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Image of the Year is quite the event. While it’s fun to view all the lovely artwork from afar, for our couples, it’s a different experience.  It’s a stress-filled, anxiety-ridden, awkward ride with friends family. It actually reminds me of my teenage years.

On our end; it’s a  double-edged sword. Yup, I get it; that can be hard to grasp.  Let me try and explain?

Here’s the deal; every session and single day wedding we photograph is permitted ONE [ and only one ] picture to be featured in the competition. One. Uno [ spanish for one ] Just a single picture; that’s it.  Open up your phone; can you pick one picture from even the last week of your life that you think sums things up?  I think not. I digress.

Creative Fall Engagement Sesssion Ideas Cleveland PhotographerNaturally, amazing wedding photography is left on the side. Pictures that we love and adore; pictures that holds story and unique perspective are set aside.  Photography that has value and merit isn’t given it’s due.  Let’s fix that.

Black and White Wedding Picture Ideas Cleveland PhotographerSo, in order to remedy this situation; to right this wrong, we’d like to feature a curated set of wedding images that didn’t make the cut; but all are clearly worthy of acclaim.  Each image here could have been Image of the Year; and there are untold more that were set side as well.  There’s always a reason we left them out, we’re not heartless.

Downtown Cleveland Courthouse Creative PhotographerMaybe there was an image better suited to their day?  Perhaps Brett was concerned with the all the hard “stairs” in the image above? [ pun ]  Maybe Sara felt that a tongue out to be making full face contact in order to be an award winning wedding photo [ below ]?

Fun Engagement Session Cleveland PhotographerRegardless of the reason,  these images all could have been champions.  These wedding pictures shown on this blog represent the very best of our wedding photography, and I want to ensure they receive your attention.  Please; I invite you to soak in these images. We love them. They’re worthy of your time and our effort.

Cleveland Museum of Art Creative Photographer

Fun Family Session Ideas Cleveland PhotographerDon’t stress; the child did eventually come down from the stratosphere.

Nature Engagement Session ClevelandPhotojouranlistic Cleveland Wedding PhotographerFather of the Bride Wedding Ideas Cleveland PhotographerBridal Party Champagne Cleveland PhotographerCreative Cleveland Wedding PhotographerCute Wedding Downtown Cleveland PhotographerDowntown Cleveland Flats Engagement SesssionThis literally happened during an engagement session in downtown cleveland. For real. FOR REAL.

Candid Groom Getting Ready Downtown ClevelandBest Nature Wedding Photographer ClevelandUnique Wedding Photographer Downtown ClevelandFun Bridal Veil Picture Ideas Cleveland Wedding PhotographerEdgewater Engagement Session Cleveland PhotographyPhotojouralistic Wedding Photography in ClevelandPhotojournalistic Cleveland Wedding PhotographerLibrary Wedding Cleveland PhotographerCleveland Museum of Art Best PhotographersFun Black and White Wedding Cleveland PhotographerCleveland Museum of Art Photojournalistic Wedding PhotographerFun Engagement Session Cleveland PhotographersSunset Engagement Session Cleveland PhotographersCandid Groom Wedding Photography in ClevelandSmolder.

Fall Weddding Photography ClevelandFather of the Bride First Look Ideas Cleveland Wedding PhotograpyIt’s meaningful because it’s her dad. It’s not some random gentleman hugging her. Both are valid ways of looking at this picture.

Cute Engagement Session Cleveland PhotographersBest Artistic Indian Wedding Photographers ClevelandEdgewater Summer Engagement Session Cleveland PhotographersGroomsman Cleveland Museum of Art InspirationColorful Experienced Indian Cleveland Wedding PhotographerCleveland Flats Engagement Session InspirationCute Nature Engagement Session Cleveland PhotographersArtistic Cleveland Engagement SessionBest Sunset Engagement Session Ideas ClevelandArtistic Bridal Inspiration Cleveland PhotographersArtistic Wedding Rings ClevelandFun Bridal Veil Inspiration Cleveland Wedding PhotographyFun Groomsman Downtown Cleveland PhotographersUnique Downtown Cleveland Skyline Wedding InspirationCute Engagement Session Inspiration ClevelandFun Nature Engagement Session Cleveland PhotographersThere is a trend here in our wedding photography; we somehow apparently convince people to lick each-other a lot.

Experienced Journalistic Cleveland Indian Wedding PhotographersBest Artistic Cleveland Indian Wedding Photographers

Groom Getting Ready Ideas Cleveland Wedding PhotographerYou know you’re living the good life when you’re a groomsman in a bathtub with an energy drink.

Dog Engagement Session Ideas ClevelandJournalistic Wedding Photography in ClevelandSapphire Creek Wedding Reception Cleveland

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