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// Cinema Intern

Needed: One-part awesome, two-parts goofy, and three parts fun Cine-intern.

We Think Wedding Videos Suck.

Our hobbies include prank calling, helping old ladies cross the street, and the occasional game of friendship-ending Monopoly. We also enjoy crashing drones into mountainsides, and the harmonic sonics of Bollywood hits. Can you hang?

Making the Moment is an established, high-quality creative  cinematography and photography company based on the west side of Cleveland, Ohio. We are looking to bring on just the right intern into our unique and fun team environment. We are pleased to offer a summer internship to the perfect candidate.

If you’re awesome (don’t worry, you are), like people, desire to learn new things, and have a drive to grow as a person, you should apply. Join our fun team for opportunities to master invaluable lighting techniques, capture techniques, animation techniques, live event directing, team-leading, and white-glove client care. You will also learn about the creative cinematic process, cinematic equipment, pacing, and any particular passion you have relating to visual storytelling. 

Here’s what you should know.

We’re looking for a passionate visionary, someone excited about creative intent and style.  Further, a Complete Goofball.  Our full-time staff of six creative professionals desires to have a fun and friendly creative sojourner who will pair well with us.

Our creative team dominates more than 100 weddings per year.  Oh, and we also provide amazing custom films to families, professionals, seniors, and commercial partners alike. There is a lot to learn!

We’d love to assist you on your Journey to being the Creative Artist you were born to be, plain and simple.

Based in our Cleveland Office

We live all over Cleveland.  We work in Cleveland.  So would you.  Our space is pretty awesome.  Our clients love it. You will too.

Kick-Ass Provided Equipment

Right.  Don’t worry about supplying your own stuff.  We’ve got you covered.  We invest in high-quality equipment.  We are always improving, whether it be bodies, software, or lenses.  You won’t be left wanting.

Amazing Support

We’re for each other around here.  Not only will you be supported, you’ll be surrounded by creative minds.  A mind-melting-pot.

A Freaking Free Puppy

Because who doesn’t want one of those?

Here’s What We Want

Sure, we have some expectations about the type of person to join our team.

    Making the Moment is known for our innovative and creative style.  You are likely still working on your style at this point — and that’s ok. You’ll learn though how ours comes together – a modern and groundbreaking mix of photojournalism, creative candids, and non-traditional creative set-up shots.

    If you haven’t figured it out already, we’re a bit different.  Some would say odd, others would say goofy.  Call it what you will, but those that say that also walk away smiling.

    We work hard.  We make it fun and enjoyable, but we work.  We’re upper-echelon.  We’re the custom-fit suit spun of exotic cotton.  We’re white-glove service.  That means always pushing yourself for you and for us. 

    This isn’t a wedding-specific internship, but the majority of Making the Moment’s work is wedding-related.  This position is learning and assisting. That has to be ok with you. Further, we expect you to want to be here because you want to learn. You want to grow. Not because you’re required to.

    We’re quirky and weird.  We’re personable and goofy.  Sometimes we write hashtag stories in our Insta captions. It’s what we do. Being welcoming of different personalities will only make this adventure more fun of you. With all of that said (and accepted), we require an air of confidence and professionalism.  You must be punctual, courteous, informed, and kind. Like-able and outgoing.  Be you and be awesome.

    We’ll be trusting you with having your hands on some awesome gear. We’ll be trusting you around our clients. Let the responsible you come out!

    Apply Using the Contact Form Below.

    Due to the volume of applicants we expect to receive we cannot respond to every single one. If we don’t respond to you – we sincerely appreciate your application – but are not interested at this time.

    If you have a reel you’d like to share, awesome! You can share it below.

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