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Meet // Brett

[ Making the Moment's Creative Director ]

We All Love Story;

Some of us were born to tell it.

Founding our team in 2005, Brett has invested the past 18 years into a career of art and leadership. Channeling his perceptual influence and his fun out-going personality into an award winning career as wedding photographer, leader and mentor.  While Brett leads the Making the Moment staff team as our Creative Director, his heart is ever-driven by crafting immersive artwork for our couples.  Working with a select 10 couples per year, Brett is able to fully focus his creative heart and witty soul into every couple he works with.

A veteran and skilled wedding photographer who has photographed over 300 weddings in his photography career to date, his experience is carried into every image he captures.  Brett’s strong creative presence, and ‘puts you at ease’ personality play deeply into his image creation process. Do you see the life and unique approach to his imagery? It’s real;  this comes from his innate ability to draw imagery and scenes in his mind to life.   Experience like Bretts means that you can rest easy on your wedding day; knowing that his leadership and clear communication will allow you, your family, your friends and your guests to enjoy a day like none other.

Brett; Fitness Enthusiast. Bourbon Lover. Nerd. Veteran.

  • Bourbon
  • Backpacking + Hiking
  • Retro Video Games
  • Boxing + Weight Lifting
  • Cleaning + Organization
  • Shoes + Fashion
  • Fatherhood
  • Husband-hood
  • Working with Large Groups of People
  • Candid Unexpected Imagery
  • Timeline and Detail Planning
  • Incredibly Gifted Art Retoucher / Editor
  • Quick and Reliable Communications
  • Mechanical Bull-Riding [ ask ]
  • American Idol Auditioning [ *ahem ]
  • Tarantulas
  • Seriously. Tarantulas.
  • Founded the team in 2005
  • Fearless Photographer Award Winner
  • WPPI Silver Print Medal Recipient
  • Ohio Photographer of the Year x 9
  • 300+ Weddings Photographed

Brett’s brand of authentic & personal imagery is built on a foundation of friendship and real connection.

Real artwork comes from real friendships and trust.  Of course, we’ll invite you into our offices to spend time with him IRL [ in real life ] but for now why not get a sense of his personality via the below videos?

Blah. Blah. Blah. Words. Words.

We know you want more Visuals.

See Brett’s 12 Favorite

Wedding Photographs Below.

Best Cleveland Wedding Photographer

Unique Wedding Photography Cleveland

Cleveland Wedding Photo Art

Engagement Photography Cleveland

Cool Wedding Photography Cleveland

Artistic Wedding Photographer Cleveland

Best Wedding Photographer Cleveland

Classic Wedding Photography Cleveland

Engagement Photographer Cleveland

Bridal Photography Cleveland

Lake Erie Wedding Photography

Candid Wedding Photography Cleveland

Your Mom will ❤️ Him.

Drawing from almost two decades of experience, Brett Yacovella currently leads our tight-knit team of Visual Storytellers at Making the Moment.  Not only does Brett own more shoes than you, he is an incredibly gifted and award-winning photographer; Fearless, WPPI print competition, and ILEA awards cover the walls of the Making the Moment office.

He’s mastered the interpersonal relationship, and takes Making the Moment’s brand purely to heart. He’s warm, intelligent, and able to dish out a pun at any moment. His notable downfalls include; an obsession with 8-bit video-gaming, and an affinity to the wearing of skinny jeans. However, when it comes to technical knowledge of cinema, photography, and leadership; he’s your man.

He’s a filmmaker, he’s a photographer, he’s a leader, he’s a father, he’s a mentor, and he’s a friend. What else could you really ask for?

We mean every word on this page about Brett, but it’s important that you get to know our creatives personally.  In that regard, we highly encourage you to come in and meet Brett in person [ or digitally if you’re not in the Westlake area ]. In the mean time, take some time to get to know him with some quick [ and quirky ] Q + A.  When you come by, we definitely recommend asking him to show you pictures of his shoe collection.

What do you like doing with friends?

Live life. I love life with my friends. I know; that’s vague. But my favorite activities revolve around the theme of life. Maybe that’s talking deep and personal. Maybe that’s a ultra competitive game of scrabble. Maybe that’s drinking bourbon by the fire on a crisp autumn night. Maybe it’s toilet papering my father’s house yearly to see whom he blames. Any of these things can bring life.

Why are you a Wedding Photographer?

We’re all built with a unique skill-set. Some earned, some laden into our souls from birth. Of all the passions, skills and joys I have in my life, there’s something of a collision that happens when it comes to being a wedding photographer. Here’s what I mean;

  • I LOVE new Friendships; I get to fulfill my socially outgoing self by meeting new people and making new friends each weekend
  • I LOVE making people laugh; one of my bucket list items is to do stand-up comedy, and I LOVE practicing my wit and timing on wedding parties and families.
  • I LOVE small group leadership; there’s something fun about working with a bridal party [ large or small ] and helping guide and lead [ casually, not forcebably ] through our creative sessions.
  • I’m a certifiable Type-A detail oriented person; I find SO much joy in building schedules and timetables with my couples to help ensure their day goes smooth. I like to focus on the small things that others would miss, ensuring that we’ve got our bases covered before heading into a wedding day.
  • I LOVE bringing people to life; That’s a core tenant of mine. I thrive in relationships where life is given and restored around me. I enjoy helping couples and people relax and “come to life” when I’m around them.

How Many Weddings Have You Photographed?

Egads. Maybe 300? Ish? I’m 38, and have been photographing and filming weddings since I was 23.  Roughly 9 years ago I was fortunate to photograph my first Indian wedding, and know I’m hopelessly addicted.

Are you a Full-time Photographer?

Yes. I’m a full-time professional photographer and cinematographer.

What do you love about Making the Moment?

We’re legit because we truly care about our craft and our purpose. We legitimately love building up and restoring those around us [ artistically and personally ]. Our work is about a pursuit of personal, professional and creative excellence.

What Do you Love Most About a Wedding Day?

In no order;

  • Joy.
  • Creative opportunity.
  • Story.
  • Emotions.
  • Stress.
  • Tears.
  • Drunkeness.
  • Family reunited.
  • Drunken Tears.
  • Awkward dance floor humping

What are you Like on a Wedding Day?

I’m like who I am on any other day, but perhaps a bit more focused. I am calm, funny, easy going and flexible. I know that’s the sort of answer you’d probably hope for, but let’s face it, most people are not that type of person in tense and sometimes stressful situations.

I make it a point to get to know everyone around me, and to communicate clearly and kindly. Most of all, I like to not be the “creeper/awkward” photographer that many are used to. I prefer the fun and friendly role much more. I like to direct and lead, and to ensure that everyone I’m working with can relax and “be themselves” around me.

What are your hobbies outside of visual storytelling?

I love. Love. LOVE. backpacking. I’m something of an outdoorsman; I love the great expanse of open spaces, and I love a good physical challenge. There’s something about trekking through the wilderness with 40+ pounds of life support strapped to your back for miles on end that brings me life. It’s not just the outdoors or the exercise; it’s the enjoyment of time with self and others. Backpacking means I get plenty of alone time, while surrounded by the company of others. During the day while hiking, I can be surrounded by friends and yet alone in my thoughts. At night? We get the chance to unpack [ our equipment and our souls ] around a fire.

Favorite Board Games?

Here’s my list of loves [ in no order ]

  • Monopoly
  • Scrabble
  • Chess
  • Settlers of Catan
  • 7 Wonders
  • Werewolf game [ I forget the name, the one with will wheaton! ]
  • Scythe

Board Games that Make you want to flip a table?

Games that make me want to flip a table [ in no order ]

  • Monopoly [ I hate it, but I love it ]
  • Apples to Apples [ seriously ]
  • Connect Four

What are your Pet Peeves?

Sometimes when I go to restaurants and after a wonderful meal, I am annoyed by how often the manager [ or the waiter ] follows me out to the parking lot angrily demanding that I “Pay for my meal” or “settle my tab” or some crap like that. “It’s a free country!” I say, and remind them that I could have chosen anywhere to eat that night but I chose their establishment. “I won’t be coming back; you’ve lost another customer!” I say as the police drag me away.

What are you consuming that you love right now and why? [ Music, movies, podcasts, TV shows, etc. ]

Bourbon. Oh…. you mean like; not boozes 🙂

I am devouring books these days. I recently finished 4 books I was reading at the same time with the rest of the Making the Moment team; “Creativity Inc” by Ed Catmull [ Creative Director of Pixar “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Dr. Stephen Covey, “Dare to Lead” by Brenee Brown, and “Friction” by some guy whose name I forget write now and I need to google or you can do it because I’m feeling lazy. There was [ sadly ] a season of my life where I just stopped reading books. I’m not sure why; but I’m loving seeing my mind open up again as I pour smart literature into it again.

What do you think of Ohio weather?

It’s awesome; [ hear me out here before you go crying about how much March sucks ]. For the trade off of arguably 3.5 ugly months per year [ I’m looking at you January, February, March and the weird-ass bi-polar end of April ]. We get gorgeous fall foliage, perfectly temperate summers, and even a bit of winter snow to make the holidays feel fun. Best yet? No tornadoes, no earthquakes, no scorpions, and no icebergs ramming their selfish selves into our ocean liners.

Favorite Restaurant?

It’s a toss-up between Thyme Table, Fahrenheit, or Wendy’s.

Two Truths + a Lie. Go.

  1. I have a sweet car which is laced with a virtually indestructible alloy, and is also capable of moving on its own and also talks to me. Together we take down criminal organizations and often drive into the back of semi truck for storage or long treks.
  2. I once was an amateur boxer.
  3. I have milked cows awkwardly.

More than simply wedding pictures.

It’s true; Brett is not just a wedding photographer; he is an integrated passionate storyteller. The wedding photographs he will capture for you and your loved ones are vehicles for true story. We’d highly encourage you to take a look at several of his favorite weddings he’s photographed on our wedding blog below.

Brett Creates Art for

Passionate People.

Brett is obviously not just a gifted person, but a premier wedding photographer. His full portfolio below provides a sense of his general aesthetic sensibility and affinity for photography.  Can you see yourself in his imagery?

He is skilled at allowing those around him to relax and be themselves. A powerhouse of creative direction and influence, his witty, joyful and easy-going personality leaves those around him feeling safe and at home.  Brett’s diverse, unique and yet iconic images are a true testament to the best of creative wedding photography.

His artwork is custom; not run-of-the-mill, forced or rehearsed.  The images crafted for you and your beloved will bare his unique and refined palette.  More importantly, they will carry with them the ever unique and irreplaceable story that is unique to you and your partner.

Best Cleveland Wedding Photographer

Unique Wedding Photography Cleveland

Cleveland Wedding Photo Art

Engagement Photography Cleveland

Cool Wedding Photography Cleveland

Artistic Wedding Photographer Cleveland

Best Wedding Photographer Cleveland

Classic Wedding Photography Cleveland

Engagement Photographer Cleveland

Bridal Photography Cleveland

Lake Erie Wedding Photography

Candid Wedding Photography Cleveland

Wedding Photographer Cleveland

Artistic Wedding Photography Cleveland

Personalized Wedding Photography Cleveland

Fun Wedding Photographer Cleveland

Drone Wedding Photography Cleveland

Black and White Indian Wedding Photography

Cool Wedding Photographer Cleveland

Artistic Engagement Photography Cleveland

Beautiful Engagement Photograhpy Cleveland

Artistic Engagement Photography Cleveland

Best Indian Wedding Photographer Cleveland

Timeless Wedding Photography Cleveland

Candid Wedding Photographer Cleveland

Artistic Wedding Photographer Cleveland

Cleveland Engagement Photography

Beautiful Wedding Photography Cleveland

Cleveland Bridal Photography

Wedding Day Photography Cleveland

Indian Wedding Photographer Cleveland

Indian Bridal Photography Cleveland

Fun Engagement Photographer Cleveland

Downtown Cleveland Wedding Photography

Unique Indian Wedding Photography Cleveland

Cleveland Wedding Photographer

Edgy Wedding Photography Cleveland

Creative Wedding Photographer Cleveland

Creative Engagement Photography Cleveland

Creative Wedding Photography Cleveland

Outdoor Engagement Photography Cleveland

Indian Wedding Photography Cleveland

Ethereal Wedding Photography Cleveland

Fun Wedding Photography Cleveland

Elegant Wedding Photography Cleveland

Unique Wedding Photographer Cleveland

Destination Wedding Photographer Cleveland

Dreamy Wedding Photography Cleveland

Best Indian Wedding Photographers Cleveland

Cleveland Skyline Wedding Photography

Artsy Wedding Photography Cleveland

Unique Wedding Photography Cleveland

Cool Wedding Photography Cleveland

Joyful Wedding Photography Cleveland

Cleveland Indian Wedding Photographer

Artistic Indian Wedding Photographer Cleveland

Authentic Wedding Photography Cleveland

Best Wedding Photography Cleveland

Timeless Wedding Photography Cleveland

Fun Wedding Photographer Cleveland

Indian Wedding Cleveland Photographer

Artistic Indian Wedding Photography Cleveland

Candid Wedding Photography Cleveland

Colorful Indian Wedding Photography Cleveland

Fun Wedding Reception Photography Cleveland

Indian Wedding Party Photo Cleveland

Beautiful Wedding Photography Cleveland

Indian Bride Wedding Photography Cleveland

Best Indian Wedding Photographer Cleveland

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