedding ceremony where the groom’s family enters in, ushering forth the energy and strength of the groom, bringing him to the doorstep of the bride’s family.  Kiran?  This man brings it.

Indian Wedding dancing hyatt louisvilleThe groomsmen performed right in front of the entire crowd at the barat, directly before the start of the wedding ceremony at the Hyatt.

Indian Wedding Barat Louisville KentuckyIndian Wedding BaratThis is where the champagne came into play.

louisville kentucky indian wedding baratHyatt Louisville indian weddingKiran is ready.

Indian Wedding Ceremony DecorOk, let’s slow down again.  This is the wedding mandap, where the two families will meet and make the wedding ceremony official.

Indian Wedding Ceremony Mandap Hyatt Louisvilleindian wedding ceremony Hyatt LouisvilleHyatt Louisville indian wedding ceremony mandapIndian Wedding Ceremony Hyatt LouisvilleWho sat first?  Guess.

indian wedding ceremony Hyatt LouisvilleBest Indian Wedding PhotographersWho cried most?  Guess.

Indian Wedding VidaiIndian wedding vidai traditionThe vidai usually emotional.  Shelly is now metaphorically leaving her parents and her family.  It’s emotional for close family.

Indian wedding vidaiIndian Wedding Photographer Louisvilleindian bride wedding photographerindian wedding ceremony photographerindian wedding groomsmenThese guys.  SO MUCH ENERGY.

indian wedding bridesmaidsThese ladies?  So much swag.

indian wedding bride make-up artistbridal make-up artistIndian Bride and Bridesmaidswedding cake hyatt louisville kentuckyThat wedding cake tho.

Louisville Indian Wedding Reception Hyatt RegencyShaadi did it again; their sense of decor and placement is superb.  The wedding reception at the Louisville Hyatt was unreal.  It’s hard for wedding photographers to do it justice, but I think you get a sense of what it was to be there.

Wedding Reception Hyatt Regency LouisvilleAnd the floral arrangements?  On point.

Wedding Reception Hyatt LouisvilleLouisville hyatt Wedding Reception flowersLouisville Indian Wedding ReceptionGetting married in Louisville?  Please, please [ pretty please ] consider having your wedding reception at the Hyatt.  It’s a wedding photographer’s dream!

Wedding Reception Hyatt LouisvilleBride and Groom First Dance Hyatt LouisvilleIndian Wedding Photographer LouisvilleDancing Wedding Reception Hyatt LouisvilleMore dancing, more performances.  This is one thing I LOVE about Indian wedding receptions!

Louisville Indian Wedding ReceptionMickey Singh Indian Wedding Reception PerformanceAnd more Mickey Singh. Never. Enough. Mickey. Singh.

Mickey Singh Indian Wedding Celebrity PhotographerMickey Singh Indian Wedding ReceptionMickey Singh Wedding Recepreception hyatt louisvilleWedding Reception Hyatt Regency LouisvilleMickey Singh Indian Wedding Reception PerformanceHyatt Louisville indian wedding receptionAnd more CO2 cannons.  Never enough CO2 cannons at your wedding reception.

Louisville Hyatt Indian wedding receptionLouisville Indian Wedding Reception

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