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Alright I am just going to say this, sometimes I just want to start a blog with the one of my favorite images of the bride.  I really love the image, and the location.

Mapleside farms weddingYes I know this is my second blog post in a row from the Barn at Mapleside Farms, but I just can’t get enough.  It’s new and I love it, as did Ashley and Antonio; a Couple who wanted high fashion style with a rustic charm.

Mapleside farms brunswick weddingAshley and Tony live in Brooklyn New York, so I was serious about them being from the big city. Since we are on the topic of Cities, Antonio’s family is originally from Pittsburgh and Ashley’s is from Cleveland, so this was a great relaxing spot for all their friends and family to meet for the wedding.

outdoor wedding in ohiobarn wedding Mapleside farmsDefinitely the best way to start a wedding day is a shot with your closest friends.

wedding photographers near clevelandbarn wedding in ohioI couldn’t resist this dress capture. Ashley designed and crafted this backless, airy and sleek dress. Ashley is a gifted fashion designer.  Fashion and design is her game and it is what she does.  Evidence of that filled the day.

best wedding photographers in clevelandThis may be one of my favorite dressing moments I have ever captured.  I love the back light on the floor.

backless wedding gown ohioLove this; the elegance of the moment is a perfect fit for this couple.

barn wedding Mapleside farmsEven though romantic elegance says a lot about Ashley, she is full of life and personality, and carries an amazing smile and laugh.

Mapleside farms brunswick weddingoutdoor wedding in ohioThe first look was so special for these two.  I was honored to capture it.

Mapleside farms weddingI don’t know if beautiful skies are an “add on” option at Mapleside, but you can’t beat a big beautiful country sky.

wedding photographers near clevelandMapleside farms weddingWhat men’s photography session is not complete without large monster truck tires?

Mapleside farms brunswick weddingoutdoor wedding in ohioMapleside farms weddingwedding photographers near clevelandAshley and Antonio desired to get married in a church and I was amazed at this beautiful church in the country [ St Martins of Tours ].

best wedding photographers in clevelandwedding photographers near clevelandThe ceremony was beautiful and moments like these I shared together with them. [ yes I cried also ]. I’m a big wussy of a man.

best wedding photographers in clevelandMapleside farms wedding receptionThe decor was a perfect fit for the space.

rustic wedding venue near clevelandbarn wedding venue near clevelandThere is a winery in the family so I thought this was a nice touch for Ashley and Tony.  These not only were gifts to the guests but they also explained the seating assignments.

Mapleside farms wedding receptionbarn wedding Mapleside farms

Mapleside farms weddingSo much space for everyone, and what great ambiance.  You can have guest upstairs or down, and everyone is still a part of what is happening.

Mapleside farms brunswick weddingThe layout of the barn at Mapleside draws everyone in.  look how engaged their family is; sharing Tony and Ashley’s first dance.  I love this image.

outdoor wedding in ohiowedding photographers near clevelandI never have to drag anyone away for the reception to capture these.  They usually come running to me.

rustic wedding venue near clevelandcleveland wedding photographers

outdoor wedding in ohiobarn wedding in ohioThis was an image I didn’t plan for.  It just happened in the moment, and the sun hit these bubbles just right. If you look close there is a bubble that surrounds her head.

Mapleside farms brunswick weddingbarn wedding Mapleside farmsThis is the barn just after sunset, I love the way it looks.

Mapleside farms weddingrustic wedding venue near clevelandThis became a very special moment for Tony.  His Dad gave him a special toast as they all did a shot together.

backless wedding gown ohioIt was a great dancing group with the bride and groom leading the way.

wedding photographers near clevelandThis. THIS GUY. I don’t he ever left the dance floor.  He and Tony even had a dance off at one point.

Mapleside farms wedding receptionMapleside farms weddingIt was a prefect wedding and I know these two will be happy for a life time.

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