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Lemme start here…..

I want you to know Brittany and Grant like I do.  Personally.  There’s so much more weight behind an image of someone with which you’re familiar.  So, esteemed blog reader extraordinaire, I’m going to push you.

Stop analyzing.  Stop it.  Sit back and enjoy.  We’re good at what we do.  You should hang out with us.  There, I’ve said it.  Now just enjoy 🙂

Cleveland Wedding Photographers
Candidly caught colluding downtown.  Super cute.  Dudes can say “cute”

Cleveland Wedding PhotographersCleveland Arcade Wedding
We prepped @ the beautiful Arcade, Downtown.  It was the backdrop for the entire day.  I absolutely love this place.  I also have a ton of experience there.  It’s funny how you can photograph the same venue many times, yet still pull something different out of every couple.  That’s what we do.

Cleveland Arcade Wedding
What did I tell you?  Sparkly.

artsy wedding photographers cleveland
Sparkly things.  Pretty and sparkly and shiny.

artsy wedding photographers cleveland
Keep out of direct sunlight 😀

Photojournalistic Wedding Photographer Cleveland
Cheers, indeed, ladies.  Cheers indeed.

Photojournalistic Wedding Photographer Cleveland
Silhouetted in Arcade.  Steeped in classy architecture.  Yup.

Unique Wedding Photographers Cleveland
Dudes get ready so damn fast.  With them, it’s not about fastening the suit, it’s about catching them swapping bachelor party stories.  It’s also about “alcohol in your hand @ 9 a.m.” blackmail.

Unique Wedding Photographers Cleveland
I’ve alluded to it before, but the Bridesmaid focus is real.  Girls have your back, Brittany.  Literally.

I’m so funny.

Best Wedding Photographers ClevelandBest Wedding Photographers Cleveland
Freaking adorable.

Cleveland Wedding PhotographersOk, now, if you want to know a man or woman, check their luggage.  Seriously.  I’m not nosey or anything, but from candidly capturing images from the morning, I did happen across suitcase contents as follows:
Grant’s Suitcase:

  • A belt
  • Some pants
  • 18 assortments of liquor and probably a few craft beers thrown in as well

Brittany’s Suitcase:

  • Various and sundry girly things
  • Sparkly things
  • More sparkly things

Cleveland Wedding Photographers
We had a beautiful day to be outside.  Not a cloud in sight.  It was November, so chilly, but as you can see, it doesn’t show.  The excitement and joy stoke an internal warmth uninhibited by November.  That’s right, November.  Joke’s on you.

Cleveland Wedding Photographers
I absolutely love me a flailing veil.  It’s a pretty contrast against a dark building.

Cleveland Wedding Photographers
She’s got a radiant smile, this one.  She does.

artsy wedding photographers clevelandartsy wedding photographers cleveland
It’s fun to waltz around downtown Cleveland and find a new or interesting structure you haven’t been privy to before.  This is actually a parking lot exit.  It’s actually kind of awesome.

Wedding Ceremony Cleveland ArcadeWedding Ceremony Cleveland Arcade
Her smile really is great.  It’s also telling.  She’s bubbly and sweet.  It’s not deceiving you, it’s informing you.

Cleveland Arcade Wedding
A very pretty ceremony, but they were laughing, cheerful, outright silly a few times.  That’s awesome.  You don’t have to be serious because the ceremony holds weight.  Enjoy it 🙂

Arcade Cleveland Wedding Reception
I’m a huge fan of the cake.  It was also quite scrumptious!

Arcade Cleveland Wedding ReceptionArcade Cleveland Wedding Reception
Some awesome design elements, here.  I do love the macaroons!

Arcade Cleveland Wedding Reception
I also want my wife to make bow-tie cookies.  She’s mad at you Brittany.  You brought that need along.  It’s your fault!  At least, that’s what I told her….

Arcade Cleveland Wedding ReceptionHyatt Arcade Cleveland Wedding ReceptionHyatt Arcade Cleveland Wedding Reception
Wait, is she laughing?!  You kidding me?!

Hyatt Arcade Cleveland Wedding Reception
Yes, yes she is.

Hyatt Arcade Cleveland Wedding Reception
So, Grant is a big dude.  You would think imposing and scary.  He’s not.  He’s a big bearded teddy bear beer snob.  That’s my kinda guy.  Polite and as sweet as could be.

Hyatt Arcade Cleveland Wedding ReceptionArcade wedding reception cleveland
What reception is not complete without some Wobbling?!  One that’s incomplete, of course.

Arcade wedding reception clevelandArcade wedding reception clevelandArcade wedding reception cleveland
Naturally, if you’re going to be right by a bowling alley, why wouldn’t you stop at Corner Alley??

Arcade wedding reception clevelandArcade wedding reception cleveland
Thanks, guys, for letting us be a part of your day.  We couldn’t have had a better time celebrating with you.

One year anniversary gift?  Shiny liquor. 

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