Edgewater Park.  Soak it in.  It’s palpable.  Waves against a break, a few gulls cawing, a kid or two giggling in the distance.  Here’s the thing, Rachel and Anthony don’t care.  Gorgeous setting.  Nope, they’re looking at each other.  I mean, there were several instances where I had to nudge them and say “Look at this gorgeous light!”

Yeah, whatever

Ok, they didn’t really say that, but they very well could have.  Here’s the belabored point – They were immersed in each other.  You know what?  That’s ok!  The best of images come when couples are comfy.  Greatness isn’t stiff and posed.  It’s shifted and felt.  Please, please don’t overlook this.  Because this.  Because then you get 3rd place in our Image of the Year Contest

Cleveland engagement photography
Now, on this particular fall evening the stars truly aligned.  it wasn’t too chilly, it wasn’t too bright, it wasn’t too anything.  Just right, like the poor middle-bear’s porridge.  I really try hard for this.  I plan and back-up plan.  I set up back-up days in case the weather decides not to cooperate.  I want the weather to be another lens.  Personality should shine through it, not have to combat it.  Mission accomplished!  I’m calling it porridge from now on.  Consider it copy-written.

Cleveland engagement photography
It really is kind of funny how ideas strike sometimes.  PSA: Make sure you click with your photographer.  Make sure you would fancy a beer with him or her after a killer session.  Trust is definitely necessary mainly because the mind’s eye can be deceiving at first glance.  Picture the gorgeous scene unfolding earlier is behind us.  We’re hanging in the parking lot by a puddle, giggling.  On-lookers are sometimes attracted because of our equipment.  I’m sure was a sight to see.  However, the result.  The result is what matters.

If you didn’t notice, there is a Browns-Steelers rift between Rachel and Anthony. God help them.

creative engagement photographers Cleveland
We’re about moments.  The inside joke that stirs a chuckle or the snort that she’s can’t get rid of.  The stuff that makes the stuff.  Ingredients.  So, I had the eggs, flour, and milk, right?  These are just pieces of our session cake.  Or porridge.

creative engagement photographers Cleveland
On my drive home from a session, I always try to reflect on what I’ve gleaned from the day.  What did I take away?  Sometimes, it’s a technique I could improve on.  Sometimes it’s a fleeting thought or a lens choice.  I remember very clearly struggling to come up with an improvement.  Now, I will say, my co-workers push me constantly.  They had input on settings, direction, and choices.  This session wasn’t perfect, but it was fun.  Sometimes they can be interchangeable.

creative engagement photographers Cleveland

Thanks, guys, for the awesome session. Go Browns.


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