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A Floral and Fun-uh Themed

Jewish Wedding at Mapleside Farms

The Art and Story of Alex + Josh

Alex and Josh hosted their fabulously floral tented jewish wedding this past summer at Mapleside Farms in Brunswick. Underneath a chuppah bursting forth more flowers than spring itself the couple was shared their wedding vows, and with their parents side by side set forth into their new life as husband and wife.

We [ and myself personally ] are incredibly excited about their wedding photography; the artwork we produced for the couple and their families is one of my very favorite sets of wedding visuals we have produced in our near two decade run as wedding photographers in the Cleveland area.  This wedding specifically was a master class of wedding vendor collaboration and as fun to photograph as to look back on.

Cleveland wedding photographyThese two. They could hardly keep their eyes off each other during our wedding photography creative time.

Mapleside Farms Wedding PhotographyUnless food was placed in front of them 😋😋😋🤤

Mapleside Farms Wedding PhotographyThe aforementioned Chuppah. Arne, the esteemed wedding florist from Plantscaping and Blooms absolutely outdid himself. I’m convinced Eden itself paled in comparison to the flower and decor of their tented jewish wedding that afternoon.

Mapleside Farms Barn Wedding

Our Wedding Photography is not possible

Without AMAZING Cleveland Wedding Vendors

artistic wedding photographer clevelandIt would take more than a single flower girl to lay down this bed of floral arrangements for their ceremony.  To this day I still can’t express how beautiful the fragrance was as their wedding ceremony at Mapleside farms began.

Cleveland Wedding PhotographerAhh… the flower girl finally showed up.  I feel like somebody beat her to the punch 😉

best wedding photographers clevelandThe wedding tent at Mapleside farms was full of life [ thanks to the many friends, family and florals awaiting the wedding ceremony ] but when our bride strode through the wedding tent entrance that life was escalated to a fervent sense of joy. You can see read on it on our groom’s face through and through.

Cleveland Jewish Wedding Photographer

Making the Moment became part of the family. Brett knew all of the names of my twelve-person party, and developed a hilarious rapport with each one.

JoshThe Groom
In Their Own Words.

That’s right. Every word you’ve read on this page so far regarding this wonderful wedding [ catch the alliteration there. Pretty brilliant, right? ] has all been word-smithed and crafted by us [ we’re not only gifted wedding photographers, but also not too shabby in the content writing department ] Humble Brag / Self enthusiasm aside; we mean every word on this page, but it’s important that you hear from our couple too.

We asked a few questions of them about their wedding; and hope you enjoy their answers 😀

What was one of your favorite parts of your wedding weekend?

I opened the door of my hotel room on the morning of the wedding to find that Alex, my wife-to-be, had left me a basket of letters. Taken aback, I brought them in and spent the next hour pouring over them, bawling at how wonderful she is and at how excited I was to marry her. Then, a knock on my door. It was Brett, Anna, Katie and the team, on time, excited, and ready to go. I clearly wasn’t yet. I hadn’t showered yet, I was still in pajamas, and I think the first thing I said was, “Guys, you have to get in here and read what Alex wrote.” They responded to my lack of professionalism with genuine happiness for me and supreme professionalism. “Don’t worry,” Brett smiled. “We budgeted time for this.” [ Please edit this out if I just gave away a Making the Moment secret! ].

For Brett and his team, capturing these moments never came at the expense of the moments themselves – as if friends I had always known, they were there to share in our joy, bring smiles to the faces of all our friends and family, even calling each one by their name with a warm familiarity that is shocking, given how large our wedding party was. Sharing in the joy of Alex’s surprise letters was the perfect way to kick off our wedding day, albeit, running late.

What do you wish you would have done different?

Nothing. Even mistakes turned into opportunities. For instance, all of my groomsmen got matching purple ties. Except for one, which came in Celtic plaid. What could have easily turned into a mad scramble for a matching purple tie became a lifelong memory that still cracks me up, thanks to the photos and video, which capture this moment, our horrified reactions, and the ensuing bursts of laughter.

How did you feel about the way we treated you throughout the weekend? [ shamless self promotion happening here lol ]

Making the Moment became part of the family. Brett knew all of the names of my twelve-person grooms party, and developed a hilarious rapport with each one. The team’s  highest standards of excellence were on full display throughout the wedding weekend, as they rolled with the punches of folks running late or nowhere to be found at call time.

There was never any question that we were in the best possible hands, with a team that was deeply invested in the people, dynamics, and emotions behind the shots. It is no surprise, then, that each photo tells a story, expertly and artistically told. And don’t get me started on the video. I have submitted it to the Academy for their consideration. It will be nominated for and win best set design, best costume, best editing, and best director. Alex and I won’t be nominated because we weren’t acting. This love is real, and I’d like to thank my wife and God for that. Now get to bed, you crazy kids!

Do you have a favorite image or two that really connects with your heart? Why?

There’s a moment where Alex and I are sharing our first dance together as a married couple and we’re cracking up at how badly we’re butchering the simple choreography we had practiced. There is one image where she’s thrown her head back in laughter, and another where she’s resting it gently on my shoulder. I’m crying just thinking about those images, which are being framed as we speak.

We were not only their wedding photographers but also creatively told their story with a custom wedding film.

Yes, we are enamored with their wedding photography; but the pride in our photographic artwork is only matched with our ❤️ for making elevated craft films.  See Alex and Josh’s below.

Unique Wedding Photography ClevelandThose aren’t wedding flowers from the wedding processional stuck in our bride’s wedding dress; Alex’s gown was custom crafted with florals in-laid to match the beautiful floral theme of this wedding at Mapleside Farms!

Jewish Wedding ClevelandCleveland wedding photographyI have been a wedding photographer in Cleveland for a bit; and please trust me here; this was no ordinary jewish wedding.  The floral theme stems [ pun ] from the roots [ OMG MORE PUN 🤪] of their love for for nature and their appreciation for the beauty of life.

Cleveland Jewish Wedding PhotographerThe open air design of their chuppah allowed for me to capture some beautiful candid photographs of the ring exchange.

fun wedding photographers clevelandJoy. That’s what this wedding was; joy.

Candid wedding photographers clevelandOur groom mentioned how good of a rapport I had with the bridal party; and it was no joke. I’ve learned in my years of being a wedding photographer that having a good connection with the bridal party yields for some seriously fun wedding photographs.

best wedding photographers cleveland

And Now

A Snazzy Bar Graph

To Categorize their Hilarious Group Pictures










**Aware that the variety here is equivalent to 351%  This is what awesomeness affords you

Cleveland Wedding PhotographerI’m pretty sure this groomsman kissed our groom for a solid 18 seconds.

Mapleside Farms Wedding BrunswickIf you hold duck face too long, your face WILL stay that way. My older sister taught me that.

Unique Wedding Photography ClevelandFor real; it’s not an urban myth. Look at ducks; why do you think they have duck faces? They held them too long, and couldn’t afford the bill [ pun ] to have the issue corrected.

artistic wedding photographer clevelandYou’re welcome.

Cleveland Jewish Wedding PhotographerThese next two black and white wedding photographs are two of my favorites from their wedding day at Mapleside farms. The father of the groom was being playful and we have the cutest candid wedding pictures!

Mapleside Farms Barn WeddingMapleside Farms Wedding BrunswickAs the wedding reception began, one of my favorite [ and most frantic ] of jewish wedding traditions began; the Hora.

fun wedding photographers clevelandThis is the part of being a wedding photographer where I’m thankful I’m a wee bit smaller than most; I can slip in and out of the dance crowd like a ninja.

Jewish Wedding ClevelandDuring the Hora, when the couple is lifted in the air, I’m always spazzing out a bit inside that one of them is going to flip off and fly up into the stratosphere.

Cleveland Jewish Wedding ReceptionThe trick to preventing this at your jewish wedding reception is two fold;

  1. Use a chair for the hora that has arms for the couple to hold
  2. Ensure the reception venue has a ceiling so you don’t fly into outer space 🚀

artistic wedding photographer clevelandJosh mentioned their choreographed first dance in his interview questions above; you have to read the story.

Cleveland Wedding PhotographerIt was a lovely late summer evening at Mapleside Farms; just perfect for their reception.

Mapleside Farms Wedding PhotographyI wish more people would ride on my head at wedding receptions.

Unique Wedding Photography ClevelandWedding receptions are more than just dancing; it’s about people connecting. Maria, one of our favorite cleveland area wedding planners, created quite an intimate and enjoyable event space for the evening.

Candid wedding photographers clevelandOf course, there was dancing 🕺

Cleveland wedding photographyAlex and Josh; I sincerely loved being your wedding photographer. Thank you for trusting your story to our team. Thank you for laughing deeply with us, smiling much and being two incredible people we were privileged to craft artwork for. Cheers to the life ahead my friends!

best wedding photographers cleveland

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