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The Evolution of Love

By August 30, 2012, photos

There is so much more than simply an engagement session on this blog here, just like Erin & Judson are so much more than “just two people”. Every session I photograph is special and unique to me, and this engagement session will always have a special place in my heart.Artistic Cleveland Engagement Session PhotographyThe above piece of “experimental art” represents over 100 images I individually photographed of Judson & Erin, and about 10 hours of piecing them together to create something fun & unique for Judson & Erin. I always believe in pushing the envelopes of photographic artwork and art like this is a fun way to push one’s creative boundaries. I think I’d like to try something like this again, even though it was so much work 🙂Unique Cleveland Engagement Session PhotographySo why the handcuffs? Nope, don’t get the wrong idea – Erin is an FBI agent. I seriously think that’s super cool, I admire her a ton (I always wanted to be an FBI agent as a kid – no joke). I’m incredibly impressed by Erin’s sweet and welcoming personality that is girded with an inner-strength and iron-tough spirit that has no-doubt blessed her professional life.We left Judson in the cuffs for a bit and had a bit of fun.Modern Cleveland Engagement Session PhotographyThis session was SO much fun, not only did we walk out with a bunch of kick-butt imagery, but I really had fun creating with them. That is the joy of creating art this way rather than an over-posed and over-formulaic approach. You have fun making the images, and the images carry so much life.Artistic Cleveland Engagement Session PhotographyYup – I was seriously laying on the dirty old cleveland ground for this image. I remember standing up and brushing a cigarette butt or two off of my shirt. It was worth it for this image though!Fun Cleveland Engagement SessionYup – these two are dancing. Why do you ask? It’s important to know that Judson made his first claim to fame with a very well known youtube video – “The Evolution of Dance”. If you haven’t seen it, you apparently aren’t one of the 200 million plus people who have seen it across the globe making it the third most watched youtube video of all time. [youtube width=”649″ height=”390″][/youtube]Judson is now a well known and award winning speaker, performer and author. More than that, he’s a person I’ve enjoyed getting to know over the last year. I count he and Erin not just as clients, but as friends too. We grabbed dinner together a bit after the session, and I totally loved hanging out with them.Fun Cleveland Engagement Session PhotographerIt was a hot night, and at the end of the session we had a fun water gun fight. That these two took VERY seriously. It was epic – they really went after each other!They both had one water balloon to start, I counted off paces for them and let them go at it. Fun Cleveland Engagement Session PhotographerI snapped a few candids of the fun as they were duking it out, while trying to keep me and the camera dry.Judson and Erin – I enjoy you two bunches, and I can’t wait for your wedding next year. Any chance we could have a water-gun fight then too? 😉

Modern Cleveland Engagement Session Photographer

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