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How could you not freaking love these two? Seriously. SER-EE-USSSSSS-LEEEEE [ phonetic spelling used here to underscore how much I freaking adore them ].  Meet Ang and Mike. Two of the most fun, joyful people you will ever meet.

Candid Wedding Photographers ClevelandThis is Ang. Her smile brightens and permeates every room she is in.  You can’t help but grin from ear to ear yourself when your’e around her.  She brings Joy.

Best wedding photographers ClevelandLike; legit. #smilesforever

Bridesmaid Wedding Photogaphy Cleveland
Ok seriously; the happiest bridal party ever. The shock and awe of opening champagne is FOR REAL.  We can feel it. Bonus points to bridesmaid #6 over Ang’s left shoulder; not only are you enjoying the moment but you are clearly ready to snag a sip yourself.

Downtown Cleveland Wedding Photographer DressAlrighty; before I go any further, let me thank the fabulous team of cleveland wedding vendors that made this wedding day excellent. In no specific order;

Cleveland Wedding Photographer Dress… And the champagne bottle returns.

Candid Wedding Photographers Cleveland… And Ang’s sister finds it.

Fun Wedding Photography ClevelandGoing.

Downtown Cleveland Wedding Photographer DressGoing.

Black and white wedding photographyGone.

Cleveland Wedding Photography First LookThe most precious father of the bride first look to date.  Ang’s mom in the background is too cute.

Bridesmaid Wedding Photogaphy ClevelandAnd the bridesmaids?  They’re about to see Ang for the first time too.  I had them hold their hands over their eyes to magnify the surprise and brilliance of Ang’s beauty. Yup, I gave the bridesmaids some instruction. No, the bridesmaids weren’t somehow afraid of Ang, and covering their faces in fear.

Cleveland Wedding Photography First LookOk; seriously – the VERY BEST reactions out of these ladies.

Candid Wedding Photographers ClevelandSide-note here; pardon the tangent.  I’ve always wanted to set this same moment up, but with a subtle twist. Call it a prank, call it a joke, call it terrorism.  Call it what you will. Here’s how it works; [ read on ]

Best wedding photographers ClevelandI’d set up the same moment [ asking the bridesmaids to close their eyes ] and then pull a coordinated switch-a-roo. Instead of the bride being there when the ladies open their eyes, I’d have a mannequin [ dressed to the nigh in wedding attire ] lipstick smeared about its plastic head place of the bride.  Here’s where it gets great [ read on ]

Marriott Key Tower WeddingI’d have all the bridesmaids but ONE in on the joke.  All the bridesmaids who knew about it would react excitedly to the mannequin, as if she was the real bride; hugging her, screaming, laughing and telling the “bride” how beautiful she is. Crying even. And the one bridesmaid who was left out? [ read on ]

Winter wedding photography clevelandWe’d spend the rest of the day trying to convince her that the mannequin was alive, and it was in fact the real bride.  At some point, while that bridesmaid had into the bathroom to avoid having a mental break, I’d swap the real bride back in the room and have the mannequin removed. Then, we’d all carry on like nothing happened.  And the best part? [ read on ]

Groom Wedding Photography ClevelandWe’d all take a sacred oath to never speak of it again. Ever. Years would go by, and that solo bridesmaid would probably convince herself she just had an “off moment” in her life.  And who could blame her?  We’d all have played the part perfectly. At some point I would have whispered to that bridesmaid at the wedding reception ” I feel like the Bride was a little stiff this morning, don’t you?” [ just to prod her ].  But we’d never speak of it again.  Until [ read on ]

Artistic Wedding Photographer ClevelandThirty years later, I’d bring that specific mannequin back [ with the weird lipstick smear ] and place it on the bridesmaids’ front door step of her suburban home.  She’s moved on, had some kids, has settled into her career, and tries often not to think about what happened that fateful day. I’d ring the doorbell, and run away.  Then I’d watch.

St Johns Cathedral Wedding ClevelandI’m betting; that 90% of our website visitors don’t read our actual words.  I mean like, really. The wedding photography we craft is pretty freaking amazing.  I can’t blame you.  But you’re missing gold here people. GOLD.  I should get a pulitzer for this.

Cleveland Wedding Ceremony PhotographerAng’s father escorting our beautiful bride into historic St John’s Cathedral.  Ready for a wedding?

Father daughter wedding photography clevelandGroom Wedding Photography Cleveland

I love the moment before a bride walks down the aisle, and the groom is ready to see his lovely wife to be for the first time;  Mike is centering himself. St Johns Cathedral Wedding ClevelandAng walking down the aisle for her wedding ceremony at St John’s Cathedral in downtown Cleveland.  Breathtaking.

Best Wedding Photographer ClevelandWay better than a mannequin.

St Johns Cathedral Wedding ClevelandCandid Wedding Photographers ClevelandArtistic Wedding Photographer ClevelandCleveland Wedding Ceremony PhotographerMother daughter wedding photography clevelandIt’s the subtle quick moments in a catholic wedding ceremony that I aim to capture.

Catholic wedding photographer clevelandCleveland Wedding Ceremony PhotographerSt Johns Cathedral Wedding ClevelandArtistic Wedding Photographer ClevelandAng loved the exterior of the Cleveland Museum of Art, so naturally we used the pillars and landscape for our wedding portraits!

Cleveland art museum wedding photographerDowntown Cleveland Wedding PhotographerJoy.  It emirates from her.

Cute Wedding Photography ClevelandFun Wedding Photography ClevelandUnique Wedding Photographer ClevelandWhite Claw. You can’t beat it. Way classier then champagne.

Cute Wedding Photography ClevelandCleveland Marriott Key Wedding ReceptionTheir wedding reception was at the Marriott Key Tower in downtown Cleveland.  The Marriott boasts a recently renovated ballroom for their wedding receptions; and the newly appointed lobby at the Key Tower is luxe defined.

Cleveland Downtown Marriott Wedding First DanceMarriott Key Tower WeddingWhite Flour; once again; making some of the best wedding cakes you’ll ever find. Or taste. Or smash. Or gingerly feed to your partner.

Best Cleveland PhotographersI love when couples have signature drinks at their wedding receptions.  The Marriott Cleveland perfected a few nice selections for the two [ the Legally Joined reference being a nice reference to Ang’s days as a Falcon at Bowling Green State University ]

Cleveland Marriott Downtown Wedding ReceptionA “Hole-some” [ donut pun #1 ] late night snack for your wedding guests is a wall of donuts.

Marriott Cleveland Wedding ReceptionThis “Adoughrable” [ Donut pun #2 ] was jam-packed [ #3 ] with goodness.  #youRwelcome

Cleveland Marriott Key Wedding ReceptionWedding photography tip #4632; have your wedding photographer get a picture of all your wedding reception guests by working with the DJ.  It gets everyone on the dance floor too to start off the party! [ win-win! ]

Fun Wedding Reception Photography ClevelandShe’s trying to play it cool; but all she can think of is earlier that morning when there was a mannequin instead of Ang. She’s still trying to act normal, and pretend it’s cool.  But inside she’s thinking to herself “WTF, I swear I saw a mannequin”.

Unique Wedding Reception Cleveland PhotographerAt some point at the wedding reception at the Marriot in Cleveland, one of the brown’s players showed up.

Fun Wedding Reception Photography ClevelandMarriott Cleveland Wedding ReceptionCandid Wedding Photographers ClevelandCute Wedding Photography ClevelandThey are hugging so good.

Fun Wedding Reception Photography ClevelandBest Wedding Ring Photographers ClevelandUnique Wedding Reception Cleveland PhotographerAng and Mike; we adore you. Sincerely; thank you for allowing us to photograph your wedding! And thank you even more for the good times that are to come at our forthcoming ice-cream date!

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